Friday, March 21, 2014

This weeks headliners

I'm am really trying to get more consistent about blogging, as it is something I really enjoy. But my problem is I often will write an entire post, and then delete it -- out of insecurity. I have been thinking of doing a "weekly top 10" -- but I worry there will be weeks where I won't find 10 things to write about. ;)So here are my weekly headliners!

What defined my week......

  • Monday I planned on driving home from New Mexico in the morning to get home in time to do some housework, laundry, and prepare for the week ahead. During my run that morning (while Ryan was at his flight) I thought - why not stay? I don't really need to get back early. Best decision ever! I cleaned his hotel room, make him protein balls, read, blogged, made him lunch - and surprised him when he came home at 1 pm! I only actually got about 30 more minutes with him...but it was totally worth it!
  • My hospital went into a "Code White" this week. Code White means the hospital is at max capacity, the ER is full, and there were 29 surgeries that needed to be placed in beds. Code White is a poised way for the hospital administration to let everything know that "We're Screwed!!! Let's work really hard!". I got asked to step down from my case management position, don my scrubs, and work in the ER! And that I did. In fact, they put me as the triage nurse -- which really used a part of my brain I have neglected lately. It was really good for me. It also made my appreciate my new job.....I don't miss getting yelled at for putting people in the waiting room.
  • I had the most beautiful runs this week! The sun is coming up earlier - so my 0500 runs are no longer in total darkness. My running partners and I all stopped simultaneously Thursday morning when we could see daylight, and just sat in silence looking around, smiled, and then kept going. It was one of those defining moments where we all were thinking, "Our world is so beautiful....."
  • I am actually following March Madness this year. Kind of. I don't really follow sports. At all. But living in a town where you have a team that picked to lead the brackets - it's hard not to get excited! Go Wildcats!
  • I became obsessed with arugula this week. It happened to be on sale. I bought a big bag. Now I'm in love with it. Where have you been all my life, arugula? Yum! You are so good with eggs. And balsalmic. And salad. And well, everything.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) I do my annual BIG TIME spring cleaning. Base boards, fan blades, walls, window sills, windows .... it all gets done. I'm looking forward to it!
Where were your weeks headliners? Do you do a big spring cleaning? Or do you just incorporate those jobs throughout the year. I never used to....but the past 2 years I have started doing this.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On being separated

Since January 25 of last year, it  seems Ryan and I have lived in different states more than we lived in the same state. He was in Alabama from January 25-March 6. Home for 1 week. Then in Colorado from March until May. And now he's in New Mexico for a 4 month school. The nice thing is this is his last school.

I also have no place to complain. My husband is not deployed. He's in the US in safe places. We don't have any kids. I have a job to keep me busy, running trails to enjoy, and a group of supportive girlfriends to keep me laughing!

But it will be nice to live under the same roof again.

To be honest, I'm getting a little irritated when people tell me this separation is "good for me" and "good for us" and "will teach me how to be independent".

Well, let me tell you....I've learned how to be independent by this point. I know how to take care of myself. We've learned to value each other and our time. We're ready to live together again. End of story. Thank you.

Here are a few thing I've learned about having a long distance relationship with your spouse:

  • Every time you re-unite after living in different locations for several months, there is going to be some disagreement. You each develop your individual routines. Reuniting those routines takes patience. You'll find yourselves discussing, "Why are you doing this dishes like this?" or "You never drank your coffee like that before..." or "You re-organized all the kitchen cabinets! I don't know where anything is in this house anymore!"
  • There are going to be times where you feel very separated.  He has a group of friends in this remote location, you might make new friends back at home. This is okay - you each have to find our own joy. The kicker is not letting it change you individually.
  • Keep living. Last year when Ryan went to his 1st school....I worked a lot. I worked during the week, I worked every weekend. I thought, "Well, if Ryan's not here, I may as well just work all the time!" I decided to make it a time to bank up some extra cash by doing overtime. This ended up making me burnt out, and I did not associate joy with home
  • Set up time to talk, and make it a priority. Talk about your day. Text each other throughout the day about random little things, as if they were still living in the same household. We both have busy schedules, and we have a slight time difference - but always make sure that between the hours of 8:30-10 pm to hear each other's voices!
  • Again, going several days without actually talking - makes picking back up awkward. It's really weird to have to say to your husband (and best friend) "So...what have you been up to this week? How has life been?"
  • You will yearn for Tuesday night. Yep. A random Tuesday night where you go to the gym together, come home, maybe pick some weeds in the backyard, throw some chicken breasts on the grill, and watch the news together before bed. It's that simple, normalcy that we yearn for more than anything else. The feeling of simplicity & security. 
  • You will learn to be pro's at packing in as much as possible into 2 days. We have had weekends where from 6 am - 11 pm we were running like crazy. Sunday night leaves you exhausted - but it's so worth it! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ruidoso, New Mexico: More spontaneous travel

