Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Supersize Me

Biggest Loser, Subway Fresh Fit Club, the Boot Camp Craze, The Caveman Diet, Coconut water craze, even McDonald's getting a healthier menu with options like salads and yogurt! The marketing for "wellness" has increased vastly over the past few years.

Wow, America, are we moving into a trend away from the wrenches we were plummeting into? Finally the marketing is focusing on "pro-health"! Living well! Farmers markets are increasing!

America's previous trend was getting sad.Not just America, but it's pretty much spread throughout the whole world.

According to the CDC childhood obesity rose from 6.5% to 19.6 percent between 1980 and 2008!! That's not the children's fault. I completely put every once of blame on the parents. When I see a 4 year old at the playground who just can't quite run around like the other kids because his legs are too chubby -- my heart wants to cry. A 4 year old does not have an addiction to food. Mom &/or Dad did something wrong. The schools did something wrong.

Maybe I've being harsh. Maybe I'm being critical. I know I don't have children, so of course that automatically makes me the most well-informed, all-knowing parent in the world. For, my mom once told me, "Abby, the best parents in the world are the one's who don't have children" -- (I find that kind of cute....and true)

But, I think when those kids have to see nutritionists or child psychologists b/c they get teased for their weight -- the parents need a little education and hassling as well. Sometimes, I just want to go up to the parent and shake them.

Okay, So I just got a little off track on the focus of this rant post. ;) Back on track...

Starbucks, I'm a little disappointed in you. I have always believed in your company. You are very "green". You recycle. You serve healthy options (on the side from your very fattening floofy-creamy-drinks.) You even have pamphlets breaking down the nutritional information on all your drinks.

So the trente is coming out?!?! 31 ounces of coffee? I made a comment on my facebook about this, and a good person said, "There are mornings where I could use 31 ounces of coffee". I agree. But, you are the exception, my dear.

How many people actually go to Starbucks and just get a coffee? Most of the time it is a "Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de whip-cream-ioto"!!!! :D

(Yes, I made that name up...but that's how I feel when I listen to the barristas sometimes)

Totalling up to 600 calories. But, that venti just wasn't evenough "Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de couldn't possibly get by on just 20 ounces of that!

So they're making it available in 31 ounces. It just reiterates the fact that people cannot be satisfied. They had to have been getting suggestions or complaints for an increase in the size, right?! I don't work in marketing or retail or businesses....But I would assume when you make a change like that -- it's because of the demand? (Correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

People in our society never seem to be satisfied. We're always wanting more. It is unbelievable!

The other day, we were at a gas station, and I saw they had slushies in the 44 ounce big gulp size. How much would your stomach hurt after that, and can you imagine the brain freeze?

First of all on the terms of big gulps....when was the last time, you went to your fridge and opened up 4 cans of soda and drank them quickly in one sitting with a straw...

No!!!! That's not normal!!!!

Okay, I'm going to jump off my little soap box. Shut my loud mouth that seems to enjoy blabbing on and on and on.

If you like the idea of the trente? Good for you! I am impressed. If you like your soda in 44 on! If you enjoy drinking slushie from a container that far exceeds the size that your stomach can physically handle. -- Hey, it's your teeth and your tummy ache!

I just am .... entertained. And feel like this is kind of a move backwards. Am I going to boycott Starbucks? Oh, hell no. But you won't find me sucking down 31 ounces of Diabetes with a straw.

Tis the American way! The more the better......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

1. What’s your favorite color to paint your nails?
-Clear. I. Hate. Having. Color. On. My. Nails. I have tried. And I peel it off in irritation. Why? I do not know. I love color. It's a beautiful thing. But not on my nails.

2. Do you like to sneeze?
-Not particularly. It kind of hurts. I don't have the cute, dainty sneezes some women have. My sneezes are the one's that make one say "Gazuntite!!!!!" (Or however you spell that). But really, people probably want to respond saying, "Holy SHIT!"
3. How often do you fill up your car with gas?
Ha! This is a hot item of discussion in my household currently. Prior to moving....I filled my car up with gas weekly.
 Now that we have moved....I fill it up monthly. Yes - do that math...big money saver! I WAS paying $200/ I pay about $50/month. I'm a happy chica.
4. Were you named after anyone?
I don't believe so. In fact, I don't know where my name came from. I like it though! Thank you, Mom & Dad, for giving me a nice name. I'm going to assume my parents just like that name??
5. Have you made any good recipes lately?
Yes! I made butternut squash risotto last night for my sister Lisa!

