Thursday, November 6, 2014

Trail Running Mount Lemmon

I have been a bit absent from here lately. :(

I've really lost my "mojo" to write. I can't say I'm "too busy". I'm just not making time for it. Life has been busy lately! But I love busy.

Since my half ironman I have been.......

  • Enjoying the fact that I don't have to squeeze in 2 workouts a day
  • I've been picking up some shifts working in the ER to brush up on my "bedside" skills (my iv-starting skills didn't skip a beat! *skip, jump, high-five*)
  • Resting
I have a Ragnar trail race this weekend, which is more of an excuse to camp, party, and run with friends! Both Ryan and I are doing this - so it will be fun. He's been on opposite shifts of me for the past 2 weeks, so I'm excited to catch up.

With a double ear infection and several skin rashes, I have decided to stop the Masters swim team. Swimming was great, but I don't particularly like my apparent intolerance to chlorine (3 hours/week).

2 weekends ago, Ryan and I decided to escape the heat. So we headed up to Mount Lemmon and did a trail run.

I found the route via another blog. And this particular blogger said this was an "extremely runnable trail". Let me tell you, it was not.

It was 1900 ft above sea level. It was a 6.5 mile loop that basically went straight up and straight down the mountain. Coming down was on rocks, and there were parts that were so steep you had to hold on to the walls of the mountain in order not to fall.

"Runnable", my ass!! (is what I was repeating frequently during this run)

It was breath-taking, I will say. The leaves were changing, and there were incredible views.

But it was not wise to run.

I love this picture (sorry for the crappy quality of my I-phone camera).

A little snapshot of the trail we ran on!

I love the colors of leaves

Gorgeous contrast.


Once you get to the top of the loop, you were rewarded with these views! And then you had 3 miles down the mountain to tumble!

I felt on top of the world here. It was super windy on top of the summit!!

Trail running makes me happy :)