Friday, June 10, 2011

A few things Friday

  • Why are they constantly talking about Weiners on the news lately? At least class it up a little and speak of good things like Andouille.
  • On that note.....Ew. What is with all these politicians sleezing around on their wives. Yuck, politicians...never trust them!

  • If you've heard about the wild fires here in Arizona, it's so sad. One of the areas that is burning to the ground is the White Mountains area where we went camping a few months ago. It is seriously one of the most beautiful areas I've ever experienced. It saddens me thinking of all the beautiful landscape and animals that are dying right now!

  • Brownie points to anyone who gives me a good way to cook eggplant! Eggplant parmisan doesn't count. Not interested. It was on sale, I bought some. I did make some babagonoush (mmmmmm) - and want to use the others maybe on the grill?

  • The summer heat is drying out my daisies & petunias. I refer to Ms. Joan Baez singing "Where are all the flowers gone?".

  • I am excited to have a happy Friday today. I'm back to work tomorrow.....but today I will be going to spin class, meeting up with my Ryan in the afternoon to run some errands & do some shopping for decorating our office, and then having a little date night!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wine & Love v2

I'm joining in the on fun again! The things that drive me reach for a glass of wine, and the things that I love in life right now...................

  • The heat. But really, I'm reaching for a cool, refreshing vodka tonic. It's >100 degrees F every day. I don't have to deal with it much, since I'm gone all day. However, we come home from work at 8:30 pm and find ourselves outside watering our drying-out grass and garden.
  • On Tuesday, I had a patient that referred to me by only these 3 "names": "Little Nursey", "Little Girl", and he also called me a "F***ing B****" when I was placing an NG tube in him. Now, I would probably say a curse word during that procedure. But, I really don't appreciate that. My name is on the whiteboard in his room. And I continued throughout the day to correct him saying, "My name is Abby."
  • Too. Much. Emotion. I just don't have the energy to deal with over-the-top-emotions. Life will go on.
  • Weight training. I think this is becoming my new "niche". The other day in a body pump class, I was bicep-curling with more weight than a male classmate. It gave me a tish of a confidence boost ;)
  • My new FJ cruiser. Well, it's "ours", technically. But I'm the one who drives it since I have a shorter work commute. It's fits me - fun, sporty, & and it makes me feel powerful because it's very tall (which I am not)

  • The fact that we are Minnesota bound in like 2 weeks! Sooo ready for some lake time, some family time, and to meet my beautiful nephew Charlie for the 1st time!
  • My excitement to hop on the wakeboard when we arrive at the lakes. MARK MY WORDS - I don't care how cold it is outside...I'm wakeboarding.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rekindling an old "flame"

Back when I was about 17-18 years old, I thought my life as an adult would be consumed by playing music. I assumed my Sunday mornings would be spent accompanying the church choir.

Music was something I identified myself with. When I thought of "me" was something that came to mind.

Then I went to college, moved to Tucson, got married, became a nurse, started working........and now when I mention to someone I play a variety of instruments...they are very surprised. "You?!!?" 

It's really sad that it's become such a distant part of my life,  as prior to choosing to be a nurse - my 1st "major" in college was to be a music teacher.

I miss it. Whenever we go to a play, talk about going to a Tucson Symphony Orchestra concert, or when I listen to classical music..I almost always get a little teary/weepy eyed.

We happen to have an electric keyboard at home, which is something generously borrowed to me by a good friend of ours. But lately, its taken up space & collected dust.

The other day, I said to Ryan, "Let's just give that keyboard back to him. There's no sense in having it here." But Ryan objected stating he won't let me get rid of something I enjoy so much. I had the day off. I had plans of cleaning, organizing our new office, and other task-y things. Instead, I sat down and played!

It started out rocky (I haven't played since about October or November). All focus leaned on utter frustration that I just don't play like I once did....

And then I looked at the clock & realized an hour had gone by. My old songs were coming back to me.

I feel very relaxed and peaceful this evening. This may need to become more of a frequent ritual for me!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot sun, Bison, Weeping wounds, Luna bars, & trails

I thought my title would maybe be enticing. Okay, maybe minus the weeping wounds. I couldn't think of a catchy title. That's all I've got today. Those 5 items have consumed my life this week.

Hot sun
  • This morning when I was working in the garden at 7 was already 87 degrees.
  • My car thermometer also read 91 degrees F @ 8 pm while I was leaving work last night.(sun was down, too)
  • My flowers are really angry. They are currently revolting.
  • Tomatoes like the hot sun. As do my very voluptuous summer squash plants.
  • My grass is pist off.
  • Abby is also not happy with this heat. 100+ degrees is only okay if you're in a lake...or perhaps a pool.
  • I came home to quite a treat last night. Our grocery store had a sale on Bison meat.
  • He looked up a recipe for "Gluten Free Bison Burgers". Which warmed my heart in more ways than one
  • They had: gouda cheese, wild rice, bison meat, garlic, spices....served with a garnish of this special BBQ mayo - on a bed of spinach.
  • Yum. I would share a more detailed recipe..but I didn't make it ;)
Weeping wounds
  • I realized that I have spent more time this week wrapping this yucky, cellulitis, weeping, leg wound this week than I spent with my husband.
  • I had the same 4 patients for four 13 hour shifts in a row.
  • You know how you sometimes get really sick of spending too much time with the same person? Yeahhhh..............
  • I'm excited to be hanging out with my husband at 6 pm tonight...and NOT wrapping a leg with kerlix
  • Speaking of wounds...since I've gone gluten free..............My leg rashes are gone! (Now I just have white scars..which will heal I hope)
Luna Bars
  • Luna GF protein bars have been my God-sent this week to give me energy. I am surprisingly impressed with them. Or maybe I just get so hungry that anything would taste good at that point.
  • I have become a total protein junky in the past few weeks. Hard boiled eggs & protein shakes have been my F.O.C. (food of choice)
  • I've been doing a lot of running around my house/neighborhood lately, and because of that - I have to run on the "non-existent-shoulder" of the road. Which means I've been running in rocks & sand.
  • This causes one's calves to burn like a scorched marshmallow on a stick.
  • I use marshmallow, b/c that's how my legs feel afterwards.
Well, I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.

I would like to make a loud shout-out to my sister Lisa, who took her CFA exam yesterday. She has studied extremely diligently and has had to work with a CRAZY schedule for the past 5 months. And now she's done with a big stepping-stone mountain in her carreer!! I am so proud of you, Lisa! You are awesome!!