Friday, September 13, 2013

Marathon Madness with a rant on top.

I'm two weeks into marathon training. This is my third marathon I have trained for. Inconspicuously, I've only ran in one marathon. Hm.... How is that possible?

Oh, I know! *BEWARE, SHE'S IN RANT MODE* Once upon a time I had a boss. When I set up my work schedule for my 1st job, I told him I NEEDED that day off as I was running a marathon. His response, "Welcome to nursing, sweetie. You're working that day. In fact, I'm switching you to night shift that day. So you may want to reconsider your little race."
Yep. I had completed the entire Hal Higdon training program by that point, did my 3 20-mile runs, and was told I had to stop. Anyone who's ever trained for a marathon would understand the utter slap in the face this was. I think I stopped running for about 2 months after that meeting.
Want to know the real "kicker"?! My schedule ended up getting switched around, and I didn't even end up working that day.

**Insert blood curdling scream here*

So in hindsight, I realized that life did go on even if I didn't get to do the race. I've now chalked it up that "Maybe God placed that jerky boss in my path for a reason". Maybe something really bad would have happened during that race.

Okay, so back to the point.

Marathon madness, round 3. I'm taking a very "lax" approach this time. Why?

#1 -I love too many sports to just focus on running.
#2 -Too much focus on running, and I'll end up with a stress fracture or hip bursitis (like I did last time)
#3 -I always gain weight when I just run. So I need to keep things interesting.

So here is how I'm doing it. I have Rules and I have Goals. I have written my own program using a combination of resources. Hal Higdon overrules my "long runs" (as does my travel & work schedule). I have built the weight training, cross training, and nutrition myself.

Here are the rules:
  1. I must complete one "long run" weekly. I used Hal Higdon to make this schedule. I can't follow "normal" training schedules where long runs are on the weekend, because I sometimes work weekends. So I fit it where I can!
  2. I cycle every other week doing what I like to call "Muscle Building Runs". One week I will do a sprint workout, the next week I will do a hill-repeat style workout. I will try to post so examples of these. This week my long run was a hilly one!
  3. I must do 1 run weekly at goal pace (give or take a few seconds) that is 5-8 miles.
  4. Must lift weights 3 days weekly minimum. Plylometric days count, with all the pushups and jump squats!
  5. 1 cross training day weekly.
  6. 1 rest day weekly.
  7. Will work out 4 days weekly minimum (5 is my goal). (Every week, I will post my schedule to show how I made this possible)
The Goals:
  1. I really want to keep this goal private, but, I figure the best way to attain your goals is to make them public. I have a goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I currently run between an 8-8:15 pace on a good day (this humidity has skewed my times though, I'm slower in the heat). In order to qualify, I need to complete 26.2 miles in 3:35. Which means I need to have an 8:12 pace. I'm not going to kill myself to attain this goal, but know it's in the back of my mind!
  2. To gain 3 pounds of muscle, and lose 2 pounds of body fat. ( game me my recommendations to attain this). Yes. I have a goal of gaining weight?! How will I do that? I need to cut back on my love for 3 Musketeer bars, Twizzlers, Salt & Vinegar chips, and Gouda Cheese. And Pizza. And Oreo cookies. 80% of the time I'm a health nut, the other 20% of the time I put a lot of crap in my body!
  3. The most important goal -- HAVE FUN! I have 9 other girlfriends back in Tucson doing this marathon with me. My husband is doing the half. And my Father in law (and possibly his wife) is doing the half, too! Race day will be filled with many hugs, laughter, and good energy!
 Here is my training schedule for weeks 1 & 2 (to catch you up, and for me to look back on)
Week 1:
Monday: Bike 20 miles (xtraining day) (total time: 1:20)
Tuesday: Rest day (aka worked in ER, was on my feet and walking all day)
Wednesday: 4 mile run - goal pace (total time: 33 min)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 8 mile run + 30 minute weight training (shoulders, lunges, and core) (I normally wouldn't do this, but hadn't lifted weights all week (total time 1:40)
Saturday: 30 minutes weight training (focus: back) + 30 minute speed work (1 mile sprint, 4x400, 1 mile sprint) (total time 1:10)
Sunday: 6 miles moderate pace (total time 50 min)

Week 2
Monday: 5 miles moderate pace, 30 minutes weights (focus: biceps & triceps) (total time 1:30)
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 4 miles goal pace (added sprints to the last 2 miles), abs + pushups for 5 minutes at end (total time 40 min)
Thursday: 1 hour weight training (legs, chest, triceps), 20 minutes stairs (total time 1:20)
Friday: 9 mile run (long run) (total time 1:15)
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: My plan is to do plylometrics after I get off work for 40 minutes (pushups, resistance bands, burpees, ect). We will see how I feel come Sunday night at 8:00 pm......

 A little humor.....

Love this! I am pretty sure I fantasized about my Dirty Chai at Starbucks during my 9 miler today. (Chai Latte with espresso. So yummy). Never got to enjoy it, because I got locked out of our hotel room for 1 hour. By the time I got in the room, I was ravenously hungry and thirsty and smelly.

I try to be careful about this....
This is so crude, but funny.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Final Decision

Well, if you read my blog 2 posts ago , you would have found out that I'm accompanying Ryan on the next move to California.

That has since changed.

I'm going to be honest and say that I really feel at peace with my decision. For if life has taught me anything over the years, if you're going to make a decision, do it with all your heart and don't look back! 

Why the sudden change?

I learned that finding an apartment that offers a 5 month lease is nearly impossible. I researched about 12 different apartment complexes in the area, narrowed it down to 5 in the Riverside area that didn't worry me that I'd get shot while walking out to my car at night. (Riverside has some shady areas...)

