Monday, May 27, 2013

Where I've Been....

I've been a little absent from here lately. A few months ago, I did a post about adding adventure to my life. I believe my goal was that every day I wasn't spending 13 hours in an ER saving lives and taming drug addicts (aka, working)  ....I was going to do something different, new, exciting, and fun. It could be something living large or something as simple as taking a new walking/hiking/biking/running trail.

I am proud to say I've stuck to my guns on this one! These past few weeks have been rather fun. Ryan got home, we realized we had some spare days to run away to San Diego for a few, we went camping, and in just a few short weeks we move to San Antonio for 3 months!

I will let the pictures do most of the talking!

View of Mission Beach from our room! If you're ever in San Diego - I would highly recommend staying at The Catamaran. Resonably priced - Close enough to walk anywhere - but not in the "party central". Rooms are on the Bay Side. Gorgeous views of sunset on the Pacific side!

Our 1st night, we hit up a Dueling Piano bar on the Gaslamp District! We love these - so much fun! 

Jelly fish!! We rented paddleboards for 4 hours one day - and while we were boarding, they would swim up on the sides of you! Talk about motivation to keep one's balance. Also, I'm addicted to paddleboarding! So much fun, and my arms were super sore!

Our hotel had a cruise ship that went out on the Bay during the evenings. I love sunsets! 
Happy smiles - reunited after a 2 month separation. :-)
The Bahia Belle
San Diego Bay - we walked up many flights of stairs to stand on this bridge area that over looked "The world" (as I called it, heights freak me out - my stomach was in my throat). It was such a beautiful scenery! Pictures do not do justice. 

 This is Ryan and I last weekend (home in Oro Valley). We got on our road bikes and did a 40 mile ride to Sabino Canyon and back. We stopped for some fuel and hydration at the park, and then had Starbucks at the end!

Last Tuesday after I got off work, we headed out for a night walk. Once again, photos do not do justice of the moon! The serenity of the evening calms me down after stressful days! 

We spent Memorial day weekend camping with Ryan's Dad and his younger siblings!  We went to Roosevelt Lake (east of Phoenix). Yesterday Ryan and I found a random quiet beach and built sand sculptures. This was my mermaid. I was never artistic, so don't judge too harshly ;)
View of the lake before we went wakeboarding! One of the couples that were with us had a nice boat. I got up on my 1st attempt after a 2 year absence from wakeboarding! 

We needed a break from the lake water and 100 degree we went to the Cliff Dwellings of the Tonto Forest. This was incredible! It was Native American cliff dwellings, where they basically hiked up these mountains and lived in caves. There would be thousands of people living in these "dwellings"!
 Lake Roosevelt - this is the view from the Cliff Dwellings! We kept wondering how the heck all that water appeared in the desert?!?! Turns out it is the 3 mile x 1 mile man-made lake. It was made in 1906.
One last photo of smiling faces! 

Life has definitely been "what you make it" -- been seeking out tons of fun and adventure, and will continue to do so! In a few weeks we will be "temporary Texans"!Very nervous, but mostly excited! Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Sending much love, honor, and respect to all the men and women who have made sacrifices for our country so we can live in safety (and be able to take these adventures) !