Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Escapes

Normal people escape winter to sunny and warm climates. Places where you can BBQ in a tshirt in January. Lounge by the pool in February. Wear shorts year round.

I live in one of those places ;)

Instead of escaping somewhere warm....we like to escape somewhere with cool temps and snow!

Well, Ryan really made an escape this Monday - as he is in a winter climate in NY for the next 3 months. But that is for work. And believe me, if he wasn't living in a hotel -- I'd be joining him. But my work-from-home job requires a hard-wire internet due to security purposes. And we have a 65 lb Golden Retriever.

I have blogged often about "Mount Lemmon" here in Tucson that is always at least 20 degrees cooler, has amazing pines, fresh air, camping, and hiking.

In the winter, if Tucson is getting a lot of rain - that means Mount Lemmon is getting snow. There is actually a ski lodge. Not the best skiing - as there is really only 1 slope and it is EXTREMELY steep. But....it's a slope!

This year it was on our bucket list last year to go see and play in the snow. We did not make it in 2016, so went the Monday after New Years - as NY weekend brought tons of rain! Here are a few photos from our little day trip. It was so fun!

This is the official sign that we have become "Tucsonans" or "Desert Dwellers". As we drove 1.5 hours to see snow. I remember when we 1st moved to AZ, I thought it was crazy to drive to see snow. But now I get it. And miss it so much!

Miles was in puppy heaven. He got out of the car, and started sprinting in circles and eating now. It was pure joy.

This was our view on the hike we did. All the streams were running because of all the rain/snow! Makes me happy, because that means we will have plentiful water source during springtime backpacking trips!

This picture brings me much peace. Something about a winter scene is so perfect....

And an obligatory "family picture". We were all smiles!