Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Review

The high of my week was Saturday night's party we attended. My husband's work had a "farewell" party for 3 guys that are leaving. It was a great time!

The low of my week was... getting a parking ticket Friday night on my way home running errands. I was on the phone, not paying attention, thought that the meters stopped at 5 pm, but it turns out they stopped at 6 pm. I parked my car at 5:40p, was back in my car at 6:05p. $65 ticket....

My favorite outfit was I don't have a picture, but the dress I wore to the party last night. I bought it on a whim this week. Tuesday night we had dinner plans to meet a friend for his son's birthday. In my last hour @ work, I spilled coffee on my white shirt. So had to find something quick.

I found the cutest brown and white A-line sundress.

For my workouts, I completed:
Monday - Lifted weights - did a tough shoulder workout! And ran 4 miles
Tuesday - Ran 7.5 miles with my girlfriends
Wednesday - Lifted arms - and did plylometrics (ie box jumps, jump squats) for 15 minutes
Thursday - Rested - just took Miles on a good long walk in the evening
Friday - Push-ups & Pull ups for 15 minutes and spin class!
Saturday - 11 mile trail run at Catalina State Park with my girls

Here we are at Starbucks after our run!

Sunday - cycled 40 miles with my friend Amanda.

What I cooked - My best cooking was my crockpot meal. I put 2 chicken breasts, 1 cup fresh green beans, a few baby red potatoes, and 1/2 red onion in the crock pot. Poured lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper over it. Simmered on low all day. It was perfect!

The best money I spent was tickets to Miami in October to spend the weekend with my Mom & sisters for our girls' trip we take every 2 years. I originally wasn't going to be able to do this trip, but was able to get the vacation time approved and make some arrangements! I'm so happy!

My plans this weekend included:

Friday - Quiet night for me as Ryan had plans Took Miles for a walk and spent time reading :)
Saturday - Trail run followed by Starbucks with my Desert Tri Girls. Brunch with 2 other girlfriends. Cleaned house. Did some shopping for upcoming birthdays. And the party for Ryan's work!
Sunday - Cycled 40 miles, baking a birthday "treat" (a giant pizookie) for my friend Amanda, and going to a pool party!

What were your week highlights??