Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I've been poor about blogging consistently. I attribute that to my very slow and crappy computer, and busy schedule. Lately I come home from work, spend my evening scrambling around trying to catch up on housework, read my book, and crash at 9 pm! Girl has gotta go to bed early if she wants to get up at 4:30 AM to work out!

I could look at buying a new computer. My laptop only can handle one webpage at a time (you can't have multiple windows open). But, I have chosen to spend my free money on backpacking gear, gas money to see my husband, and traveling. Which in the long run makes me much happier than a new laptop!

So here is my currently to catch you up....

Current Book:
Orphan Train. This is book #2 for my family's virtual book club. It is one of those books that I cannot put down! I like the style of the book and how it jumps from a character in the 2000's, and a character in the 1920's - who both experience similar abandonment of being orphaned. I highly recommend this one!

Current Excitement:
This weekend I am going to NM to see my husband. Our plans are to take our maiden backpacking voyage. I'm a little nervous, to be honest. I've camped - but never roughed it backpacking. Plus, it gets down to the 30's at night in the mountains in eastern NM. It should be an adventure!

Current Fashion:
I always swore I'd never wear leggings, but I have been digging them lately. They feel like workout pants, and they work out to be "work appropriate" when I pair them with a long shirt & my dorky white lab coat.

Summer temps are arriving, too. So I've been rocking the shorts and blazer look when I go out!

Current Drink:
I've been sort of obsessed with sparkling water lately. There is just something so refreshing about it.

I've also been drinking a lot of Americanos (espresso w/ water) - at Starbucks I add a touch of Peppermint...it's so refreshing and delicious!

Current Love:
Our weather! **Cue tomatoes & loud boos from those living in the Midwest** I love this time of year. 70's-80's during the day....40-50's mornings & nights. Perfect for running. Perfect for sunning.

Current Food:
Protein Balls. Natural PB, raw honey, chocolate whey protein powder.....great energizer after a workout. And I also sneak a few when I crave something sweet for a bedtime snack!

Current Indulgence:
Red vines. Some drug rep gave our office a ginormous box of Red Vines - and I snack on them way too frequently lately.

Currently Pondering
What life will be like in May when Ryan comes home from all this training. I could add this to "Current Excitement", too. His schedule will be pretty crazy doing his enginerring job full time & flying job part time.....and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out!

Current Mood
Very happy! I really have nothing in life to complain about. Love my job, love life.

Current New Find
Trail running. I've really started enjoying this variation of running. It is such a challenge, yet it's not quite as hard on your joints as road-running since there's no pavement! Only challenge I'm facing is the rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, & giant lizards I am encountering.....

Current Outfit
My current outfit is my yoga pants & a tshirt.....which I changed into within my 1st 30 seconds after getting home from work today!

Current Peeve
How much of a challenge it was the get into the post office last week. I lost my mail key. Their hours are 8:30-5. Not one day was I able to get to the post office in time before they closed. I think the post office should have extended hours. At least until 6. I know it's inconvenient to the employees, but seriously?!

Current Triumph
For 4 weeks I have promised my husband I'd bake him cookies and make him a soup for the week, and have failed every single week. This week I actually cancelled plans to make sure I would have evenings to whip up some chocolate chip cookies and chicken tortilla soup! My cookie dough is chilling in the fridge, and my chicken is roasting in the oven! Things are going to get done this week!!

Current Wish List
Work clothes for spring. I've been saying that for months now....I need a stylist to help me figure out how to dress myself....

Currently delaying
Getting my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) re-cert. It's up for renewal this year. However, I no longer work in a job that requires it, as I don't touch patients anymore. But it feels wrong to let go of those clinical skills. I just need to find a chunk of 8 hours to get it done!.......

What's new with you? Pick 3 and answer them!