Saturday, January 8, 2011


When a tragedy occurs, it affects our heart forever. I'm sure everyone who lived through it -- can state exactly what they were doing, where they were, and how they felt during events such as: 9/11, President Kennedy's shooting, John Lennon's shooting, the Columbine shooting, and the list goes on.

We cannot compare tragedies. We can't say "This was worse than the other". (in my opinion). A tragedy is a tragedy. And today we experienced one in our country. This specific one was close to my heart. So, I feel the need to write about it.

Today was the 1st day Ryan and I entered our "political careers". We are both running to be Precinct Committee members in our district -- and this morning we attended our 1st meeting. During the middle of the meeting, a woman entered the room - shooken up - stating that a shooting had occured less than one mile from where our meeting was being held.

A House of Representative Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was speaking at an event in my neighborhood at a grocery store. The event is called "Congress on your Corner". A great, empowering, event where our congresswoman speaks about issues and recieves input from the citizens. This is supposed to be a safe place for involved citizens can commune to be involved in our democracy.

In the midst of this meeting, a shooter broke out.

Our Congresswoman was shot in the head, along with many others. 18 people were injured. So far 4 have died.

4 people have died. 18 injured. All innocent people. One of the victims a 9-year-old child.

The shooter was a 22-year-old man. One who had been putting leaks out on social media (i.e. You Tube, Twitter, MySpace) all week that something was going to happen. He was a student who was bullied through high school. He was clearly a very disturbed young man. Nearly 30 rounds were fired out of his handgun. How chilling and terrifying.

Right now, as I have been glued to the news stations all day, I am paralyzed. --Just speechless. This is a moment where political affiliation does not matter. Right wing, left wing -- throw it out the door at this point. Innocent lives were taken and affected today. And their lives will never be the same. Freedom, justice, and faith has been compromised.

I understand people may have differing opinions, views, etc -- but to take someone's life? No one has the "power" to choose that.

I am deeply saddened by the state that our world has come to. This is not an "Arizona" problem, or a "Tucson" problem. It is a problem of humanity -- that prooves violence is increasing in our world -- and it needs to stop. So today I focus my prayers on peace.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010, Revisted

Yes, I am a little behind ya'll. Most "reviews" were done prior to the New Years Eve festivities.

But, I feel like my 2010 needs to be recapped in a somewhat brief sense. 2010 was a huge year for both Ryan & I and many changes occured..... so here it goes!

January began in the comfort of my family's lake cabin on Battle Lake, MN. Ryan & I were fortunate enough last year to get out there for the whole week of xmas to spend time with them. This will probably never occur (the whole "week stay") until I return in 70 years. It could for Ryan..he gets the week off. It will never occur in the healthcare world. So I'm glad we got to do it!

The Rest of "The Winter"
My dear sister Lisa made a trip out to Arizona for my Birthday. It was an awesome birthday present!! We met Lisa and her friend & husband in Phoenix for a night of fun and a great dinner.

I had my Community Health/Psych Rotation. It kind of changed my view on the world. I grew up quite sheltered. I learned that some people have incredible battles to fight daily. I also found a very fond place in my heart for Psychiatric Units. Specifically people in "Mania". I hope someday I can be a psych nurse.

In March.....Ryan and I planned a seriously last might trip to San Diego, CA. I feel in love. I know it's not a place I will ever want to live -- unless I have millions and millions of dollars to land a sweet beach house.....

But I know that probably won't happen. So it's my sought-after get-away.

I also signed up for a half marathon 2 weeks prior to the race. I PR'ed like crazy. I hope to do this race again (especially since my hospital sponsors the race :D)

A large period of this time is a blur. I was in the depths of my Critcal Care Rotatoin in nursing school. Ryan was in the depths of his Senior Capstone and preparing to graduate. I don't know what we did for most of that time......

But I do know we planned a kickin' Graduation Party. My Mom, Dad, & sister Lisa flew out to celebrate with us! So did Ryan's Grandma from Nebraska -- which was awesome of them to do and meant SO much to the both of us!

It was my 1st time really entertaining for a group greater than 4. I can't wait to do it again -- and next time I won't be so nervous!

June, July
I'm going to be honest and say......I don't remember a darn thing we did these 2 months. I remember studying a lot. I had my preceptorship./internship at my hospital -- which I know landed me my current job.

We did sneak away from reality for a weekend in June for a GORGEOUS, incredible camping trip in the White Mountains. I cannot wait to return!

I GRADUATED!! My Mom & Dad flew down from North Dakota to Tucson during the WORST POSSIBLE MONTH EVER TO VISIT. But, they didn't do it for the weather or pleasure -- they did it to support me!

I was very honored to have my Mom, also a Nurse, pin me with my BSN pin on stage. The "pinning tradition" is a big thing for RN's -- it's kind of a symbol of saying "I am passing on all compassion, knowledge, and trust in you to care for others" .

We had a nice weekend with them -- and it was great to just relax with my parents!

