Friday, June 3, 2016

June "Currently"

Wow, I am not very consistent about blogging these days! I've been all over the place lately.

Work has been insane, because we are preparing for a BIG audit. Medicare audits are stressful. All audits are stressful. And I'm learning how especially stressful they are when you are working for an insurance company that serves the Medicare/Medicaid population.  ;)

But I'm a learning a lot! And it's teaching me lot about accepting "constructive criticism". Ha!

What else is new? Well, we have been busy house hunting!

But more on that to come soon. For now...a "currently" post. Since I haven't been around here much lately.

Reading: "The Nightengale" - which was recommended to me by my personal librarian sister. It is such a good book! Highly recommend it!!

Thinking: About what I'm going to bake this Sunday in the quarterly "baking challenge" I do with my friend's 2 daughters. We do a baking challenge, where my friend picks out the "theme" and provides the ingredients - and we have 1 hour to come up with 2 different recipes.

Last time it was cupcakes. This time - who knows? It is such a fun tradition we have started - and so fun to see young girls so excited and passionate about cooking/baking (they are only 7 and 10)!

Frustrated: That the air conditioner in our apartment does not allow us to turn it below 80 degrees. It is supposed to be 112 F this weekend. The coolest it gets at night is 80. It's H-O-T.

Feeling: Relieved and excited! Any home buying experience can be stressful/nerve-wracking. Ours had a lot of back-and-forth negotiations, and the inspection was a little interested since the home was built in 1950. But all is well, and we are going to close!

Anticipating: Lots of fun this summer. One of my best friends is getting married in 2 weeks - we are moving at the end of the month - we go home to MN the week after we move - we go to Barbado's in August! Lot of fun things to look forward to!

Sad: That we can bring our dog back to AZ with us on the plane, and won't have enough PTO to take the 27 hour drive. Looking frantically on my calendar for a weekend to make it up!

Working: Happily. This is the 1st time in my nursing career I've really been happy and excited with my work. I love working at home. I will say this is one of the more stressful jobs I've held - but it's so worth it.

Grateful: That I do have shelter. I went for a walk after dinner tonight, and it was still 102 degrees @ 8:00 pm. And all I could think about were the poor people who live on the streets in this horrible heat. They don't get to go home to a tall glass of ice water and a shower.

Listening: To lots of Pandora radio -- specifically "Indie Pop Radio". It's perfect "work music" - it's the perfect balance of upbeat and mellow.

Wishing: That I can keep up my momentum (and smart training) with running. I have been training hard and fast lately - and am track to qualify for Boston this winter.