Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Time!

Well, let me start by saying my trip home to Minnesota for our exteneded weekend at the lakes was everything I imagined & dreamed for it to be! The weather was great! People kept saying "Too bad it's not warmer for you guys"....but we LOVED it. It's been seirously 112 EVERY SINGLE DAY here in Arizona. In MN it was in the 70's every day. Amazing!!

We did tons of fishing.

I wakeboarded.

Went tubing with my nephews.

Ryan did some water skiing. And wakeboarding. (I cannot water ski)

Many hours were spent visiting & laughing with our family out on the deck.

Ate many delicious meals including the best rotisserie grilled turkey ever. It put Thanksgiving to shame.

I lounged on our raft in the sun. I actually turned a little pink, which is surprising with my AZ-bronze skin! (Apparently I'm not used to that *hot Minnesoooota sun*)

My nephews took quite a liking to Ryan - and he spent many hours out on the dock fishing with the boys (and helping untangle fishing line) -- it was adorable

I got to hold my newborn newphew, Charlie. Who is cute and precious beyond words!

After the family left, Ryan and I had a day together at the cabin. It rained most of the day - but we spent the morning out fishing. In the evening we went out for dinner and hit up the bar/restaraunt I used to work at for old time's sake.

We went for a long, relaxing evening boat ride around the lake gawking at our dream-cabins.

We visited my Grandma, who is incredible. At her age of 88 -- she walks 2 miles almost every morning, does her house work, works outside on her flowers, cares for her home, does all her grocery shopping, and is probably one of the most gracefully beautiful 88 year olds I've ever seen!

As we were saying our goodbyes, she really impressed her wisdom that Family is the most important thing one will ever have in life. She talked about how all the successes she's ever experienced, nothing amounts to the joy her family brings her.

When Ryan and I got in the car to leave, we both looked at each other and realized that it is important to listen to those who have been around longer than we have. 88 years vs 23 years = a great deal of wisdom.

She is so right! No success related to money, career, or status equals up to the joy that one gets from spending time with their loved ones!

Pictures to come soon of the trip! It's been a crazy week. We got home at 10 pm Monday night, and then I had 3 brutal days at work. The kind of days that make me have horrid nightmares! But now....I get Saturday-Monday off, so I'm a happy lady!