Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend Review

I have to say this past weekend was pretty awesome! It was jam packed and busy. By the time Sunday evening rolled around, I was exhausted! But worth it!

I kicked off my 3-day-weekend with a swim/bike brick Friday morning. Which was rough. 1 hour speed work swimming. 34 miles biking. I hit a wall. Learned that taking in some form of nutrition during these long work outs is mandatory. I drove home very pale....(90 + degrees with 60% humidity is no good...)

I went straight from my brick work out, to oatmeal, to a bathroom "mini-reno". We replaced light fixtures and painted. Ryan had to do rewiring, I was his "tool girl". This project turned into much more than expected.

It took 4 COATS of paint!!!!!!

(Pictures to come soon.....once I get around to decorating!!)

We took a break from painting at 6 pm to head over to my friend Lisa's 40th Birthday Party! It was the group of girlfriends who spend hours weekly running/biking/swimming together. So it was fun to get dressed up and spend the evening together!

(We are cheers'ing Fireball whiskey in this photo. Which took me about 30 minutes to sip 1/2 ounce. Delicious. But I am not a "shot taker")
Saturday I took a rest day from all my training! And it was the 1st time I've slept past 5 am in weeks! *cue harp music*  We got right to work on the 3rd & 4th coats of the bathroom painting. Then we headed downtown for a date night that I planned out for Ryan.....

(Enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony listening to live jazz music that was happening downtown) 
I got us good rates at the Downtown Marriot. We stayed there, took the new trolley downtown (More to come on that story later. Let's just say, Ryan & I made the news!). We had drinks at Hotel Congress with my friend Heather and her fiancée Ray. (Hotel Congress is a bar/hotel that has been open since the 1920's. Kind of an interesting crowd and site.)
Then we went to dinner at Penca with our friend Jarrett & Heidi - work friends of Ryan's. Penca has Mexico City cuisine - and it is probably my favorite restaurant! I got the Beef Tongue tacos and the Nopales (cactus) tacos. Amazing!!
Sunday morning, we slept in again (!!!) and went for a 7 mile run through campus together. It was perfect (except for the deathly heat).
Then we checked out of our hotel, headed to church, and then back home.
We got home, started madly cleaning house, putting the house back together after our bathroom project, and cooking - as we had Ryan's Dad & family over for a pool day!
I walked away from this weekend with a full heart! It was productive, full of family & friends, and just all good things!