Thursday, January 16, 2014


Due to a lack of creativity.....I figured I'd do a "Currently" post - as these are fun to look back at and see how I change over the months!

So here's what's currently "me"

Current Book:
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats - it's about a young woman's treck to Burma to find her father. I'm only so far into that's how much I know. It's part of my "Virtual Family Book Club" we've just started. I'm loving it so far! So excited for our 1st meeting.

Current Excitement:
I get to see Ryan tomorrow, and he's supposed to have a short day of classes - so should get on the road early and be home in time for us to cook together! Love that our 1st week separated was such a quick one!

Current Fashion:
I'm digging the straight legged dress pants I bought this weekend. They are comfortably - and are versatile for winter & spring. My new job forced me to get practically a new I've transitioned from scrubs to dress clothes! I love it!

Current Drink:
Well, being I'm on taper week...I'm drinking lots and lots and lots of water! But I have to share my favorite drink for the mornings when I'm on the run: I make a scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder w/ my coffee. I sometimes don't get time for this is convenient (and delicious!!)

Current Love
My new job! I had no idea I could love work so much. I feel like a broken record repeating this over and over again -- but I seriously just have so much love and passion for what I do! My quality of life has increased SO much since I've transferred from ER to Case Manager

Current Food
Hummus and avocadoes - not combined...but I have been snacking on these things so much! I mix an avocado in almost every salad I have for lunch. Avocados are in season right now - so they are like $0.40 at the market!

Current Indulgence
My evenings. Period. I love getting home at 5:30-6 instead of 7:30-8. Those 2 hours make such an incredible difference in my quality of life!

Currently Pondering
I'm spending a lot of time pondering what my next goal/adventure will be. I love adding challenges and changes to life as much as possible to keep it interesting! Hmmm......

Current Mood
A strange mixture of nerves/excitement/and relief over my race on Sunday. I'm relieved it's almost here and done, I'm excited for the event, but I'm nervous I won't finish....

Current New Find
JR Watkin's Natural Hand-soap. This may be "old news" to some...but it's new to me. I love how it smells and I'm hoping that being it's natural it will be better on my cracking/bleeding/dry hands!

Current Outfit
Well, currently I'm wearing shorts and one of my underarmour long-sleeves. Yep. It's January 16, and it was 75 degrees out today...and I comfortably sat out in my backyard tonight wearing this. Unreal.

Current Peeve
I will be honest and say that in my personal life, there is nothing that is upsetting me. Obviously there are things about the world, that are out of my control that upset me - but I'm feeling pretty okay with my surroundings.

Current Song
I'm embarrassed to admit this...but I really like that "Counting Stars" song. I had no idea who sings it until I finally looked it up and realized it's One Direction -- that pop boy band sensation. Oh well, I like it and that's it!

Current Triumph
I'm just feeling triumphant that I'm successfully made the transition to my new role at work. It's been a huge change - and I'm handling my caseload smoothly.

Current TV Show
Part of the New Year goals/resolutions was to really cut back on TV. So the only tv show I watch is "New Girl" -- which is just a show I cannot part with. I love Zoey...

Current Wish List
-Work clothes for spring...
-To see my family. That's pretty much all I want in the next few months! I miss them like crazy.

Currently Delaying
Getting my passport. My passport is in my maiden name, and I need to get it in my new name before our tentative trip to Italy in October. I keep putting it off. It's on my "to do list" for tomorrow!!