Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nice to meet you, 2016. 10 Crazy Days!

As I recapped in my "Thank you, 2015" post, that was a pretty amazing year. My biggest goal was to make 2016 more exciting and happy than 2015.

I think we are off to a good start. We kicked off New Years weekend with a bang. I started NYD with a 20 mile run with my girlfriends, and then Ryan and I headed to Star Pass Resort for a weekend of relaxation, hiking, good food, and rejuvenation!

But this post is to focus on literal this 10 day span, because I cannot believe how much as happened.

Let me set the scene:

Ryan is working night shift on random days (sometimes he is Monday - Friday, sometimes he is Wednesday - Sunday, sometimes he is Monday-Tuesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday). You get the jist. It's all over the place and we are ships passing in the night.

In fact, I met a friend for brunch today and I was a few minutes late. And my reason was "I met Ryan on the street and hadn't actually talked to him since Thursday - so we stopped in the street to hug and discuss plans".... 

So weird!

Today is January 16, I would say the real "craziness" started January 6.

January 6: Wednesday - House officially went on the market
January 7-10 - We had a minimum of 4 showings on the house every day. Remember when I said Ryan is working nights? So I would get up 20 minutes earlier than 4:40am. Put away the toaster and all those other "cluttery" items, do my workout, go to work. Ryan would get home around 9:30 am, sleep for ~1 hour, and then have to leave the house for a series of showing (deliriously exhausted).
January 11: Monday - We got a cash offer on the house. We countered the offer.
January 12: Tuesday - We received a counter to our counter....and we accepted.
January 13: Wednesday - Final paperwork submitted on the counter-counter (ha!). I had a interview at 6:30 am (since the company I'm interviewing with is on EST). Because, remember, we are relocated to a new state in a few months and I wanted to be proactive in securing a job for that phase.
January 13: Wednesday afternoon - I am offered the job. We are also notified that the closing date for our home will be February 11, which is very soon. I am then told that my start date needs to be on February 7, and I need to go to Florida for 2 weeks.

What does this mean?! --

From January 6 to January 16.....We have:

  • Listed our house
  • Had approximately 29 showings on the house
  • 1 cash offer
  • We submitted a counter offer
  • They submitted a counter to our counter
  • We were informed closing date will be February 11 -- which is "holy s*** soon"!! 
  • I have interviewed for a new job (remember, we are relocated in a few months, and I was proactive and applied for a bunch of at-home-RN-case-manager jobs...thinking it would be miracle if I got an interview
  • I got a offer for the job - once which I couldn't say no to
  • I found out my mandatory start date/training will be in Florida for 2 weeks -- starting February 7.
  • Meaning I will miss our closing day.
  • Meaning the only day Ryan and I both have "off" together to move is January 30.
  • We have apartment shopped, and found a new "dwelling".
  • And now we are packing
  • I've met with my group of physicians, my group of managers, and a group of HR folks - and negotiated a "PRN position" for my current job. 
  • I have come to terms that I cannot do my February 14 marathon, as I will be in Florida for training during that time.
Holy exciting! Holy stressful! Holy "my head is spinning". How is this all happening at once? I'm not sure. But it will make our relocation a hell of a lot easier when that time comes. 

I have been dreaming of landing a "work from home RN job" for a long time, so I am feel pretty stoked that this is all falling into place! I cannot wait for the autonomy, flexibility, and adventure that lies ahead! 

If you don't see me around this blog for a couple of weeks, that's because we will be a *bit* pre-occupied! 

Hope your 2016 is full of happiness, growth, and excitement as well!

All I have to say is I am SO glad that I've found yoga over the past few months. I find the only time I can really "exhale" right now is savasana pose! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Writing Project: Landmark Events

I'm going to continue with my "writing project", and today the theme is "landmark events". This is fitting theme for the week. I'm not ready to share the big news, but let me just say my head is spinning from a VERY BIG week! 

