Monday, April 15, 2013


Well, my friends, I am currently not feeling incredible creative. Therefore, I have used the format from my sister's blog. Currently. 
Current Book - The NRP book. "Neonatal Resuscitation Program" -- In other words, I work in an hospital that doesn't have "Labor and Delivery". Unfortunately, there are people who go an entire pregnancy with no prenatal care and roll (literally, ha) into an ER ready to birth that baby. And I want to know what I'm doing! Especially in case things go astray. So, several of my coworkers and I are getting certified. It is terrifying, and exciting. (babies scare me) I'm testing this week. 

Current Drink - Diet Tonic Water with lime. (also goes great with gin. Duh). But it's refreshing! 

Current Excitement - I just purchased my 1st Road bike! I have been riding my husband's bikes. I have never owned my "own" bike in . Always had hand-me-downs (I was the only kid with a banana seat bike when I was in grade school). Here she is!:

Current fashion trend - I wouldn't call it "fashion" -- but my spandex shorts, cycling shoes, helmet, and jersey is my new favorite outfit!

Current Love - My phone calls from Ryan.

Current Food - Energy balls! I'm having an "energy ball making" party with a girlfriend on Thursday. They are all natural made from things like PB, dried fruit, oats, flax seeds, protein powder. I will try to remember to share our recipes.

Current Indulgence - These Australian Red Licorice things I get at Sprouts. Holy yum I love licorice....

Currently Pondering - Moving to San Antonio for the summer to be with my husband while he's at a different pilot school. I think we're past the pondering part. I'm in with my travel-nursing-agency and my boss is aware.

Current Mood - Calm. Sometimes I feel guilty, but I can't remember the last time I was really 'stressed' about something. I'm not sure if the stress I see at my job has killed my senses, and I take things on gracefully these days? 

Current New Find -  A New Pandora Station - called "Hot Club Jazz Radio". I like to play it while I'm cooking and I feel like I'm in a very hip and edgy place...and then I'm realize I'm just dancing in my kitchen.

Current Outfit - Jean shorts, blue & white striped tank top, sandals. (Are you jealous, MN & ND?! Sorry guys)

Current Peeve - I don't really have any "peeves" -- but I am frustrated and heartbroken to hear the recent news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon today. In fact, I have no words at this point. 


Current Song -  International flight - David Snell ....I adore the instrumentals. (I'm in a big jazz mode lately) also,
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 
Current Triumph - I swam a mile with no wall time today! (aka, no breaks or push offs) This was a challenge for me.


Current TV Show - I don't really watch tv much, to be honest. But if I am going to watch anything, it's usually House Hunters International. 

Current Wish-List - A job that doesn't require me to work weekends. A day with my husband. (these are far-fetched....but one can dream!)

Currently Delaying - Hanging up new curtains I bought for our bedroom. I dislike hanging curtains.