Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Blogs: What you believe

Oh, Lord. Get ready for a novel, folks. I'm going to turn this post into a complete political rant. ARE YOU READY to have me talk your ears off on my beliefs on health care, the housing crisis, GM, abortion,  illegal immigration and sb 1070, and the unemployment extension?

......I didn't think so. I had you going for a second, maybe? I will save those thoughts for the book I write some day titled "Staying Put" (kind of an antonym to Sarah Palin's *Going Rogue*.....)

Anyways, so here are a few of things that I BELIEVE: (some more serious than others)

I came up with this list while I was on my boring 12 mile run this morning. Yes, I said boring. It was.

  • I believe in God. And I believe in the power of prayer.
  • I believe family and husband (who is my family) bring me more joy than anything.
  • I believe Pinot Noir is better than Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • I believe you can take the cheapest, shittiest cut of beef and make it taste delectable with a few hours of red wine vinegar or lime-marinating.
  • I believe we all have a plan, a journey, a destination, and a purpose. It may come early that we discover this - it may come very late in life we discover this. But if we all live with this belief we can find peace.
  • I believe that scales are stupid, idiotic, numerical devices that should only be used in hospitals for monitoring fluid balance ect. Beautiful women with great minds and souls shouldn't waste their time on those silly things.
  • On that note.....I believe eat well, exercise, choose to be happy, work hard, play hard, & live joyfully - don't let numbers decide how you feel about your life! (that's including scales, salaries, $$$ etc)
  • I believe that a little wit and a lot of knowledge can take you almost anywhere you want to go.
  • I believe music has the ability to bring out every emotion a human is capable of feeling!
  • I believe we can learn a lot from children - and their positive take on life.
  • I believe hiking, going for a run, taking a bike ride, or long brisk walk outdoors can uplift anyone's spirits!
  • I'm starting to believe (or realize) that life goes really fast! And that I need to take in and savor every day...and not spend too much time stressing & worrying.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Blogs: Something I'm Afraid of

This isn't a very difficult post for me to write about. I am such a "scaredy cat" about so many things. I could quite possibly turn this into a book.

I was also the kid that wouldn't go on the monkey bars at school, out of fear that my arms may be ripped out of their sockets. I was the kid who got to the end of the diving board, and then shriveled into a ball at the end shaking in tears. I got to the top-climax spot on a roller coaster, and start saying "Oh my God, get me off this thing. I don't want to do it anymore! Get me off this thing!!"

Then I went college, and majored in nursing. I leanred all the horrible ways one can reach multi-system organ failure. If I have too much coffee, and feel maybe the slightest heart palpitation - I am listening to my heart sounds with my stethoscope.........

So here's my list of irrational some fears. ;) (some of these may be comical & pathetic to you):\
  • Heights
  • Vomit (I've gotten better about this one as a nurse. I feel like God purposely puts the "pukers" as my patients. )
  • Childbirth (Every time I assisted w/ this during nursing school, I would go COMPLETELY white and have a "near-fainting-episode". I don't understand why, because I really think childbirth is incredible!!!)
  • Scorpions
  • Escalators (I have been on the world's largest one in Washington D.C., however)
  • Osteoporosis and Arthritis making me debilitated in my old age. (I'm already taking glucosamine)
  • Parking lots at night
  • Our house at night when Ryan is gone
  • Semi trucks
  • Antique dolls - the ones with those long eye-lashes and big creepy eyes staring you down

  • Injuring my foot, knees, or hips (after my marathon 12/12, my lower body can have all the injuries it wants)
  • Losing touch with my family
Have a great Thursday everyone! Be careful out there! Lots of escalators, semi-trucks, vomit, and dark parking lots out there! ;) (hehe)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Blogs: A Place You Have Visited

This day of the challenge comes at a convenient time, as we visited a new place this previous weekend!

Bisbee, AZ

A little history....

Bisbee, AZ is an old mining town founded in 1880. It has been named one of the most lucrative mining towns (The Copper Queen Mine) in the WORLD, once producing more than 3 million oz of gold, and 8 billion pounds of copper. In addition, they also mined silver, zinc, & lead.

In the 1900's, Bisbee was one of the MOST "hopping" cities from San Francisco to El Paso -- filled with beautiful women and numerous Saloons.

The mine closed in the 1970's, and many of the employees moved elsewhere. However, the town remained his rich history and buildings have stayed strong. It is now a tourist town, populated with artsy "hippies".

Why did we chosse Bisbee.....
It's been kind of a crazy few months for us with lots of new life events going on. We wanted to just take a get-away together. However, with how erratic our schedules are -- and I am hesitant to plan anything ahead of time with my PRN job and OVH job starting...........

.....our trip had to be very list minute. So last Thursday evening at 8:30 pm, we booked our hotels for Friday & Saturday and decided to go somewhere different!

Where we stayed....

This was a trip unique to any trip we've ever been on! We stayed at very unique hotels. Friday night we stayed at "The Grand Hotel" -- which is a western-themed hotel. When we arrived, we checked in at the saloon with the bartender. She took us to our room and showed us how to work the showers, sinks, and hot-tub. Our room was decorated with John Wayne portraits.

We tried soaking in the hot-tub at the end of the evening, but we ran out of hot water. Hot water did not return by 7 am when I tried taking a shower.

