Saturday, October 30, 2010

News of the Week

So beyond on the stresses of the interview and stillll getting adjusted to the new job this week ..............I've been one tense little lady. Exceptionally tense.

And now, I am revealing why...

No. We are not pregnant. So, don't even try getting excited for a second.

We are no longer building a house.

This is not bad news. It's good news -- TRUST ME. :) Here's how it went down......

Sunday afternoon, Ryan got home from his hunting trip. We decided we were overdue for a day together. So we thought, "Let's go check out the progress of the house! And then go out for dinner!"

Welll, what started out as a fun, exciting, house visit. Turned into a very angry one......

First -- we noticed the french doors leading to the patio were not there. They just *slapped* a window there.

Then, I noticed that our POST-TENSION CONCRETE had been cut and crushed and ruined - b/c the plumbers put pipes in the wrong spot.

I don't know if you know much about construction. But, once post-tension concrete is layed - you are NEVER NEVER NEVER supposed to disrupt the integrity of it. If you disrupt the integrity it opens doors to structural problems with the home, opens the doors to termites, etc...

We found missed nails. It felt like the closer we looked, the more problems we noticed.

Now -- I know ryan and I are kind of picky at times. And set high standards. But, WHY NOT. Building a home is a HUGE investment!!!! And we are not going to live in a home that is structurally shitty. End of story.

So, we called up our realtor immediately and attacked.

All week we spent our evenings weighing the positives with the negatives, meeting with the builder, meeting with the realtor, etc, ect, ect.
(This is a very abbreviated synopsis, too. We went through a lot of sh*t this week! UFF-DA!)

Luckily, Ryan & I were on the same side of the issue. Which made no "personal attachments" involved. In fact, I feel like it brought us even closer.

We feel no regrets. Just relief. :-)

And that's our story! :)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I know we are. Sushi and drinks to celebrate the end of this craziness last night. (We also signed the cancellation papers prior to our celebration)

Today, I had a 10 mile run which went fantastic. Now we are sitting on our deck, smoking some ribs, and plan on carving pumpkins this evening.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm training for a marathon? What?

I've been training for a marathon since August 9. But, lately it really doesn't feel like it. Being I've been out-of-comission for the past 2 WEEKS.

Half of my mind is stressed out. Freaking out. Worried. How in the hell will I run 26.2 miles on December 12? That is in 7 WEEKS!!!!!!!

However - the "reality Abby" hasn't lost an OUNCE of sleep over this. Seriously! I have too many important things in my life going on -- to be concerned about a silly race!

But, (in all honestly) I was nervous. Today was my 1st REAL run. I did 5 miles.

I ran it while it was like 90 degrees out.

I was livid. With each step, I cussed the state of AZ. I was so freaking over-heated.

At one point, I found a water fountain - and started splashing water on my body like some sort of psychotic, manic, mad-woman.

However, I felt "natural" running - and somehow managed to cut 15 seconds/mile off! Meaning I averaged 8:03 min/mile. Which is quite speedy for me.

And my hip doesn't hurt!!! Hurray! So there's my excitement of the day..

My other RANDOM excitement of the day is "Halloween episode" of The Office. For many years, I thought "The Office" was kind of over-rated. Then suddenly something happened. Something clicked. I am now obsessed. If you don't watch the office? You need to. Any bad day is cured by watching this show. It kills me with laughter. Makes me laugh so hard I cannot breath.


Happy Friday!!! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News for Today

I am jumping for joy right now!

Let's start by saying today was stressful. Although I'm supposed to work 6-2:30 daily. I never get out of there at 2:30. However, was crucial.

For I had the biggest interview I've EVER had - with my sponsoring hospital after work today!

I worked so hard to get everything completed so I wouldn't have to stay late.

Therefore, I didn't pee, eat, or think from the hours of 6am - 1 pm.

And as a result, I was out the door by 2:30!


I detoured home, donned my business suit, grabbed my printed out resumes, and drove the 50 minutes to my interview!!

And it went beyond amazing.

If I couldn't dreamed up the "perfect interview"....

