Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Weeks Headliners

Today is my Friday! Thank goodness. Not that it was a bad week - but it just wasn't an awesome week. I don't really have a particular reason why my week wasn't spectacular. I'm just happy it's done. Period.

I didn't do one last I'm going to include the past 2 weeks headliners. Don't worry, it won't be too lengthy. Monday-Thursday of this week were pretty bland.

  • My Monday night dinner dates with my friends Heather & Kristy and their boys. They are cousins, and have this traditional date every Monday night...but I have joined in the past 2 weeks. It's really been nice to catch up with them. I don't know what I'd do without my girlfriends!!
  • Ryan's visit last weekend. We had a blast! It went faster than the blink of an eye! I got home from work Friday night, we went out for dinner, we had Saturday together, and he left Sunday after lunch. Saying goodbye gets harder every time..... I'm ready for this phase to be behind us.
  • Our date last Friday. We walked up to our favorite brewery, Noble Hops - had a beer & Ahi Tuna burgers (Raw ahi, wasabi, avocado, arugula, roasted red peppers, yum). After dinner, I was craving ice cream so we walked to the grocery store and bought whole chickens, almond milk, and ice cream.......and the bags broke on the walk home. Needless to say, we were picking rolling whole chickens up off the golf course...laughing hysterically.
  • I was helping set up long-term-care insurance for a patient today, who's husband has late-stage dementia. And when he came into the room....I got teary eyed. 62 years of marriage. He didn't know the date, year, or where he was...but he would repeat over and over again, "I love her so much. I just love her. She's the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world." And he kept hugging, and kissing her hands. I don't cry often, but that one got me.
  • During my run this morning, we saw an owl! On the flagpole of an American flag. It was so neat! By the time I whipped out my phone to take a picture, it had flown away. But, it was pretty cool. There are some really neat gifts we get to see, by being up before the sun!

What were your week highlights??

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another Half Marathon!: AZ Distance Classic

This is almost 2 weeks late...but my computer has been acting up. And therefore, I haven't been able to blog!

I raced the AZ distance classic half marathon March 23! I figured I better race recap before my 10 mile trail race on Saturday! My final time was 1:51 - with an 8:29/mile average. This is my 3rd time doing this race. Every time I forgot how hilly it is!

Mile 8-10 were brutal. I went from doing 8:20's to 9:00's. So shaving my time down to 8:30 in the end made me satisfied!

I finished my full marathon in January with such a bitter taste in my mouth, that I needed a redeem myself.

I have to be honest this is the best I've ever physically felt after a race! I wasn't nauseated or sick to my stomach like usual.

A crazy thing about the conditions in this race was the drastic temperature change. It went from 46 degrees F at the start @ 7 am. It was 79 degrees at  the finish line @ 8:51 am! Some of the people complained about the heat, but to be honest - I was too focused on pushing myself up those crazy inclined hills to notice the heat!

I really went into this race with a calm head. I went into this race just to have fun, and that I did! I didn't kill myself to PR. I didn't get upset that I didn't PR. This race was all about enjoying a good run with a beautiful course...and that's what I got!

I unfortunately don't have any pictures of this one...since I didn't have any "cheerleaders" on the course. And the race photos have "ORO VALLEY PHOTOGRAPHY" written all over them.

My next race?

Impromptu Trail race this Saturday! I've been wanting to do this one for years...and finally I realized I have a free Saturday, so I signed up on the fly!

Wish me luck! 1st Trail race I've ever done. I'm excited though, as I love trail running!