Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Weekend Recap

Friday was my Golden birthday!

Funny story about that.....

Confession time: I lie about my age. Almost daily. I tell people I'm older than my actual age, so I am taken more seriously. Especially at work. Because in my experiences, when I tell them how old I actually am, they automatically judge me as some irresponsible, 20-something who still gets her bills paid by Mom and Dad.

And it infuriates me so very much! Because I am a 20-something who is paying off a mortgage, enjoys gardening, reads "Southern Living" magazine, and talks frequently about "retirement savings" with her spouse.

Because I lie so frequently about my age, I got confused about how old I was turning this year. So I swore I was turning 28.

Come to find out, it was 27! This was discovered 2 days before my birthday, when my husband had to politely ask me to "do the math, babe."

It was an amazing weekend packed with all the things I love!

Friday was the actually birthday. I woke up bright and early, and drove to Sabino Canyon with my girlfriend, Amanda. We did a 10 mile trail run with the sunrise. Weather was perfect and it was an awesome way to celebrate a new year!


We were too sweaty and hypoxic to remember to take a picture at the end. But I did snap this photo of the sun trying to peak through the canyon. Pictures just don't do justice!
After my run, I got home and ate my favorite breakfast: honey bunches of oats with fresh blackberries. Simple, but it makes me happy.
I then sat on our patio with Ryan (he took the whole day off for me!), sipped coffee, and perused through all the magazines I've been too busy to catch up on lately! Magazines of choice: Travel & Leisure, Southern Living, and Backpacker :)
It was such a gorgeous, warm, sunny morning! Sun on my face felt heavenly....
Did I mention that this is the 1st birthday Ryan has been in the same state as me for 3 years? Yeah, it was pretty awesome.
Ryan took me downtown for a celebratory beer at my favorite pub: Frog 'N' Firkin. We enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and a crisp IPA. (I had to be down there to sign my contract for my new job...) Then we went home, and made home-made margherita pizza and enjoyed some good red wine.
The evening ended in the hot tub under the stars.
Saturday we started the morning early with Starbucks, packing our backpacks, and going for a hike!

That evening I had my co-birthday-celebration with my dear friend Heather. We went to an amazing restaurant called "Reforma Cantina". Highly recommend it if you're ever in Tucson! We had a big group of 22 people - and I left the part with a full and happy heart! I absolutely love my "crew".

(Not the best picture, but it still captures the fun!)
Sunday morning, Miles had us awake at 5:30 am. So he "helped" us get an early start on yard work.
We went to church. Relaxed a little. And then headed out for a bike ride with 3 other friends! We did Saguaro East National Park, which has a 10 mile loop around the mountain, which we did twice. It is the hilliest ride I know in Tucson - so it's super challenging, but beautiful!
It was an awesome weekend, and reminded me of how very blessed I am! 6 years ago, when I celebrated my 1st birthday in AZ.....I had no friends to celebrate my birthday with. So it's pretty cool to see how much life has changed over the years! Life is good! I'm ready for "Year 27" - (even though I thought I already lived it ;) Ha!)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Little Letters

I really need to do a "re-cap" post on my birthday weekend, but that will come later. Instead, I am stealing my sister's post idea from today - called "little letters".

Dear Miles (our 15 week old puppy), I take one rest day a week, where I sleep until 6 am. Could you please get it right, and sleep in as well? It sure would be lovely to have one day of the week where I sleep past 5. :) Sincerely, Tired Pet-Owner

Dear March 11, Please get here soon. I have 7 work days left, and it is so tough to be present when not just my foot, but my entire leg is "out the door". Your truly, Tendered Resignation

Dear March Weather, In opposition to the rest of the county, I would like you to linger. Soon it will be 90 degrees on my 5 am runs and 100 degrees when I get home from work in the evening. I'm savoring these pleasant 70 degree days. Sincerely, Runner Who Doesn't Like Rhabdo

Dear Cubical-mate, Please go see your ENT doctor and get those hearing-aids that he's going to prescribe you. Your yelling into the phone, and then stating, "I feel like I have to talk loud because I can't hear the other person" is difficulty to work around. Sincerely, Thank God My Last Day is March 11.

Dear Legs, Thank you for staying strong and injury free through all the craziness I've been putting you through lately between Ragnar, getting back into trail running, backpacking training, and biking. I am so thankful for you. Hence why I give you rest days. Sincerely, Runner Girl

What are your current letters?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kalalua trail training: Pima Canyon Trail.

We did our 2nd training hike for the Kalalua trail yesterday. This time we got a little more serious about the weight we put in our packs! It was really good practice for 2 reasons.

1) We practiced packing our backpack. Which takes skill. You have to disperse the weight a certain way so it helps with balance and comfort. And you have to seriously use some muscle to get your gear compact! (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, tent, water, and any other supplies needed).

2) Hiking in Tucson has it's challenges. Most of the trails are very steep and rocky. Now adding extra weight? All of a sudden 11 miles is no joke!

Here are a few photos we took along the way!

It was a beautiful morning, as there was a storm passing through the canyon!

The desert is so green right now with the plentiful rains that January brought. (Green for the desert)


A few things I learned on this hike:
  1. I am super excited for more backpacking trips ahead!
  2. I need to stop being stubborn, and listen to my husband at the beginning and take breaks. It's best to stop every 1-1.5 miles, and take off your pack for a few seconds and stretch out. 2 hours into the hike, I quickly understood why....
  3. My ankles and lower back need to get stronger. 
We had so much fun getting some quality time outside. The trails were reasonably quiet since it was 20 mph winds, which his a hiker's paradise. It was a perfect Saturday morning :)