Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thomas Edison, Thank you!

As we go about our lives, and we got used to the common little luxuries that come from technology...we get used to. You even find yourself saying, "How did I survive before I had......_________ (cell phones, blackberries, ipods, DVR).

You find yourself saying things like, "How did I ever cook rice before I had my rice cooker????"

"How did my washing machine stay fresh before it had the self cleaning mode"

"How could I STAND watching any tv show before it was dvr'd and I could just fast-forward through any commercials?"

Well, this week, I'm focusing on the simpler things in life.

Such as light.



As I've explained, it gets HOT in Arizona during the summer. So on Monday it was a hot afternoon for the 4th of July. As we were driving home from a BBQ/pool party, I was complaining about the heat. And I said to Ryan, "I hope it rains SO hard and SO intensely that our backyard absolutely floods."

I wish I could take back those words. Because come 4:30, the winds started whipping, rain started pouring from the sky, hail began to fall, and "ZONK" (*that's my onomatopoeia for the sound that occurs when power goes out*)

We were without power from 5 pm until about 10 pm.

It was hot and dark. Right away it was funny.

Then we got home from work Tuesday night around 8:30, and we both came to discover the power was out AGAIN! Let's just say my reaction was not pleasant when I discovered this. It was no longer funny, exciting, or cute.

So last night, we had power finally and it was amazing. We could cook dinner on the stove in light.

We didn't have to walk around carrying our camping lanterns & flashlights.

We weren't drenched in sweat because it was 90 degrees in the house.

Did we spend our evening wired in watching tv, spending time on our laptops, etc??

Nope. We went in our room, with the lights on (:D), and read. In a cool, air conditioned house. It was pleasant.

Thank you, Thomas Edison, for inventing electricity. I don't know how people lived without electricity. Seriously