  • Write about your first crush. 
    • My 1st crush was a boy at the lakes. Name: Alex. He was "good looking" (for a 12 year old), funny, rebellious, and he had no curfew. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for being so strict and giving me a curfew!! Sometimes I play a little game with myself, and think about what life would be like if these crazy "crushes" from my youth would have persisted. How different my life would be.  That is all I'm going to say! (LOL!)
  • Write about your first week in college.
    • Exciting!  I could not wait to get out of Wyndmere, ND!! I was making new friends every day, my classes were so exciting and interesting. Coming from a high school class of 24 to class sizes of >300 was invigorating for this small town girl.
    • But I'm not going to say it was all easy and fun. Some of you may know that I was in the trenches of an eating disorder when I 1st attended college. I remember getting settled into my dorm room and heading out for a run around campus (of course) -- and having a car full of "college girls" yell some very abusive comments about my weight at me. It was kind of a 'wake up call' - that bullies don't go away when you graduate from high school. And that I was going to have to grow some thick skin! 
  • Write about your first job.
    • My 1st "real" job outside of helping with my parent's business was a waitressing job in Battle Lake, MN. I was a waitress/bartender. I worked my butt off and loved every second of it! Waitressing teaches you so much about working with other people, and work ethic. This job was truly enjoyable to me.
  • When did you feel truly independent for the first time?
    • I had been in Tucson about 3 weeks. I was struggling with finding a nursing school that wasn't going to put us in debt. I literally knew and trusted 1 person in a 1000 mile radius (Ryan). I hated everything about Arizona. I cried for hours every day. And I couldn't tell any of my family or friends back home -- because I didn't want anyone saying "I told you so!". And I had my 1st hit of reality that my parents were 1200 miles away. There was no way I was going to call them and ask for help -- not because they wouldn't help me (because they would have), but because I didn't want to fail at my independence. I had the pull it together, figure out a "plan B", and move forward! 
    • Moving away was not easy, and my heart has never been 100% in Arizona (hence why we are moving back to the Midwest). But I wouldn't change this decision. I learned and grew so much through this journey!
Feel free to join me on these recaps! When did you feel truly independent for the 1st time? Who was your 1st crush? Tell me about your 1st week of college. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Writing Project: Childhood

While out and about last weekend, I stumbled upon a book with "things to write about" - which inspired this series I will be posting about sporadically. I say sporadically, because I am not a very consistent blogger ;)

I thought a childhood theme would be a fun place to start! Feel free to join in!

1.  What was your favorite toy? 
I definitely have fond memories of this baby doll that you filled with water, so it felt life-like. This is funny to me -- because I'm not a "baby person" in my adult life. But that is the toy that comes to mind 1st for me

2.  Did you ever get lost?
Several times. The one that sticks out most vividly was when my family went to Paridisio (a Mexican restaurant) and I went to Pizza Hut (which was next door). I was probably 3 or 4? I remember sitting in a booth, and finally realizing my Mom, Dad, and 4 siblings were not there. I ended up finding someone to help me get to the restaurant next door! I believe my parents ended up calling the police to search for me!

3.  Did you ever run away from home
On a winter day in North Dakota during a snow storm. I packed a back-pack and went out into a corn field and was gone for a long time (at least it felt like it). I believe this cues another panic from my family when they realized child #5 had "gone missing". 

4.  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An architect. I was very serious about this too. I had a blueprint program, and spent hours writing up "house plans". How did I end up in the medical field???

5.  What was your favorite subject in school?
English. I could do grammar worksheets for hours!! 

6.  What’s your first memory?
The earliest memory I can recall was at Battle Lake,MN in our family's camper with all my family. I remember sleeping on a bunk bed in a yellow "crayola crayon" sleeping bag. I loved the lakes, and always will!

7.  What is your most vivid memory of the kitchen in your childhood?
Mom's spaghetti sauce. Those were the most exciting days ever when I could smell the aroma of her sauce!

8.  As a child, who was your favorite relative?
I loved all my relatives. But I have to highlight very special memories of spending hours with my great-uncle Alvin in his shop. I would talk his ears off for hours. He would take me into town when he would go out for coffee. I remember he would always get me cookies and lemonade. To be honest, I don't remember anything we talked about -- I just remember he always made me feel special. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Changing It Up

I've made a significant change in my fitness over the past few months, and have been waiting to blog about it until I knew for sure it stuck. ;)

My prioritization for exercise for the past few years:
1) Running
2) Weight training (heavy weights - fast-paced circuits)
3) Biking/swimming (but this is only a priority when I have a triathlon on my plate)

I decided it was time for a change, when a few months back I felt like a rest day was never enough. To be honest, I was in pain. Sometimes sitting at my desk at work, I'd almost be in tears because my back and legs hurt so bad. It wasn't that I was injured, my muscles just ached.

I was doing a lot of weight lifting in addition to triathlon training. And my weight training was more along the lines of "crossfit/power-lifting". I felt heavy, bulky, and just blah!

Step 1 -- reinvent the wheel. I decided to stop my gym membership. That's a creative way to "get the body you want", huh?! ;)

Here is what my current fitness regimen changed to:
1. Run 4 days per week,  following my marathon training schedule: 1 long run, 1 moderately paced run, 1 speed work out, and 8-10 mile hilly run.
2. Yoga 2-3 times/week. I've been trying to incorporate a bikram/hot yoga into this as well. #gamechanger Yoga has opened my hips and transformed my body. I feel taller, lighter, leaner, and it is so good for my mind.
3. At home weight training 1-2 days/week. I use 10 lb weights, resistance bands, and foam rollers -- and it kicks my butt!

My hips no longer hurt. My legs aren't swollen. I feel like myself again. This isn't a blog post stating that heavy weight lifting is bad. But it just isn't for me! In addition to all the benefits to how I feel, my running pace has decreased as well! Win win!

What is your fitness regimen? Have you ever had to make a drastic change to your system?