Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ragnar del Sol 2015

Last weekend at this time, we were on our final miles of Ragnar Del Sol: Wickenburg to Phoenix 205 miles!

This was probably my best Ragnar to date. Mostly because I didn't get injured, I didn't throw up, and I didn't get dehydrated! Because let me tell you, those 3 things can really ruin a good time! It took me 4 of these races to get it right ;)

I could gush on and on, but I'm going to refrain from that. Instead, I'll let the pictures do the talking! My run legs from 8.4, 2.1, and 7.7. (The 8.4 was supposed to be 7.5....but they changed up the course. Talk about screwing with one's mind!)

We were in Van # 2, which means we got to relax Friday morning while Van 1 ran. We had a start time of 12 pm! Unfortunately, I don't know how to sleep in past 5:30am. But my morning was relaxing. We had time to eat a good breakfast, enjoy our coffee, and decorate our van!
Our team name was "Running our AZ's Off".
This was a healthy attempt at making the AZ state flag on the van.

Van 2 ready to run! Lots of quality time in the van with this crew! Tons of laughter. We had a great van this time, as both couples are good friends.
Here we are at our 1st Exchange. I'm half-dressed because I was just getting ready to head out for my 8.4 mile run, and it was 80 degrees out at 1:00pm. It was a bit warm.
This is where we met up with Van #1! We were just missing Runner #6, who was running to hand off to me :)

I'm super impressed with Ryan's go-pro, and it ability to take a "selfie" of 6 people!
There I go!
My 1st leg was 8.5 miles through the desert. I swear it was an Indian burial ground. I'm positive people bury dead bodies out there. It was insanely desolate.
Here we are at 2am before I was getting ready my 2.2 miler. This is a great example of how delirious and sleep deprived we were starting to feel! And Ryan wearing my pink sweatshirt.
This run was super fun, as it was through a golf course, and it was short. So I was able to blow through it with lightening speed.
This is Ryan coming in with the paton from his 3rd and final leg! Again, it was insanely warm in the 80s!
One of the "Ragnar things to do" is counting your "Kills". Every time you pass someone, it's a "kill". This was a van's tally!
Here I am after we crossed the finish line! My last run was 7.7 miles in 80 degrees. I was exhausted and my legs were tired, but I was so excited to bring in our team! My friend Amanda, who is my trusty running partner, ran the whole thing with me! Meaning she ran 4 legs! She kept my pace a brisk 7:50/mile! I wouldn't have been able to do it without her!!
Here's the team, sporting our awesome team shirts at the finish line!

Once again, I'm half-dressed because I just got done running. I promise I normally am clothed! 

This year's medals make something when you put all 12 together! Pretty cool! I don't remember what it says, though, because I was so delirious at that point!

Such a fun experience! I'd do it all over again this weekend if I could!
After the race, all of Van # 2, and my friend Amanda and her boyfriend stayed in Tempe, AZ for the night. We went out for some delicious Mexican food, beers, and frozen yogurt. We were all in bed by 9:30 pm!
This is the only picture of got of our post-race party! We were ravenous!!!

 I had their taco plato. My 3 tacos were coconut shimp (which fresh shaved coconut, beef cheek, and shredded pork) They were phenomenal!!!