Thursday, November 5, 2015

Training Updates

Right now I am in the midst of training for 2 races. And it's been pretty darn fun!

Race 1: El Tour de Tucson
I'm doing a 75 mile bike race on November 21. This is definitely the furthest I've ever rode my bike! This is a yearly tradition in Tucson, and it's quite the event. People fly in from all over the world to compete, as Tucson is on the top 10 for best cycling cities in the country! We get some very elite cyclists. In the past, we have gotten together with friends and spectated with our coffees and cheer.

But this year, I've decided to partake in the events! The option is to do a 40, 55, 75, or 105. My butt cannot handle 105 miles on a bike. Everyone tells me I have the physical ability to do so, and I'm sure I do. But I seriously have no desire to spend that much time on a bike.

My friend Amanda and I are going to do it together, and we got her uncle's company to sponsor us. The company is called Ship Bike. It's pretty cool! He engineered a box to ship bikes, and he ships them all over the country for cyclists. :) We got a free race entry, and all we have to do is wear our jersey's and brag about his company! I can handle being sponsored! Our jerseys are hot pink too, so that makes me happy!

Sunday we did our biggest training ride - 68 miles. We had some "route issues", detours, and insane hills. Lots of stopping, and re-evaluating google maps. Which meant we were pretty much on our bikes for 6 hours.

I actually enjoyed the ride! The only thing that hurt was my lower back (which is expected) and my legs were on FIRE. From mile 45-55, my back break head shifted and was on. Talk about added resistance! (I really need to get smarter about handling the mechanics of my bike!)

But we did it and are race ready!!

Race 2: Arizona Marathon

Last time I did a marathon, I was extremely unhappy with my performance. I was in the process of a career change during the training, and my training was compromised. This time around, that isn't happening. I'm going to train properly, and try to see what I'm capable of!

I'm going to be smart this time around. And I"m also incorporating more stretching, foam rolling, and I bought a Groupon for yoga! I have a great base-mileage this time, since I have been running a 10-12 miler every week all summer long!

So let the fun begin! Race updates to come!