Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tomorrow is a day in universities referred to as "Reading and Review Day". This is a day of no classes. Focusing. Preparing for a week of finals ahead.

However, the reality and importance of this day doesn't always set in during the first years of college (unless you're realllly focused). It's a pretty cool concept. An entire day that you would NORMALLY be in class that is TOTALLY focused on studying? How amazing.....

It never happened that way in my 1st years of college, however. This was an extended weekend of endless fun! It began Thursday at 3! -- Bust open the boxed wine! We get a long weekend! silly I was.

This weekend has a special place in my heart. It was the weekend, 2 years ago, that I told Ryan "I think I'm falling in love with you......"

When did I realize this? Was it a romantic date? Was it on a beautiful, magical, walk through a snowy winterhaven?

No -- We were sipping coffee and Baileys in -40 degree temps, huddled over a propane heater. Decked out head-to-toe in UND Hockey Gear.

We didn't utilize Reading and Review Day for studying that year. We spent 14 hours camping out in the sub-zero temps with our friends to get good seats at the UND/U of M hockey rivalry!

I don't even like hockey. But I stood in those temps, pretending to be THRILLLLED about hockey. Becuase I knew it'd make Ryan smile.

Would I do it again? -- In a heart beat!
Would I do it for anyone else in the world? -- Unlikely to Hell no!

It's crazy looking back to that day. It seems like it was years, decades, ages ago. We were so young! We still are young. But now? 2 years later?

Our "Reading and Review" day is spent actually prepping for finals. I started our morning before heading off to class cooking Ryan a healthy breakfast. After coming home at the end of the day -- I watched the Home and Garden channel and wrote out Christmas cards. Ryan is hunkered at a coffee shop with his fellow classmates studying. (Story of his life for the whole week).

Would we re-live those moments? Do we miss it? Not at all! Some may look at our lives, and think: Wow. You're lives are boring. And yes, we do spend a great deal of our time and energy studying. Sometimes we spend our Saturday nights cooking an adventurous dinner and playing Scrabble!

We have gone from ......

To this!:

And if you ask me -- it looks like we're still pretty kickin, hip, and fun!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is a double-post Tuesday!

It's time to vent. And it may get ugly.

I don't like my neighbors. We have the nosiest (not noisy...NOSEY), most irritating, 50-something old next door.

Oh, but it's not just the 50 year old, because the 50 year old has a 20 year old son. And they both live with the the 50-year-old's parents.

Can you imagine being in your 50's, and still living with mom and dad??!! Not because you're taking care of THEM....but because they still pay your bills, wash your laundry, cook your meals!!!??? So sad.

The 20 year old is the absolute image of the sin of Gluttony. He is overweight. He only wears shorts. And his shorts go down to his ankles. He doesn't shower. And he has probably not gotten a haircut since he was 12. And he wears all black with a lovely abundance of facial piercings.

Every morning, I am out stretching in the driveway prior to my run. And father and son are outside smoking. (what nice bonding...ruin your lungs and harden your arteries in unison!)

"Mornin'!! Heading out for a run???", they investigate.

I have to bite my tongue. Literally. I actually bite my tongue to refrain from, "Nah! Usually I head out for a run at this time. But today I just put on my fricking running clothes, and my fricking Garmin watch. And decided to prance down the street acting like I'm running. But no, I'm not really going for a run."

Every morning. Never fails. Instead, my sweet self just says, "Yep. You bet."

Their cigarettes butts end up in my yard. I pick them up one-by-one and throw them back at their yard.

These are also the neighbors that had a pandemonium when Ryan and I placed a pool in our back yard this summer. Within 5 minutes of taking it out of the BOX....our land lord was calling us, and the HOA was on our case. "You're neighbor gave us a call and said you're putting up a pool, huh."

And this is also the same neighbor who, when we were leaving to ND for our wedding told ME: "You're really doing it? You're really going through with this whole marriage thing, huh. I dunno, man! I did it once. Only thing I got out of it was a son. Marriage is rough, man! And women get crazy. Ya gonna have any kids soon??"

I replied, "Thanks for the wise advice. I'll be sure to pass that one to Ryan...." (Hi!! Do you realize you are talking to a woman?? No wonder you still live with your parents....)

He's always on their front step smoking. So when I get home, I actually strategize how fast I will bolt out of the car into the house -- so I don't have to talk to him.

And finallly.........

This is the neighbor who has been working on his car. His piece-of-shit '92 Honda Accord with a "fancy" blue stripe down the front. Listening to some ripped-out 80's rock music in his garage ALL DAY LONG!!

I am tempted tp offer him a bottle of Yahoo chocolate milk and some zoobaz to accompany his day of fun. But I have studying to do, and paper to write--because I would like to contribue to society some day.

