Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

2 Years ago today..........

I was the hungriest I had ever been (I didnt eat anything but a Mimosa & a bran muffin until 7pm)

I was in a dress w/ undergarments so tight that I had a difficult time sitting.

I smiled so hard that my face hurt all day long.

I had to graceful & elegant for an entire 24 hours (which is a huge feat for me)

I was surrounded by the most important people in the whole wide world for an entire day.

My heart raced and my stomach had butterflies when I saw Ryan for the 1st time that day.

I married my best friend.

Ohhhh that is such a cliche statement. It's in every wedding card, Anniversary card, and love song pertaining to weddings. "Today I married my best friend"

But I mean this is all seriousness! He truly is my best friend -- and every day I get to spend with him makes me feel extremely blessed. He keeps me motivated, driven, balanced, and happy!

He reminds me to slow down and just enjoy life sometimes.

He makes me say goodbye to my "scaredy-cat" ways and climb big mountains when hiking. He gets me to defeat my fear of heights, and lets me climb the ladder every once inawhile to change light bulbs - just so I can know how to do it if he ever is deployed or out of town.

He taught me how to scramble eggs.

We taught each other how to fall in love and be a life-long team!

I am so glad I spilled pomegranate juice on his white polo 4 years ago. That was the night we *hit it off*. So for those who live for excellent 1st impressions....just remember - the right person for you will see beyond your faults and shortcomings. (i.e. "Abby's Painful Clumsiness).

Although these past 2 years have gone really feels like that wedding day was a long time ago! So much has happened since then!

Tonight we are celebrating with an evening in. I'm making Stuffed Chicken Breasts and Lemon-Basil Risotto!