Thursday, June 3, 2010

A brief little update!

I received news by my teacher today that I have been placed on some mystery unit at my sponsoring hospital for my practicum. Which will hopefully help my chances of getting some visibility and getting hired at that unit, too!

My teacher cannot release the information since only 2 out of the 25 people in my class have placed. (killing me! I want to know now!)

So I am praying for either Emergency Department, ICU, or Telemetry (in that order)....

Yay!!!! Things are moving along.

76 days until I have my BSN.

I am starting to feel a little better, I think! So yay! My stomach is still.....irritable. But, it is doing a little better. Maybe the antibiotics I'm on are actually doing something! (fingers crossed)

And Ryan is back, and he is like a different person!! After he graduated - had guard annual training for a week, was sick for the following week, was in North Dakota/Nebraska for the week after THAT...............And now life is getting back to normal!

I have not seen this man this relaxed and normal since............January of 2008!! And work is going really well.

We have 3 tomatoes that have turned red! Triplets!!!

Life is good.

We have a fun date planned tomorrow night. Sushi, and then a networking event at the city Art Museum. It's a suit/cocktail dress kind of affair.

I have no idea what I will be wearing.


I am no fashionista. This sucks.

Have a great weekend, all!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodbye May!

Another month has somehow managed to FLY past us! I'm ready for June to be her! There are lots of exciting things coming up this month! Baseball games, camping trips, my LAST real class of my undergrad! Woo hoo!!

Current Book(s):

Oh, still the good-ole Critical Care Nursing textbook. Written by Sole. I also tap into an NCLEX prep book when I'm feeling like going outside of "the box".

Also reading article after article about Percutaneous Coronary Interventions, Stents, and CABG surgery. So thrilling....(capstone...)

Current Music:
Hm.....I am so fallen from the music world right now! It's sad! I do listen to jazz or "Piano Solos" via Pandora-genre-stations while I'm studying, though.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Yoplait Whips! I put them in the freezer, and have them for desert every once in awhile. Delicious! I like the Strawberry flavor. The chocolate mousse is good - but a little too "chocolatey" for my likings.

Current Colors:
Aqua-ish blue. I'm constantly dreaming of water (this is such a DRY HOT time in AZ :( !!!)

Current Obsessions:
Right now? My husband's return from ND -- He flies in this morning and has been gone for a week! Can't wait to have a fun evening with him tomorrow - we are grilling shrimp and opening a bottle of wine and catching up on life!
Current Drink:
Green and Blue Powerade Zero. I am soo dehydrated with being sick + 100 degree temps EVERY day for the past week. This is good stuff!

Current Song:
Oh, I'm so boring. I don't have "a song" right now. :( Once again - out of touch with the music world!

Current Movie:
Oo! Anything chick-flick. Since Ryan has been gone, I am getting my full-dose of chick flicks while I can! So my evening line up past weekend was "My Best Friend's Wedding", "The Breakup", etc....

Current TV Shows:
I really haven't been watch much of any television. However, if I do watch tv in the evening - I love catching "The Office" at 10:00. I never liked that show until the past few months. We've become obsessed! It definitely makes my day!

Current Wish-List:
-Medications that work for whatever is wrong with me!
-A new doctor.
-A day where the weather is  <80. That won't happen until November, maybe October. Honestly.
-New running shoes. Mine are getting worn to nothing!

Current Needs:
-I need to feel 100% better. This is getting really old! I need a full night of sleep.
-An extra day needs to be added to each week.

Current Triumph:
-I spent my entire Memorial Day Weekend being extremely studious. This is rare for me - I get distracted easily. But this weekend, I buckled down. Every evening my last hours before slumber were spent reading my textbook. (I hope I never spend a holiday weekend doing this every again...)
-I almost have tomatoes! By the end of this week they should be "pick-able"
-I think I've found my area of nursing I like the best -- or at least want to start out in! Critical Care - ER or ICU. When I get burnt out, I want to move to Psych or Family Practice Clinics. But I know where I will be hoping to start out now!

Current Bane of my Existence:
My stomach. Feeling like crap. Doctors appointments. (Yesterday was my 1st normal day that I didn't cry or feel awful, though. So maybe things are looking up!)

Current Goals:
-To get accepted to do my practicum in the ER at my hospital. I find out at the end of June!
-Get either a high B or an A in this rotation.
-Catch a bigger fish than Ryan on our camping trip to the White Mountains at the end of June! :-D. I'm so excited - it's my 1st real camping trip!

Current Indulgence:
This weekend I treated myself and bought a new swimming suit, shorts, and a few tops at Old Navy. I also got a hair cut.
Also, I am loving indulging in half diet sprite/half cranberry juice with lots of ice. Mmm so yummy & refreshing!

Current Blessings:
I have many blessings to count. My family - who despite the fact I live far away from, are still so supportive and awesome! I don't know what I'd do without them. And Ryan. Distance truey does make the heart go fonder. I definitely miss having him around!! :(

Current Slang or Saying:
"What will be will be". I feel like that's kind of the theme right now - as I'm coming to the terms/facts that I truly can't control a lot of things in my life - so just need to trust that things will work out! And if they don't work out how I would like - it will be a learning experience!

Current (Fav) Outfit:
I've been all about shorts and tank-top paired with 3/4 cardigans. Yes, it's been super hot. But every buildling I enter is FREEEEEEZING with the A/C - so cardigans are very neccessary!

I also love wearing sundresses right now! There are so many fun ones out there!

Current Excitement:
Ryan coming home today (duh)! We're headed to Phoenix in 2 weeks for a weekend to go to a Diamondback's game with Ryan's boss & his wife. This is becoming an annual tradition - they always score us great seats! And the day after, I'm taking Ryan "Work-clothes shopping" - which I'm way excited about.

Current Mood:
I feel very content and peaceful. Kind of shell-shocked about school right now, but I'm enjoying it!