....this interview surpassed that.

And they blessed me with the amazing news that I will be starting as an RN at the hospital starting November 22.

You have no idea who much stress, turmoil, tears, sleepless nights, etc has been involved with this.

I have spent long, hard, days driving from facility-to-facility job hunting. In worry that this wouldn't work out

And finally my prayer is answered! 

I am happy! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week! I promise I won't bore you with "work stuff" anymore. This has been consuming my life.

I find out next week which unit will take me!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. What is your favorite decor item in your house?
My Christmas Tree.

No, I do not have a Christmas tree up outside of the season. I'm quite strict about this. Advent only.

But, when my Christmas tree is up - I love it!

I also like our baker's rack and kitcen table. I realize this isn't "decor"...but, I like it!

2. What is your favorite hair product?
I like my Tresseme Hairspray. Nothing too exciting. But, it gets the job done. I don't invest much is hair products.

I also like my Loreal hair dye. Yes, I dye my hair. I'm that cool.

3. Are you a good dancer?
Hold on one second, let me think about that one.....



No. I am as sqaure as a wooden box. I enjoy dancing. But, I shouldn't enjoy it - for I'm terrible at it. I did do ballroom in college- but...that's the extent.

4. You get some good news, who’s the first person you call?
My Mom. And Ryan - but Ryan is usually immediately involved in my good news.

5. Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures?
Taking pictures. I often don't enjoy being in pictures either. ESPECIALLY the "random shots".. You know...when you're around those "picture people" who LOVE taking pictures of the "action". Iy-yi-yi.

Ryan used to work with this guy, who's wife does this whenever they're in public. I always try avoiding the room she's in -- so I don't get random shots of me itching my nose. Or taking a bite of food. That's not candid.

Awkward city.
6. What is your shoe style?
Either very neat shoes. No open toes. I like my toe to be rounded. With a heel.

Or Mizuno running shoes :)
7. How often do you eat out?
Our rule is once every 2 weeks. (Unless we're traveling or something).
8. If someone has food in their teeth, do you tell them?
Yes, but I'm awkward about it. Even with my own husband - I will like pull him in a separate room and whisper it to him. And appologize.
9. Do you fold your underwear?
Absolutely. I might as well iron my fricking underwear.
10. Milk, dark, or white chocolate?
Dark. Yum.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


As I've discussed previously, I'm not a big "Halloween Celebrater". I can never think of a creative costume. And all the costumes in the stores are so unGodly slutty that it sickens me.

They sell "Sexy Eskimo" costumes these days. Since when do Eskimo Indians hike around the arctic braless, with a hoochie top, booty skirt, and hooker boots?!

Dear Eskimo Lady, Your costume does not appear "sexy". It appears stupid. And unrealistic. Put some pants on. Sincerely.

There are a few things I do to partake in the festivities. We pass out candy to the numerous trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. I put a dish of candy-corns in our home that disappears way too fast. (My weakness!)And we carve pumpkins.

I never was that into pumpkin carving growing up. I always had my Mom do the carving - I just gutted the pumpkins. But since Ryan and I have been together it's been a competitive thing.

He almost always wins.

I am not skilled with a knife. And I don't have the patience to try. I often get bored after 10 minutes of carving so just do a smiley face on the pumpkin. And call it quits....while Ryan sits at the table for hours meticulously carving out this artistic masterpiece.

But this year, I've decided to actually put effort into it. I've already began researching. I picked my pumpkin at the patch last week with wit and great-thought - making sure it had a good "curvature" to carve into.

I. Will. Defeat. are a few of the templates I'm looking at. Which lucky template will be the winner?

(Disclaimer...these are still pretty "simple" -- but just know...I am no artist, carv-onista)




I think I'm leaning towards doing the witch? We shall see. I know these are still not that detailed - and many creative ladies out there could "carve me under the table".

But, like I said - I'm typically the standard jack-o-lantern kind of gal!

IF all else fails, ......and things get really rough...........

I can always do this sad little jack-o-lantern!:.......

OR should I say "drunk o lantern"