Friday, June 11, 2010


Do you ever find yourself losing sleep over something? Worrying and keeping it in the back of your mind? And then when you finally realize what it is that's causing "stress" - all you can say is "Wow. I need to chill out!"..... Or "My, I'm pathetic".

That has been occurring this week. And I thought I would share - because it's kind of comical.

First, to give you understanding of my deep concern - our Tomato Plant has been very productive this week. I've pulled 4 fresh, plump, red tomatoes off! And I'm loving it. That's like $4 at the grocery store I'm saving!

So, I found myself last night at a happy-hour for Ryan's work - sitting at the table talking about my concern. I found myself saying,:
 "What do you Arizonans do with your plants when you leave for the weekend ? Do you get a drip system? Do you have someone care for them while you're gone? Do you think we could just bring our tomato plants and daisies on the camping trip?"

Finally someone looked me very deeply in the eyes and said, "You definitely don't have any children......Or you would not be this stressed about a plant." And then laughed. Hysterically.

I felt a little sheepish.

And then I realized just how true her statement was! Wow, I was actually considering getting a babysitter or bringing a fricking plant with us? God forbid if we were FLYING somewhere. Would I "carry on" my tomotoe plants?

My sister Lisa had an experience on an airplane where she was sitting next to a main holding a styrofoam cup with a plant in it. Maybe he had the same mindset as me!?

Kinda humorous.

....But really!  Any tips on what we do with our plants when we leave for the weekend? Do we put them in the garage? It's like consistently 100 degrees here. My poor plants would fry up in this heat!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! We have many fun things planned -- so I'm definitely excited :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wellness Wednesday!

I am beginning a segment! We all know that I'm kind of a health nut. Therefore.....

Every Wednesday (hopefully I will stay true to this) I am going to write a "wellness related" segment. I might be a work out plan, a healthy recipe, maybe a home-remedy, or education about something health-related!

I hope you enjoy!

So to kick this off - I'm going to give a little history on WHY I have chosen to strive for wellness:

  • First off, I was the chubby kid in elementary school/junior high. Not like I was HUGE, but I definitely got the occasional "tease" from my peers.
  • So, high school started and I got determined to start taking care of myself a little better.
  • I "over-did" it.
  • And through that, I feel like I've gained a sense of "wisdom" that I now live my life by:....
  • All is good in moderation!
  • Striving to be "thin" instead of "healthy" didn't really make me all that healthy!
  • In all honesty, I screwed my body over. I didn't get enough calcium & strong bones during age 16-20, which are the MOST VITAL years of bone development for a woman! I also had no immune system. It's taken about 2 years to get it somewhat "beefed" up. And it's still nothing fantastic.
  • I learned from this experience that happiness is not found in a dress size.
  • Happiness comes from: feeling good about yourself, enjoying life, enjoying good food, enjoying fun workouts.
  • Happiness comes from completing a marathon/half marathon/whatever race/endeavor it may be! ...Not because you physically CAN, but because you're body is healthy & strong enough to carry you through it!
I NOW strive for wellness so I can feel good, healthy, and not be sick! Since I've taken on this attitude; I've been much happier about myself.   I exercise/eat healthy to relieve stress, keep my heart/lungs happy, and essentially to have fun! I enjoy my workouts. And if I'm not enjoying them? -- I take that as a personal hint that maybe it's time to find something different or just in need of a break!

So my healthy tip for TODAY is......(this will be totally random and not interconnected with the previous post...FYI):
-It's grilling season -- and one of my favorites is grilled potatoes! Instead of the traditional white or red potatoes; use sweet potatoes! They have more flavor, (you can still dip them in ketchup), very high in beta-carotene, and many other nutrients!
-Just cut them up into quarters/slices, boil them for a few minutes to soften, and throw on the grill with some cumin, pepper, and garlic! Mmmmm

Hope everyone's week is going great!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. What does your car say about you? If you don’t have a car, what kind of car would be your daily driver?

Well, I don't think my car speaks "me". It's a Grand Prix. White. I think I need to drive a something littler. Pure because I need something small and simple to drive. For, let's face it. I am in the ranking for "World's Worst Driver". I need like....a Smart Car. Green.

2. To this point, what has been your purpose on this planet?
To be a healing nurse who never treats her patients like a science some sort of medical object/science experiment/"case". And to be a dedicated #1 fan of a wife to Ryan!

3. If you could trade places with any person for any amount of time, who would it be?
To be one of these people you see on International House Hunters (home & garden) who up and move to some exotic island, buy a gorgeous plot of land with beach views, and live the dream.