Ryan & I also celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We spent it on a romantic weekend at the Star Pass Resort. It was fantastic --since our summer/spring/everything was such a fast, crazy blur!

September I started studying for NCLEX. I passed NCLEX 1st in my class -- b/c I was determined to start working. However, my hospital didn't come around to hire me until November. I guess it was worth the wait.....

I spend September-October searching madly for a job. I was humbled to say the least. Every morning, I would go for a run - shower - get dressed professionally - print off resumes - and go from facility to facility in search.

Almost every place said, "Oh....we'd love to have you, but we don't hire "new grads"

I cried a lot that month. I also learned a lot. Funny thing is, now in January - I am recieving phone calls from some of those places asking "I see you applied for a position back in September, are you still available"

Funny how that works!

Ryan & I also decided to start building a home. It was our dream home. It was everything we didn't need. lol.

We also sneaked away from a great camping trip with Ryan's Dad, wife, and kids. It was wonderful to get a family weekend in after all the craziness of summer. The weekend as blissful, really.

That's Ryan & I climbing rocks, so we can jump off a cliff.I was not quite as thrilled as he was.....

Ryan & his sweet little sister, Sophia -- who is just starting 1st grade. :) Their big grins are probably present b/c he just got done showing her how to be a "pyro" with the camp fire. He's such a good influence.....

I started working at a nursing home/rehab center to "tide" me over until I got hired by my hospital. Still living in shooken-up-fear I'd never get a job! This was my 1st nursing job.....where I took care of 30 seroiulsy demented patients who didn't have a clue who they were. It taught me a lot of Alzheimers - and opened my eyes. It also made me get some MAD/CRAZY organizational nursing skills -- to manage care of 30 patients.

We also found out that the buildered f***ed up our house. We did the right thing. May made a sound decision as a grown-up-married-couple....we backed out of the contract. Luckily, we didn't love a dime over the issue. All we gained was experience and knowledge. And we grew closer!

I FINALLY got hired and started working at my hospital. I think the day I got my "acceptance call" -- I felt the biggest sigh of relief I've felt in my life.

We also made a trip Bisbee, AZ. It was a pleasant, ecclectic little get-away.

We also made a trip home to North Dakota to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family. It was wonderful!!!

December was a blur. How did it get away so fast? We packed the house up, moved, I switched to night shift, we unpacked, had Christmas, had New Years -- and it was done!


I'm feeling satisfied with the year. It had a lot of experiences, fun, and learning. We are both very enthusiastic to see where 2011 takes us!

But whatever crazy events, stresses, life changes occur -- we always will come back to having each other, God, and our family! :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Night Owl

So I said I'd do a post after I'd gotten adjusted to night shift on "my adjustment process to night shift" I will be writing this post in 6 months.

;) Just...kidding...Ha....Ha...

Okay, so I haven't adjusted. But, I'm managing. As of this week (week 3) -- I'm finally able to sleep during the day after I've worked. Week one, I got like 5 hours of sleep for the 3 straight days. Not cool. And it was Christmas.

But, I think I've got it down. The hardest part for me is just sitting down when I'm not at work. When I'm at home, I am go-go-go. Seriously. I actually make a rule stating "I will not sit down until ___o'clock".

I tried to continue that lifestyle when I worked nights. It didn't work out so well.'s my little pro and con list I've made thus far


  • I work nearly every Sunday this month (except the weekend my sister is here). If I were working days, that would mean my WHOLE Sunday would be ruined. However, now I get to go to church in the morning, spend time with Ryan in the afternoon, rest a little, and still get to have dinner with him before I leave for work at 6:30 pm
  • The hospitalists and cardiologists don't tend to be around at night. (unless something terrible occurs
    • I'm going to be honest and a new-grad I am scared of doctors.
    • I still feel like I know very little. (AKA..I feel like a dumbass)
  • I eat healthier. I eat a bowl of oatmeal with fruit after work before I go to bed (at 8 am), I sleep until about 2-3 and have a light snack or fruit or veggies, and then eat a norma meal before going into work. During my 12 hour shift at night, I eat the same thing every night -- an apple, and some yogurt.
  • There is a pay incentive.
  • I miss my husband. I leave work when/before he gets home....and I get home after he's left for work. So if I work multiple days in a row (remember, I do 3 12's...) I may not see him for a few days. Yuck.
  • When I'm not on my "work schedule" -- my biological clock is completely *effed* up. I have a tough time waking in the morning, and a really hard time falling asleep at night!
  • Sleep deprivation caused me to get a cold, which turned into a sinus infection. Yuck. I hate taking antibiotics. Now, if I ever REALLY NEED those antibiotics -- I'll probably have developed resistanance to them. And then I'll probably just die......
  • Yes, I'm drastic. I know. ;)
All in all -- I can do this!!!

Every night when I go into work, I tell myself "I'm just puttin' in my time. I'm jsut puttin' in my time." --

Luckily, when I get to work, I'm happy as a clam b/c I love my job! So that makes it better. :)