I also made a Red Wine Mushroom Vension roast last week. Some people may cringe at the sound of "venison" -- but I promise it tastsed like beef, and was delicious. (My hubby is a hunter...)

6. What’s an easy money-saving tip that you use regularly?
Don't eat out so much! Lunch boxes, packing snacks, packing lunches are incredible. Think about it -- an entire LOAF of bread costs $3, a package of deli meat = $5-6, a BAG of spinach = $2.......You can make like 10 sandwiches with this! .....ONE sandwich at a sub-shop = $5, 6, 7, 8?!

Make a tally on your fridge how much you're spending on groceries, entertainment, clothes, Starbucks....whatever it is your struggling with! Every time you buy something in that category, write it down.

I did this with groceries...and pretty soon, when I thought I needed to pick something up for a recipe I "needed" to make -- I would say, "Do I really want to have to write down another value on the fridge?!

Might be weird..but it worked for me!

7. Would you rather have a sore throat or an ear ache?
That's tough. I'm going to say sore throat. Although this is miserable -- Chloraseptic + Tylenol works well.

8. Do you have any scars? What are they from?
I have large scars on my knees from falling while running a few years ago.......Long story.

I have several scars on my ankles from careless shaving. There are more to come. I am quick & careless.

I have multiple scars on my fingers/knuckles from careless accidents in the kitchen...

I have a slice-of-a-scar on my shoulder from a conditioner bottle. When I was younger, it was "cool" to wash your hair in the lake --- we were playing "football" with the conditioner bottle...and the bottle knicked my shoulder and opened it up.

9. What are you “known for” in your circle of friends/family?
Hm...maybe being a clean freak. Being kind of loud. Being a band geek in high school.
10. How do you like to eat your pancakes?
Not at all. Hah. I'm not really a pancake fan. If I'm a guest in someone's home..I will stuff them down in pain to be polite. I do this with most breakfast food. Unless it's cereal or yogurt. Or wheat toast.

The only way I stomach them is just plain. I know. I'm weird.


I am not going to do a totally detailed post of the weekend.......I'll leave that to my sister, Lisa. ;) ;) Thanks in advance, Lisa!

Just kidding - but I didn't take much for pictures, as I never do. But she did! So when we get pictures of the weekend downloaded -- one of us will do a more detailed recap!

But what I will say is that it was a fantastic time!

She had a little dilemma of flights getting here -- and it was a VERY VERY close call. Minneapolis winter weather ALMOST held her from getting here Friday night. But, luckily the plane in Denver literally held to wait for her and other flights that were late due to weather.

We started out the weekend going up to Phoenix to meet up with her friend Heidi -- and got to meet her new daughter (who was born in December). And let me tell you, this little girl is the most precious and delicate baby!! I haven't seen a newborn in a VERY LONG TIME. I forgot how little babies are! We went out for a great lunch!

The weather was perfect all weekend. In the mid-70's. Can't beat that!

The rest of the weekend was filled with the following:
  • A champagne toast to Lisa being here
  • Dinner at a great sushi restaraunt
  • A very challenging, but gorgeous hike. May I re-state...very challenging. It was 2 miles uphill rocky incline. But, at the end you reach a canyon that is just it's worth the hike/hardwork!
  • Shimp cocktail, wine, great conversation
  • Watching the Golden Globes together
  • Cooking great food
  • Introducing Lisa to Orange Leaf -- the most incredible invention ever (Frozen Yogurt shop where you can put any topping known to man on top of this plethora of goodness.. Yum. It's a little defeating when they have to weigh your creation at the end. "I just ate HOW many oz's of frozen yogurt? That scale has to be wrong...")
It was hard to say goodbye - but I am so glad we got this weekend together!!

Not only did I drop my dear sister Lisa off at the airport today, but my husband also left today for a week long business trip. So, I'm a lone duck for the week. Which will be okay -- being I am scheduled to work 50 hours this week. There is no complaining goin on here -- I purposely signed myself up for an extra shift to bring in a little extra $$.

Christmas season + moving + Starting to pay off Student loans = Not a lot of saving going on....

Hope you are all off to a great start to the week -- and if you get MLK day off...are enjoying your time off!