Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ohio Recap

This recap is a bit late. But better late then never, right? I feel like I cannot keep up lately. The change of the new job, all of the hours of getting scuba certified last week, still adjusting to having a non-human animal living among us (aka puppy Miles), and just meeting my standards of how our house should look.

However, it's all positive things in my life - so I need to stop worrying about dust and dirty windows. (as I'm secretly breathing into a brown paper bag in the background....)

The 2nd weekend in March, we took a trip to see Ryan's sister and her family. They recently were re-located due to the military, and weren't exactly thrilled about their place relocation. So it was good to get out there and help them discover their new "home", plus we haven't seen them in 2 years!

Here are the highlights from that trip:

  • Getting some quality time with our nieces and nephews. We had 3 little shadows all weekend. It always amazes me to see how fast our nieces and nephews grow whenever we see them. Being auntie is the best....

  • Meeting this happy little guy, Cade, for the 1st time. He is such a giggly like guy.

  • Getting some quality time with my sister in law, Erin. We both have the "gift of gab" - and speak about 100 words/minute. We always have so much fun together.

  • Taking the kids to the aquarium. This was in Newport, Kentucky. Very cool aquarium! It was also fun for Ryan and I, because in a few weeks we will be seeing these sea creatures face to face while scuba diving!!

sea turtles (Apparently there are tons of these in the location that we are doing our certification dive in 3 weeks!! So excited)

  • Erin and Matt took us a well-known, very authentic German restaurant in Newport, Kentucky called Hofbrauhaus. It was incredible. They served HUGE BEERS. We had to order one. When in Rome, right? er...Germany.
My non-pork eating friends would have a heart attack at the sight of this. ;)
Ryan and I shared the "German sampler". Ryan at ate most of the meat, and I ate most of the sauerkraut and cabbage ;) My favorite!



It was such a neat restaurant! Really cool experience.

Cheers'ing our giant beers took some serious arm strength! ;)

  • They got a babysitter for the night, so the 4 of us could have a date night! We went to an Irish pub for a drink, and had pizza at Spinozas - a very well known pizzeria in Dayton, Ohio.

  • On our way back to Columbus for our flight home, we stopped at a state park. It was a beautiful day, and we had so much fun exploring and watching the kids splash around in the streams.
I thought these tee-pee's were the coolest!