Saturday, October 10, 2009

It is quite clear.....

As we all know and are reminded of daily, is that the average American is in horrendous debt. According to some references, "The average American owes $9000 of credit card debt." Hearing this horrible statics seems quite shocking that a country that is considered so secure and well-off would have such serious issues in money management.


It is quite clear and obvious this would occur. I am currently working on a research project that is about "Educating parents on how to teach money management and responsibility to their children". I chose this subject thinking, "Wow! This will be a really neat subject to teach parents! It will be so interesting and fun. There will be endless resources I am sure!"

Now that I have come to "research time"....this is such pathetic, seriously, limited results of research!! There is ENDLESS research on nearly every aspect of child-rearing: Drugs, alcohol, teen-pregnancy, childhood obesity, nutrition, bullying....all important aspects of raising a child. But--NOTHING on how to teach that child how to manage money, save money, understand money!

For how "money-driven" American would THINK we would be instilling this in our youth?!

I think it is really sad that we educate out children about reading, writing, literature, science, math, music--all VERY important aspects of education. However, we expect to send them blindly out into the real world without the slightest understanding of a mortgage, credit card, retirement account, savings account, taxes, loans--all things that will at some point put serious strain in their life!!!

Are these supposed to be natural skills that we humans just acquire over time??? Absolutely not.

I may have bored people with my little rant. But...this has consumed a good portion of my weeks frustrations. I was able to scrape 5 scholarly journals on this subject--and they were pretty meager!

Very sad!!

Well, there's my rant for the morning!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little Quirky....

I got this idea from my sister Lisa to do a little blog of honesty--to list 10 things that most people probably don't know about me! I love reading these about other figured I would give it a whirl!!

1) I am a huge morning person. 6:00 am is my perfect hour if I am just getting up naturally on a free day. I like 5:30. 4:45 is when it gets a little difficult. This weekend, I slept until 7:40--and woke in an irate burst of anger at myself for being so lazy!! I felt terrible and wasteful!!

2) I love scrubbing floors. It is my favorite job around the house. Ryan always insists that I go buy a nice mop, and that it would be so easy. But I refuse--I love scrubbing the floor!

3) I enjoy running in the rain. It gets old after awhile. But running during an occasional rain is refreshing, and is just a new and fresh intensity.

4) I have always had the dream of being a personal trainer. I wish they got paid better. I would do it in a heart beat.

5) I'm really antisocial in public. Walking into a store--I will do everything in my will to avoid eye contact with the "greeter". I feel like friendliness to strangers is wasted energy.

6) I had a job for about 2 weeks as a housekeeper at AmericInn. What I was thinking when I applied for this job is beyond me!! It was awful. I love to clean--don't get me wrong. It was the "co-workers". I never realized white-trash could get THAT trashy.

7) I was a loser in high school. I had ask guys to be my prom date both years. Practically had to pay them! The lunch breaks where the normal kids spent time in the hallways enjoying themselves, I would lock myself up in the band practice rooms and practice piano or trombone!

8) I drink too much coffee.

9) I really, really don't do dogs. I remember when I was like 16, and telling my mom and dad "When I get married, if my husband gets a dog I will THROW MY RING at him! My husband WILL NOT have a dog!" ...... Well, many years later, I am married. And let's just say this is one of the things we won't be compromising. He is well-aware that I will not tolerate a dog in the house!! I just don't do animals.

10) I eat lemons and limes like you would eat an orange. I peel them, and eat it section my section. I swear by them and feel like they the cure to everything!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Immune System?

I don't think I should be a nurse.

I am feeling sick today. It seems that when I get sick, I bypass all the preceding, gradual symptoms. I go straight to the big-bang. I woke up feeling feverish today, and as though I had been hit by a truck. Just felt funny.

However, my husband with his bad allergies was up all night last night sneezing--so I just assumed "Oh, it's just a combo of being tired and allergies".

I am still hoping it's allergies. But when I cough and hack--I sound like a Old Hag with COPD, who has smoked for 70 years.

The best part of all this; I have been NAGGING my poor husband all week --
-You need to get rest!
-You need to drink 60 more ounces of water before you can go to bed.
-Come over to the stove and breath in this steam!
-Come into the bathroom and snort saline.
-You need to eat a more well-balanced lunch!!"
-- all these great "health-promoting behaviors" to alleviate his discomfort.

However......I have not stopped, sat down, or breathed in the past week. I drank about 15 ounces of water today despite feeling like shit. I ate a bag of "Welch's" fruit snacks, an apple, and a Diet mountain Dew for lunch. My only method of allergy relief I have used is popping TYLENOL and ADVIL (the devil drugs) to take away the pain..

I am such a naughty patient!

As a result, I came home from clinicals tonight and am forcing fluids, eating a high protein and veggie-packed supper....

.....and working on my giant, long, massive, clinical paperwork........

No more Advil and Tylenol for this non-compliant, kidney-failure-driven girl.
I WILL BE illness free by noon tomorrow!!