Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 Days of Gratititude

Well, it's taking me longer than 30 days, as my consistency in blogging has been horrible since I've been home! It's been really busy and I've been in a constant mode of go-go-go! All good things, but I will admit that I'm having a deep longing to just hole up in my house and be a recluse for a day.

All this business has me feeling extremely grateful, which is a great theme to get me ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Let me pick up where I left off with this "30 Days of Gratitude"

I'm lucky that I'm smart enough to figure out how to.....use critical thinking in my job. It's something they try to teach you in college, but I think it mostly comes with experience. My time in the ER has really built that. I've reached the point where I feel like I can look at a patient, anticipate what's going to happen and just how sick they are within the first 20 seconds in the room.

In this moment, what I love most about my friends are..... I just had a conversation with one of my friends about this yesterday, actually. The circle of friends that I've really found over the past few years is a group of women that build me up, make me happy, laugh, we support each other, we are honest with each other. If my friends think I'm making a poor decision, they will not hesitate to give me their advice. It's really comforting to have a good group of friends, being I live so far away from family.

I'm grateful that my hands....can knead bread. Fresh, homemade bread just warms my soul. And the kneading process is therapeutic!

The prettiest thing I saw today is....the sunrise that is occuring right now. It is just starting to peak over the mountain - and it's just gorgeous.

When I look in the mirror, I'm grateful for the fact that....I grew up in a family that was fortunate enough to get braces for me when I was in junior high. I had vampire incisors. To this day, I frequently get compliments about my straight teeth. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Three of my most prized possessions are....1) My wedding ring. 2) My amethyst rosary that I got as a confirmation gift. 3) My box of letters/cards. It has many handwritten letters I've received over the years from my Mom, my Grandma, my husband (when we lived apart last year). I even have the 12 "thank you notes" my husband used when he proposed to me. There is something so precious about a person's handwriting. When I'm homesick of having a rough time, I go through this shoebox and it warms my soul.

I'm grateful that my eyes....can see. That's pretty obvious, but so true. There is so much beauty around us, I simply cannot fathom a world of darkness.

The things I would never change about myself....1) My sense of humor. It gets me through the day, especially in my job as an ER nurse, where sometimes you can do nothing but laugh. 2) My motivation and passion for exercise. I know for some people exercising is a laborous chore they dread. For me it's something I look forward to and get excited about. Makes staying healthy a little easier! 3) My sense of calm.

What are you grateful for this week? What would you never change about yourself? What are your most prized possessions?