There is never a dull moment. I'm becoming more and more of a non-planner these days. For example, I am writing to you from the hotel room (that my husband currently lives in) at Holloman AFB. My detailed weekly itinerary has written that I was to be on the road back home at 0930. However....I have decided to stick around until Ryan finishes his flight, so we could have lunch together. It may be a few weeks before we see each other, so adding on 4 extra hours isn't going to kill me! 

The most spontaneous part of the weekend was our little get-away. Wednesday night, as I was packing Ryan requested I bring along my backpack and some camping gear "just in case we go backpacking". 

To be honest, I wasn't all that keen about going backpacking this weekend. The winds have been nasty (40-50 mph), with dust storms. I also know that the mountains near Alamogordo, NM are quite cold. 30's at night. 

But, I don't like to turn down a potentially fun adventure - so I toughened up, packed up my sleeping bag, got my hiking gear ready, and went into it with a smile! 

We filled up the car Friday morning, with intentions of hiking about 6-7 miles in, and setting up camp for the night. As we were getting ready, Ryan questioned my morning routine of doing my hair & makeup. But I decided I wanted to look cute being a mountain woman. (Glad I made that decision)

The further we got up into the mountains, the faster the temperatures dropped. At 1 pm, the temps dropped from 72 F to 46 F. We also saw collections of "white stuff" (snow) on the mountains under the pine trees as we drove up the mountain. 

This is where we started making jokes. "You know, they do have some really nice cabins for rent! And resorts to stay at! How funny would it be if we rolled into one of those with our backpacking gear. No one would ever know we cheated!

We decided to stop in Ruidoso (a cute little mountain town) for lunch before we continued our journey. We looked around at all the neat boutiques, fun restaurants, cozy cabins......and this is where Ryan said, "Well, you didn't do your hair and make-up for nothing, right?" 

Within 15 minutes we were on our i-Phones on to find a cabin to rent for the night. All of them were booked up, due to spring break. But we were able to find one cabin, where the guests left a night early - and we scored! 

All I had was my dorky, convertable-hiking pants, hiking boots, and a hard-shell jacket on for day of exploring this cute mountain town. I kind of looked like Dora the Explorer. 

But we found a cute boutique, I snagged a shirt & a new pair of jeans....I happened to have some heels in the car. And I was ready for a night out on the town! 

I'll let the pictures take over here. 

This is a view of the streets of Ruidoso, NM. I wish I had taken a picture Saturday morning - as that mountain-top had even more snow. (It rained all night Friday....thank God we weren't camping!)

We took some funny pictures by the fireplace, with cocktails, backpacks on ;)

Notice the bed with the shopping bags on it...this made me laugh. We were supposed to be backpacking, and here I was buying clothes. (Ruidoso has the cutest clothing boutiques - and very reasonable prices!)

Happy faces! (Look at that mustache he is sporting. It's "Mustache March" in the Air Force. I just loathe it. I cannot wait for April!!)

The next morning, we found a lake nearby - and went for a walk. It was about 39 degrees, with gusting winds. (that's cold for us Arizonans!) So we didn't spend as much time as we wanted here.

We finished our exploring of Ruidoso that morning at the cutest little coffee shop called "Sacred Grounds". If you ever are in the area, I highly recommend. We spent a few hours here reading (Ryan studying), people watching, and catching up on life. I ordered the most delicious steel cut oatmeal breakfast. And the cappuccinos were perfect!