Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comparing Dreams

Since June ( and since I've really decreased my frequency in blogging ) - I have made some changes in my life! #1 - I landed my dream nursing job and became an ER nurse. I have learned so much thus far, and absolutely LOVE the fast paced environment. Now it would really be my dream job if I didn't have the work all these weekends and Holidays. But, unfortunately illness has no concept of convenience and time.

In addition to moving to to the ER....I've also become certified as a fitness instructor! I'm actually certified in a specific classed called "Body Attack" -- which is a sports-inspired, agility & strength work out. In other words, no matter what fitness level a person is at -- this class is guarenteed to kick their a$$!! To learn more about it -- click here -- and look for your nearest Les Mills Sponsored club to find more great classes! (there's my marketing spin for the day.)

So sometimes in my very strange brain, I find myself comparing these 2 "jobs" and it kind of funny. Sometimes a little "off". So I write a fun little blog today

While Teaching Body Attack.........
  • It is refreshing to know that all the class particpants are completely capable of using the restroom on their own. I don't have to help anyone walk to the bathroom, and I certainly don't have to worry about getting urinated on. Yes. I have had an old man pee on me before.
  • When I make eye contact with the class-members, I'm actually assessing their skin color and look for good venous access....just a habid of mine.
  • If anyone ever breaks an arm during my class -- I can make a bada$$ splint with a their towel and maybe some duct tape.
  • I don't have to document anything that occurs during the class, in case someone decides to file a lawsuit in 15 years. People don't file law suits for not giving them enough push-ups to do. Well, Yet.....
While Working the ER.......
  • I sometimes want to give my patients a "Body Attack" Class. "Okay sir, I'm just doing an neurological assessment on you - Touch your nose, now my finger, now your nose, now do 5 lungs and 10 jumping jacks! Let's get fit!!!!"
  • I don't have to worry about looking fit and in shape. I don't have to worry about vomiting my breakfast on the stage. I wear pajamas.
  • I no longer encourage my patient's to get their heart rate up, like I do class participants.
  • I sometimes leave work with more of a sore back than I do after my work outs.
  • I have to explain to people that blood is the nicest bodily fluid I deal with during a day.
  • My patients scream and moan much louder than anyone does in a fitness class.
So I refer to Body Attack as "fun job" and ER as "real job" -- but in reality, I adore both. Which is a place that I'm really happy to be at right now. If one is going to spend 40-50 hours/week in a place, thye should be happy doing it!