Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Blogs: Goals

Remember how 2 months ago I was going to blog 30 days straight?! Doing this cute little segment/challenge?

Well, that was productive. (sarcasm) But I do plan on finishing it. Kind of like I plan on some day finishing the quit that I seriously started 11 years ago.

I just like to take my little breaks! And today is goals -- which is a big focus for me lately since there's been so many life changes!

First, let me tell you -- that I'm obsessed with goals. I eat, breathe, and sleep goals. Short term, intermediate, and long term. I'm like a walking calendar. Some say that's a "flaw" -- but it's how I like life. So I'll probably keep it that way!

Here are my goals that I'm thinking about right now....

Short Term:
  • Make the adjustment to night shift this week without turning into a walking zombie.  (I am SO not a night person!!!)
  • Start taking body combat classes (it's like...kick boxing kind of *I think*) at our new gym
  • Get all pictures, shelves, and art hung out on the walls by Wednesday
Intermediate Goals
  • Attend a self-defense class this year
  • Get back to Day Shift by June
  • Get a job either in the OR (operating room) or ER (emergency room) by next year (I'm locked in on my cardiac unit until November of 2011 per contract)
  • Plant Garden and start canning
  • Plant grass (sounds simple to some of you..but it's different in the Sonoran Desert!)
  • Start Rock Climbing...despite my irrational fear of heights
Long Term Goals
  • Either become a Nurse Practitioner or take a management role within a hospital/clinic/surgery center
  • Some day...I want Ryan and I do be the "Marriage Preparation Teachers" (before we got married, the Catholic church had us do several months of one-on-one classes with another couple who were very wise -- and my dream is some day we'll be that wise married couple)
  • Vacation to Germany in the next 5 years
  • To act in a musical -- even if it's just a cute little community theater
  • To have 1 or 2 "Lil Nastase's" running around

So Ryan and I joined a gym this weekend in the new neighborhood. We got complimentary personal training sessions. I already have a feeling my trainer is going to be a meat-head. prepared for a "rant post" to come soon. They unfortunately didn't have any female trainers. Lord. Help. Me. It's only 1 hour. It can't be that embarassing, right?!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're all settled in!

Currently I am sitting by the fire, next to the Christmas tree all lit up, smells of Christmas cookie-baking filling the house, and feeling extraordinarily happy & content in our new house!

I am going to be honest and say the past 2 weeks have WIPED ME OUT. Thursday night I slept-walked. Ryan found me rummaging around in our closet at 1:00 am talking to myself.

Starting new job at hospital + plus moving + dealing with a whole giant array of things + Christmas season = CRAZY!!! But good crazy, fun crazy, exciting!!

We moved Saturday last weekend (Saturday). Our truck was to be ready by 8 am. We arrived at 7:45 (being the overly-punctual couple we are...) one there.

So we waited...and waited.

And we called.

...I could hear the phone ringing inside of the building. 8:15, we realized that maybe the people running this trucking company weren't going to show up to work that day. So we called corporate. They informed us "Well, we're sorry, but there is nothing we can do at this time. You'll just have to be patient."


May I also add, the "pick-up location' was in the most ghetto-y of ghetto HOODS of our city EVER. Our truck had graffiti on it. Cute.

Needless to say....we changed companies VERY FAST, and found the perfect U-haul. All worked out. By Saturday night, we had everything in the house and the kitchen totally put together.

And...let's just say I called the Budget trucking place until the lady finally showed up for work. And I made her cry. I was pissed off. I feel no remorse.

I had to work Sunday. I took part in my first Code Blue. During the 1st 10 minutes of my shift. Talk about adrenaline. 

By Monday evening, we were totally unpacked. I worked Tuesday. (I love this 3 13 hour day schedule. And...I love my job! I know I've made the right decision now)

By Wednesday evening, our house was decorated, Christmas decorations up, Christmas baking done.

Now that we are all settled in and the house is coming together just right -- I know that when we WERE building a house...that was NOT meant to be. Because this house is just right for us!

 I love our quiet little neighborhood, the hilly running trails around us, the mountain views in our backyard, our gas fireplace, the 3 organic grocery stores/farmers markets in my neighborhood, and the character of this home.

Pictures to come soon!