Or...more realistically - I'd like to be a Family Nurse Practitioner with reasonable normal hours and weekends/holidays :)
4. What is your favorite kind of cake? If you don’t like cake, what is it about it that you don’t like?
I don't like cake. I didn't even have a piece of our cake at my wedding. It's dry, flaky, and frosting makes me gag. If I'm going to stick a bunch of naughty calories in my body -- I'd rather have something cold and smooth (i.e. Key Lime Pie, Mint Ice Cream)

5. Would you have wanted to live in your parents’, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation or only your own?

Depends on what day you ask this. I would go crazy if I lived in that generation where it was a woman's life purpose to make babies and be submissive. That just doesn't fly with me, sorry. I also can't imagine life without cell phones, computers, internet, etc....(Yes, I am tainted & pathetic..)

But there are days where I would love the generation of my grandparents. Where expectations weren't so high - life seemed less stressful. That's probably just my perception. I just feel like our lives are more complicated these days! And I love the hair of the 50's...

6. Do you have any home remedies for illnesses, cleaning or otherwise?
Hmm....Vinegar cures almost everything! About a year ago, I wrote a post about all the wonderful things that vinegar does. Marinates meat, great on salads, cures a heart burn, picks up stains, cleans floors, etc.

I also do a foot soak to soften calluses/dry feet with 1 cup milk, 1 tbsp honey, and diluted with HOT HOT water. It is quite nice!

Oh, and for a soar throat: hot hot water with lots of fresh squeezed lemons. SO soothing.

7. What is your ideal weather situation?
I would like some seasons. For the love of God.

 :) I would like a warm summer (84-90 degrees F) with occasional thunderstroms, a cool/brisk fall with pretty leaves (about 50-60 F temps), 4 weeks of winter weather in December (20 degrees F with beautiful snow), a pretty spring with occasional showers (50-70 degrees)

8. What is your best attribute (physical or personal)?
Personal: My motivation and go-getter-drive. I can be non-stop go-go-go if I really want to be.
Physical: I like my legs. They carry me around fast and let me be on a "go-getter"

9. Do you text or surf while driving?
Since I'm a bad driver, I don't think I'm a candidate for texting while driving. But I have been guilty from time to time....

10. How long have you known your best friend?
I have known my best friend since my 1 week of my freshman year at college! My husband, Ryan! So it's been 4 years.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Date Night

The decision was made that we were due for a night out!

We aren't offically "members" of the group - but through the company Ryan works for, we always receive inoformation on a group called "Tucson's Young Professionals". It's a group of people in their mid twenties - early thirties that his company hooks their new-hires up with. It's basically a networking organization throughout our city of various companies. They do individual events, and then monthy an event called "First Friday's" occurs downtown at the Art Museum. They have music, a bar, a cigar patio, "speed networking" and every month they exhibit some form of entertainment.

The array of people there was interesting.I was expecting all...businessy people. (Wow, wise term.) But there was every profession from pharmacists, nurse (me!), engineers, models, personal fitness trainers, accountants, the list goes on.

This Friday they featured "Urban Art". I thought this was pretty cool. Disclaimer - I know very little about art (in the forms of paiting, drawing, sculpting, etc.). They had various dance performances and artists doing "graffiti-like paintings" to for auction off.

It was neat to see. Graffiti is terrible here - and it ruins beautiful property and absolutely breaks my heart. But this "movement" of "Urban Art" is trying to apparently an outlash agaisnt property graffiti.

The arist works on a giant canvas, and uses free-lance to create beautiful works.

The museum also had an Andy Warhol exhibit being featured. I've never actually been to an art museum. Ryan and I had fun pretending we knew something about art while perusing the various exhibits. There were so many instances where all I could think was, "I don't get it...." But, that makes it more interesting - for I'm sure there is some very deep meaning behind.

Prior to our evening, we tried out a new sushi restaurant in downtown Tucson called "On A Roll". It was good, rolls were HUGE, but definitely not as "fresh" as Ra. But we will definitely try it out again!

It was our first time attending one of these events.

Well, we tried going to one back in December but someone (me) wasn't feeling well - so we only made it through dinner....

Did we get any "networking" accomplished at this event?--Nope. We haven't seen much of each other even since Ryan got back (life is crazy busy!!!) -

 Plus, I'd rather spend my one night out talking to someone I enjoy (Ryan) rather than painting on a fake face to play the networking game of: "Hi! I'm very accomplished! Nice to meet you! I'm going to call you by name to act personal, but really I just see your name tag!" ;)

I didn't get any photos, and I tried googlings pictures of this Joe Pagnac guy who does the Urban Art...but couldn't find much unfortunately. So I'll leave you with an Andy Warhol work that I enjoy :)..

Hope you all had a great weekend!