This is why some people never move out of their parents home, my friends!

Now, do not take this wrong. I am not an angry person. I just like to analyze. And I LOVE TO vent. Really, we're pretty lucky for the neighbors. At least our neighbor isn't a jerk. Or a criminal. Or a sex offender. At least we don't live in some trailor park in the ghetto.

But, as stated earlier -- I love to vent.

Ten On Tuesday!

Another Tuesday! Next week at this time...I will be officially on Christmas break! How incredible...:)

1) Cost aside, if you could go back to college for anything besides what you "do", what would you study?

-I would say -- go back to get a degree in English. I've always wanted to be a journalist. But I have realized that I love the healthcare atmosphere way too much to move away from it. I'd either go back and go more towards research with microbiology. Or I would do Nutrition and be a Registered Dietician.

2) What do you do for a living? Do you love it/hate it?

-At the moment, I am a student. But this is short lived. I will be an RN in about 8 months. I think I will love it. I really enjoy nursing. I seriously become a different person when I'm doing it, in a good way.

3) What is your favorite Christmas ornament? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what is your favorite holiday tradition?

-Hm....I love glittery red Christmas balls. I'm all about red at Christmas time :)

-My favorite Christmas tradition is definitely our family's Christmas Eve extravaganza.

4) Name something you literally could do without the rest of your life.

-There is a large realm of foods I could definitely do with out, becuase I am certain I could live off salads, mustard, and cereal (I did it for my first 2 years of college)

-I also could live without tv. I hate watching tv, I get so bored with it. This is also something I lived without my 1st 2 years of college.

5) If you were going to have some kind of "cosmetic procedure", what would it be?

-Ask me in a few years..... I'm pretty youthful still. No wrinkles have appeared. I did find a gray hair on Friday, however. Scary!!!

-I am a really anti-cosmetic-procedure kind of person, to be completely honest. I would like to avoid surgery, procedures as much possible. I don't like pain.

-But I guess if I ever had spider veins--I'd get those babies zapped off!

6) Do you have any "collections"?

-I kind of have a running collection of aprons. And wine corks.

7) At what age did you first get a cell phone?

-I was 16. Yes, I know. Way too young to need a cellphone. But I was driving an hour to trombone lessons 1-2 times/week, and 30 minutes to piano lessons 1 time/week. With the winter weather of ND, it was kind of nice to have as security.

-16 is nothing compared to what we see now days though. Elementary students have phones! The other day, I saw a child on his BLACKBERRY! What does a kid need a blackberry for?

8) What is currently in your purse? (or pocket/backpack if you're a guy)

-My wallet -a bag of spearamint Life Savers

-a pack of Big Red gum -contact case with saline in it

-an assortment of lip gloss -chap stick

-Hand sanitizer -About 20 alcohol swabs to clean everything

-A jump drive....just in case I need to save a file? (I don't know why I keep it there..)

9) Are you a neat-freak of a slob? *this applies to house, office, car

-I would say neat freak. My working space needs to be clean, my house needs to be clean. I hate my cars. Passionately. But I still try to keep it clean - b/c I get crabby & stressed out in messy environments.

10) What kind of parent do you think you will be? If you're already a parent, what is your style?

-Well, after this pediatric rotation and learning about all the psychosocial development, discipline, poor child's every action will be analyzed.

-I am well aware that I will be a strict parent.

-I will also be extremely loving and concerned about their well-being and happiness. I hope to be a mother like my own. Although I am going to be strict, I hope I will still be a person they can talk to and confide in. My mom is my best friend, and I hope I can serve as that to my children.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Figured Out

I have been at a huge loss.

Didn't even want to be a nurse, anymore.

Thought to myself, Nothing really draws me in.

How can I be doing well in my classes, when I'm absolutely miserable. I was actualy getting pist off when teachers would give me positive feedback.

But today, I got to be on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). And it was amazing. Not so much the pediatric aspect of it all. But the ICU aspect, I loved. Which is perfect. Because my contracting hospital has no kids or babies. I felt like my education was finally being applied, I was thinking, I was being challenged.

It was incredible.

This is probably the shortest, most uninteresting blog I have written.

But I had to update.

I'm ecstatic.

I have had this cloud over head lately that has suppressed my past dreams. I didn't think I had the ability to reach my goals. I originally was excited about my career. And that excitement is back! game plan =
  1. Continue to network with my teachers/mentors to get a preceptorship in the ICU at my hospital this summer
  2. Do amazing in my Critical Care semester this summer.
  3. Get hired on at my hospital into the ICU.
  4. Apply and get accepted to the ASU Nurse Practitional Program
  5. Receive my DNP. Yep. Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  6. Love my life.
  7. Move back to MN .
  8. Love life even more.

So happy.

And there's only 8 days left of class before my break!