Bur. Normally, I'd probably get frustrated with this. But, we laughed. It was kind of entertaining and the true labor of love. While I was in the shower, Ryan was warming up my towel with a blow dryer -- and I did the same for him. So we could get out of our ICE-COLD shower with a warm towel.

I was amused with the copper-statue staring over us while we slept....

The 2nd night we stayed at the "Jonquil Inn". This was more of a cottage-style destination. Also, very quaint & cute. Outside our room was a sweet little garden.

Things we did.....

-Went to the "Stock Exchage Bar" -- where they actually used to trade stocks back in the 1900's.
-Saw many cowboys.
-Saw some people walking through the stree barefoot
-Listened to a man & woman play Led Zeppelin on the flute & acoustic guitar....
-Toured the Queen Mine Tour (pictures below)
-Toured the "Bisbee Restoration Society" which artifacts & antiques from the 1800's, INCREDIBLE! (and I'm NOT an "antique person"
-Searched EVERY knick-knack/antique shop for a Foley Food fork....we were unsuccessful, sorry, Mom!
-Had a home cooked breakfast from the hotel owner on the patio
-Walked through the endless stairs and secret walkways embedded throughout the city
-Enjoyed each other's company
-Ate some good, hearty, delicious food!

Here are a few photos.....

The view of the city. Notice the "B" on the mountain. So, far since we've lived in AZ we have found A, B, & C mountain. Tucson has "A-Mountain" that is painted. C-Mountain is somewhere between here & California.

These walkways are ALL over the city. It's sometimes referred to as the "City of 10,000 stairs" - they even have a race!

I didn't like the metal, creaky stairs from 1920. Especially in my high-heeled boots...

The Saloon (or lobby, I guess).

One of the trains at the mine tour

Warming up by the fire after our mine tour! It was in the 40's down there!

Getting ready to go into the mine with our flashlights, coats, & hard hats!

This is the toilet they used. It even went on the track that ran throughout the mine. Can you imagine if 2 men had to go at the same time?.......Ish

One of the mine "chutes"

One of the random homes we walked by. I took this photo QUICKLY, for I fear the home-owner was hiding in the bushes dressed in flannel with his shot gun! (those are deer antler's surrounding the house...)

Anoter completely random place....

Bisbee was a cute, fun, enchanting little town! If you ever want to get away from civilization -- I recommend this place! You seriously feel like you're re-entering historic times. You walk through the town, and everyone greets you and strikes up conversation. It was a fun, sweet, and refreshing weekend! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?

To be honest...I'm not a big pastry fan. Especially if it has any filling in it -yyyyuck! I freak out if I bite into something and some mound of "goo" comes squirting out of it.

But if I'm going to have something, it would be monkey bread.

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
Oh jeez. PTSD here. When I was in ?1st? grade (something like that) - our church did the annyual Christmas Nativity play for the Children's mass.

ALL the little girls in my class got to be angels. Pretty white dresses. Wings. Their mom's probably curled their hair.

They had me dress as....I don't even KNOW what I was??!! I wore an all-black cloak. With a hood. Maybe I was a sheppard? I felt like the fricking grim-reaper. On Christmas. Me and one other girl had to do this. It was purely devastating. My teacher must not have liked me very much. :-(
3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
Definitely scarves! I also like belts - but not for the "fashion" reason...I like those for their neccessity in keeping my pants on my waist....I cannot wear jeans without one.
4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
Sweaters! I wish we could wear them year-round! And work-out shorts.

5. What is your favorite color and why?
Green - and I guess I've never thought of a profound reason as to why I enjoy this color. I think because it reminds me of "life" (grass, trees)
6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
Gingerbread. They have to be soft, though! There is a belief on molasses/gingerbread cookies that they should be crispy. Not in my kitchen.

Gingerbread cookies must be soft, with lots of cinnamon-red-hots on them, and the cookie NEEDS to be personified with a face, buttons, and clothing.
7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)
Cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, fresh-brewed coffee, Chlorox, a freshly-bloomed lilac tree, fresh-baked bread.

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?
Pinesol. It's kind of ridiculous how much of this stuff I go through in a month.
9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
I went through a long "architect" phase. Very random.

Then it was music teacher, nurse, music teacher, Occupational therapist, nurse (in that order).

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
It has been years since I've bought an album or song!! I honestly can't remember the last one I bought!

Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Blogs: Favorite Movies

Happy Monday, everyone! I was going to skip the "30 Blogs" today to talk about our weekend getaway. However, tomorrow's subject is "A Place You've Traveled" -- so tune in tomorrow to hear about Bisbee, AZ! :)

Today I'm supposed to talk about my favorite movies. I'm going to have to be honest and say I'm not a huge movie "buff". I do enjoy watching movies....but....

I'm "That Girl" who gets distracted in the 1st 20 minutes of the movie, so I miss the ENTIRE plot set-up. Therefore, the rest of the movie I'm asking Ryan, "Now who's that character?" "What does she do?" "Where is this movie located??"

It's really annoying....

But here are a few of the movies that are favorites of mine...

-Waiting for Guffman
-The Sound of Music
-The Pianist
-My Best Friend's Wedding
-Cool Hand Luke