I finally found one place that offered a 5 month lease, as they try to cater to military residents.

But here's what almost made me laugh. When I asked if they offer furnished apartments, they said "Yes, but your problem will be that we only rent out furniture for 3, 6, 9, or 12 month leases."

So I moved to Plan B. I decided to suck it up and live with Ryan in a hotel on base again (like we have done these past 4 months). I called the Air Force Inn that's at March AFB. Not only do they not have a kitchen, but you have to share a bathroom with other guests.

That was my breaking point. I can "white trash it" for a few months. A crock pot can be my main cooking appliance. I can use a pantry as a closet. I can live in a room that barely has a window - that is so dark that a day in the room could drive a person to a deep depression....

But I cannot share a bathroom with random other airmen. That was my cutoff. Ryan was in complete agreement with me. That's just fricking weird.

So we have decided to go with "safe" (instead of adventure). I will stay at our home in Tucson, while Ryan lives in Riverside and finishes up pilot training. It's only 5 months. And LA is only a 6 hour drive! It's a 1 hour flight. We will try to see each other every other weekend.

The obvious con in this situation is living apart from Ryan for 5 months. He's my soul mate, my best friend, and life isn't very fun without him. But we are strong, and will make this work!

The pro's are:
  • a job I love
  • a great group of friends that will be there for me every step of the way
  • my runnning/triathlon group to run and bike with
  • our house will be safe under my supervision
  • biweekly trips to California!! (Well sometimes Ryan will be coming my direction, too) 
  • Ryan will be able to put his 110% into this training during the week when I'm not there

So now I am just savoring each moment that we have together. Life is about to change again! But I'm okay with it.  Isn't it always changing?

I promise this should be the last 'life changer"/"life decision" post for awhile! I will return to decorating this blog with rants, recipes, and running. But it's been hard to think about those things lately, when such big changes are coming up! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

September's "Currently's"

I like to do these "Currently" posts every once in awhile. Especially because it's interesting to look back and see how I change my "likings". Maybe I'll do this monthly? We'll see. I may not change my hottest happenings that frequently.

1. Current Book
  • Every Last One - Anna Quindlen. This was on the book list my sister sent me, and I highly recommend it. It's one of those books, where you will be reading it in a public place, and you have your moments where you become offended that the rest of the world is just going on with their lives as normal. ;)
2. Current Excitement
  • That in 25 days we will be on our way home! Planning our "We're Home" BBQ. Planning the girls trip to Charleston/Myrtle Beach with my Mom & Sisters in October!
3. Current Fashion
  • It is still awfully hot to be "fashion forward" here in San Antonio! I am just really digging sundresses!
4. Current Drink
  • I am really digging IPA (Indian Pale Ale) beers right now! That hoppy bitterness just really goes well with this humidity. My favorite is Stone IPA (they are out of Southern Cali)
5. Current Love
  • The rain we've been blessed with these past 2 days. SA (like many other regions of the county), is in a serious drought! So this rain (even though it's only lasted about 1 hour each day) has been heavenly.
6. Current Food
  • Snacky comfort foods. I am getting burnt out on cooking in this hotel room. Last Sunday for dinner we had a spread of pickled herring, shrimp cocktail, gouda cheese, crackers, and hummus. It was luxuriously comforting to my soul!
7. Current Indulgence
  • See above :)
  • Also, Pumpkin Spice Latte's are in season at Starbucks. I treated myself to one after our run yesterday. I savored every last sip!
8. Currently Pondering
  • What life will be like when we return home to Tucson in 1 month.
  • What life will be like in 2 months when Ryan's next school starts. Where will we be living? Is the neighborhood nice? What kind of hospital will I be working out?
  • Life is so full of mysteries right now!!
9. Current Mood
  • Today I am feeling a bit homesick, and just uneasy and nervous about all the upcoming changes.
  • While at the same time excited.
10. Current New Find
  • Charming Charlie - you know, that store at the mall filled from wall-to-wall with color-coordinated accessories? I love all their watches for work! They have a little bling, they come in fun colors (like hot pink!). And they have rubber watch-bands, so I can wash them with alcohol wipes!
11. Current Outfit
  • Currently, I am wearing blue running shorts and a hot pink t-shirt for I am waiting for Ryan to get home from class so we can lift weights and run in the post-rain-freshness!
12. Current Peeve
  • That the ER where my travel assignment is does not allow water bottles anywhere on the premises. You have to keep it in the breakroom, which is a long walk from the ER. What ends up happening is it gets so crazy busy that I go 12 hours barely drinking any water all day, and end up feeling super dehydrated. I just find it belittling that "I'm not allowed to have water". I'm a professional, but feel like I'm being treated like a child.
13. Current Song
  • When I'm Gone - Anna Kendrick. I love her voice!

14. Current Triumph
  • Hmmm...I don't really feel very personally triumphant about anything right now.

15. Current TV Show
  • I don't really watch a lot of tv these days. (AKA -- I feel like there's pure crap on television these days! AKA -- we do everything possible to stay out of our hotel room !!). Just watch the news at night!
16. Current Wish List
  • New running shoes. I've started marathon training, and I'm starting to feel like my shoes have lost their sparkle. Also, I have blood blisters on the soles of my feet - not sure why! It looks horrific.
17. Currently Delaying
  • All my annual required compliance training for my job back in AZ (all the HR related stuff that corporations make everyone do!). Those powerpoints and videos are so monotonous, especially now that I have to do it  for my agency, my contracting hospital, and my job back in AZ!