Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 14

What does February 14th mean to you? Is it a day of celebrating love? Do you spend lovely night with your significant other celebrating your love? Do you spend the day cursing lovers, wishing dead flowers and moldy chocolate on others? Is it simply a day that passes?

I will enlighten you that around A.D. 496, goats and dogs were sacrified. And people celebrated purification and fertility where you they dipped sheeps wool in milk. I think I'd take the modern-day roses over the milky sweater, personally. 

Before I met Ryan.... Valentines Day was a day of anticipation, followed by devastation at the end of the day when you had that final epiphany that, "Okay, clearly I am not loved. I have no flowers."

It was also disappointing to me as a young child, as I wasn't very creative about making the "Valentines Day Boxes". I'd work hard the night before, wrapping shoe boxes in construction paper. I'd feel so proud and excited. Then I'd get to school and see some of the castles and box houses the mothers students would make. And this was before the world of Pinterest! I can't even imagine what a classroom party looks like in this generation! ;)

Before I go sounding like a downer....I do think February 14 is a cute and fun way to show your love with sweet acts of romance! My act of love was sending Ryan a card (since we are currently communicating via snail mail). The card is the most ridiculous card I could find with a picture of 2 cats cuddling on the front. (Ryan hates cats) I sent this because I know it was a sure way of getting him to laugh.

Tomorrow will be a challenging day for my lenten resolution to give up sweets, as people seem to think that chocolate makes nurses happy. So I'm sure people will adorn the emergency department with chocolate and sweet things.  It seems whatever the holiday or occasion-- people give us candy or donuts.... **Hint to the world -- if you want to make nurses really happy, bring coffee!! Even ground Folgers. Hell, give me some coffee beans and I'll eat them plain!! We cannot accept gifts or money, but I will always accept a good cup of coffee.

Anyways, I hope you all have a day filled with love and joy! Hug you loved ones, and smile lots! From my heart to yours -- happy goat sacrificing day!