Friday, March 27, 2015

10 Questions...becuase I have nothing nothing else

This was week 1 of my new job! All I can say is I feel like I just completed an outer body experience. a) This is my dream job. b) Holy shit I am on information overload. c) I never got a second to regroup all week.

In addition to starting new job....Tuesday and Thursday I went straight from work to Scuba classes, and didn't get home until 11 pm. Which means my day pretty much went non stop from 4:35 am - 11 pm. I'm not complaining, because obviously this is all positive and exciting things, but I am feeling pretty exhausted!!!

So instead of an insightful post, here are my 10 questions.

1. Twitter or Facebook? Facebook. I don't even know what Twitter does or is. Hi, I may be in my late 20's, but assume I'm a senior citizen.rik

2. Morning person or night owl? 
Morning person without a DOUBT!! I am almost non-functional once the clock strikes 9 pm. I claim I turn into a pumpkin after 9 pm.

3. How do you drink your coffee? 
Depends on my mood. My usual is with French Vanilla creamer. But if I'm at a nice coffee house, I like a plain latte (or Redeye, espresso w/ coffee) with a touch of sweetener. If I'm drinking iced coffee, I want it black with a little cinnamon. Some days I like almond milk and honey. I am a bit of a snob about my coffee and how it's enjoyed.....

4. It’s 9pm and you’ve got the house to yourself, what do you do? 

Pinterest to search recipes and travel, or decorating. While horizontal in bed.
5. What’s on your nightstand right now? 
My "5 year memory book". A Bible.  Box of Kleenex. My Kindle. An incense burner with half a stick of lavender incense.

6. What smell do you love? 
Fresh baked bread. Chlorox. Especially on hands. My fondest memories are of my Mom tucking me into bed at night, and getting a whiff of the chlorox on her hands (she kept a very clean house). And now my eyes are filling up with tears, because I'm very homesick right now.

7. What smell do you hate? 

Bananas. That smell makes me gag. When I worked in the ER, I used to have a co-worker who would put banana peels in MY garbage can just to watch me flip out.

Also, bacon. Instant gag reflex!

8. Other than your current home, where would you most like to live? 

I would like to downsize by about 1500 square feet. (Our house is TOO MUCH  house to clean, but we got a screaming deal due to foreclosure). Maybe in a smaller 1-story home near the foothills of Tucson. Preferably walking distance from Sabino Canyon.

My non-practical place would be La Jolla outside of San Diego. But we are should a few billion dollars....

9. If you could eat only one nationality of food for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 

Japanese.  I could live off sashimi, cucumber salad, and miso soup. And mochi ice cream!!!

10. When you were six years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

 Architect. Without a doubt. I had an architect program on my computer. I was OBSESSED!! I am so far from an architect now, it isn't even funny!!!