Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Rant

Okay, it's been a long time since I've done a "Rant". I've attempted typing up some rants actually, but end up deleting & not posting. I'm sometimes fear I may offend someone -- but please realize, this is supposed to be taken with a sense of humor.

I think 2 years ago I did a rant on Christmas shopping, and I figured I'd do a round 2 on "Christmas Rant". Now before you read this (because you'll probably think I'm a spiritless grinch after this post) -- I love the season. I wait anxiously for Black Friday so I can wear Christmas socks, listen to Frank Sinatra Christmas music on Pandora, and almost always carry a candy cane in my purse.

But there are a few things that don't bring me so much "Jolly Joy" during the holidays:

  • The crowded grocery store. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one.
  • The grocery store's holiday marketing. Keep the baking items in the baking aisle, please. When the chocolate chips & baking soda used to be in the baking ailse -- they are now in some special "Christmas Baking Display". So you learn, and go straight to the "Christmas Display" next time returning to the store...but the "Display" only has selected items. Just keep things in the aisle it's supposed to be, please.
  • Blow-up Christmas Decorations. We all love snowmen. We all love Santa. But do we really need to get a blow-up machine that is larger than a semi to truly display our love for Christmas?
  • The wife @ your husband's company Christmas party who didn't feel like putting an dress over her slip. So appears to be wearing lingerie. Christmas parties are typically a networking event - where you want to make a positive impression on others (even as the spouse). No one cares to see your cleavage, lady.
  • Jingle bells. We had a representative @ our hospital last week who had jingle bell earings & jingle bells on her name badge. Every time she moved  her bells rang. This really brought the "grinch" out in many of us. I'm all about the Christmas spirit, but really?
  • The awkwardness our media has with the word "Christmas". The crazies who proclaim they are offended by the "Christmas Tree". Really? An evergreen tree that has been around since the 1400's is suddenly offensive. It had never been such a problem until recent years.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tucson Half Marathon

I did it! (hopefully will be able to post some pictures eventually from the race website?)

Last year I completely trained for the Tucson marathon. Did 2 20 milers, did all my sprint runs, etc....and didn't get to run the race due to work schedules :-) (I was absolutely crushed. In fact I'm still bitter about it to this day)

Well, this year I decided to do a "redo". Except with buying the house and all that we've had going on, I decided I didn't care to dedicate the time into training for a full 26.2 miles. So, I just did a half.

Then Friday morning, Ryan & I both woke up with the stomach flu.I figured, "Great, now I will be cancelling yet another race".

But luckily, I ended up feeling better by Friday night - and hydrated like mad all day Saturday, and did it this morning!

I ran it in 1:49 - which according to the race website it's an 8:22/mile pace. This would make it a personal best for me. I was really wanting to run this in 1:46...but I refuse to beat myself up since I was a little "run down" to begin with!

(I'm going to be I'm writing this post, I'm running a fever, sipping tea, and thinking maybe I wasn't quite ready to run. But I took Monday off - so I'll get a day to recoop if needed)

It was a very interesting & beautiful race. They bussed us 20 miles north of Tucson into the mountains to the start line. I didn't know about how these *buses* worked. We ended up having to stand outside in the cold for 1 hour. It was 35 degrees in Catalina, AZ.

Burr. Not good temps to be wearing shorts & trying to get "warmed up". Let's just say my toes were numb for the 1st 4 miles, but I managed! Smiled the whole race! :-) I absolutely love the race atmosphere.

Hope you all have a great week! My husband is going on a hunting trip, so I'm working a whole lotta I'm excited to have tomorrow off to just breathe & enjoy the day!