Sunday, November 22, 2015

Greez, AZ getaway

Last weekend we decided to escape the grind, and head to the mountains for a quick weekend. It could not have come at a better time. Life has been crazy lately. Isn't it for everyone, though? ;) 

We have been working tirelessly to get our house ready to sell. We had the professional photos taken Thursday. That long list of things we were "going to get to eventually" when we bought the house, but never got to.....we have been attacking "that list": Painting ceilings, walls in the stairwell, painting baseboards, touching up walls, planting plants, and making our house look "unlived" in ;)

Not to mention work has been super busy for both of us lately. All good and exciting stuff. But busy!

Prior to our get-away, I found myself saying "I wish we never had booked this trip! We don't have time to be going away!!" -- which is kind of sad.

We rented this adorable little hotel-cabin in Greer, AZ. Which is a little ski-town at ~8000 ft elevation. It's referred to as the "little town at the end of the road". That's exactly what it is. So isolated. Nothing commercial. Just charming and peaceful.

The temps were in the teens at night, and 50's during the day -- my kind of weather!

Friday night we walked up the street to a cute little steak house called "Molly Butler Lodge". It had a fire going, had that "small town charm", and served the most delicious home cooked food ever. We shared a bottle of wine -- and had trout dinners. The people watching in this small town was our entertainment ;)

After dinner, we went back to our lodge and cuddled.

Saturday morning we woke up naturally without alarms, which is a very rare thing for us. We were still up at 6:15 ;)

We made coffee, and headed to the closest lake. Ryan trout fished, and Miles and I explored.

The sunrise was so pretty!!

Ryan in his "happy place" - fishing pole in the water with a warm mug of coffee :)

Miles & I found some fun discoveries. Many ponds, meadows, and a pile of bones - which he really enjoyed ;).

And this he found the water ;). This was his 1st trip to a lake. We have a pool in our backyard, which he wants nothing to do with. But we could not keep him out of the lake! The water was really cold. There was ice around the edges! But that didn't stop Miles.
After a few hours of hiking around and fishing, we worked up an appetite. So headed to "Rendezvous Café", and again enjoyed some delicious hearty food! (I was not counting calories this weekend.)

We had sandwiches and shared "green bean fries". And I quote our waitress, who said, "If it ain't fried, it ain't food 'round here!" (This make me shriek a little, as I hate fried food. But I was a trooper. And they were delicious...)

We headed back out for another 45 minute hike, on a trail that is a cross country skiing trail during the winter!

We ended our hike at the lake, put our feet up, and enjoyed some R & R. I got some good reading in!

This is my happy place....

Ryan caught us a delicious fish. Which was just as fun to eat as it was to catch! ;)
 (We cooked it up once we got back home)
We ended our day back at the lodge. Where we ordered a pizza, took it back to our room, and spent the evening watching movies. The best part is that our puppy who is so full of energy finally passed out!
He turned 1 year this weekend. Clearly the birthday boy partied too hard ;)

Sunday morning I got up before the sun, went out for a 4 mile run. During my run, it started freezing rain on me. So we packed up the car, and headed home to get back to "housework". We got to drive through a little snow storm!
I hope we can get back to Greer before we move! Such a perfect place!