Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Smiles

News Flash - I have reached a point where I am "over" living in this hotel. I cannot bring myself to elaborating, as this post would turn into a novel.

But let me just say, because I am incapable of holding back my words, that we have had to get our door to our room fixed 5 times now. Yep. That means I've been locked out of the room 5 different times. On Friday when I got locked out, it was after my 9 mile run. It took 2 hours for them to fix it! So I sat out in the sultry Texas heat before I could get into my room and get some post-run hydration, food, and shower!! Oh, and the front desk told me I "wasn't helping the situation because I refused to be moved to a different room". We live here for 4 months. Moving 4 months worth of shit is not helpful.

Okay, back to Wednesday smiles.

Here are the little things that are bringing great smiles to my face today.
  1. The days I don't work, I get to eat lunch with Ryan. Living on base has it's challenges, but I love that even when Ryan has a 30 minute lunch he gets to come "home" (to our hotel room). I make him sandwiches, and it makes me feel like old-fashioned-trophy-wife. This is probably the only time in our life we will have this luxury (until we retire...). So I'm relishing in this little blessing.
  2. My new running shoes arrived in the mail today! I got an email alert that they were delivered to the Post Office at 6:16 am, post office opens at 8:30. So I stood in line waiting for the doors to open, to retrieve my package today!
  3. I am currently roasting beets. In our hotel room. In my crockpot. I never thought I'd roast a large quantity of beets in a hotel room. There's a first time for everything.
  4. I cannot wait to enjoy these beets over a bed of arugala, kale, spinach, and chicken breasts for dinner tonight! I adore beets. I am trying to convert Ryan to a "beet lover". Cross your fingers, please! He knows not what he's missing.
  5. I'm doing a leg workout with Ryan tonight that involves 150 leg presses, 120 lunges, 90 hamstring curls, and 60 quadricep extensions. Although my stomach is queasy thinking about this -- I love the fun of challenging weight lifting workouts!
  6. I found a Bourbon Slush recipe to serve at our "Welcome Home" BBQ. It has Bourbon, Orange juice, lemonade, and tea. I think it will perfectly accompany the pork shoulder we will be smoking. We are bringing a little Texas "home" with us!
  7. There are 8 shifts left of this travel contract from h-e-l-l. 7 down! Meaning tomorrow at 1:30, I will be at my half-way point. On Sunday, I texted a "rhyme" to my husband for every hour counting down my excitement of getting out of there. Meaning I wrote 12 rhymes during the day.
  8. Don't judge me.
  9. Saturday we are going to Six Flags. Ryan is making me. I am terrified. Last time I went on a roller coaster, I cried like a young child. 60% of me is excited to do something childishly fun. The other 40% of me is terrified. I will be fasting Saturday prior to this, so I don't loose my cookies on the "Terrorcoaster".

What simple pleasures are bringing you joy this week?