Thursday, May 20, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I am stealing this idea from my sister. Thought it looked kind of fun!!
I just finshed my first Critical Care Exam....which I was terrified of. And I am actually walking away feeling REALLY confident about it! It's weird. So yay! Celebration. Ryan is charcoal grilling beer can chicken for me tonight! I am making a sweet-potato salad and spinach salad! I love doing the easy stuff ;)
So here we go!
-Make lists. Lists are absolutely vital to my survival in everything. If you went through my purse, kitchen drawers, school-bag, anything - you will find many lists about everything!
-Eat breakfast - and within the first hours that I'm awake. Skipping that meal is not an option for me!
-Make breakfast, pour coffee how he likes it, and pack a lunch for Ryan EVERY day. Even on weekends when he gets up at 4:30 for guard. Doing those little things for him are really important to me.
I Sometimes....
-Vacuum the house or scrub my kitchen floor when I'm feeling stressed out. I feel like when I clean *things* I clean up my "life's problems".
-Stress about my future career. Life moves very fast - and I make decisions fast. I'm afraid I'm going to go into the wrong area of nursing, get my masters/advanced degree in it, and then end up feeling regret.
-Then realize that I'm blessed to have a good education, good foundation, and opportunities around! And amazing people in my life to support me.
-Like to eat pickled beats and pickled herring. It's one of my favorite treats. :)

I NEVER......
-Leave the house without water to drink.
-Will jump on the "Zumba" bandwagon. I don't know if it's big up north - but "Zumba" is apparently this "super neat" dance-aerobics class that everyone here area looooves. Just to reinforce my "never" - I will never do ANY dance aerobics class of any time. I don't shake it. I couldn't find my hips or rhythm if my life depended on it. End of story :)
-Make promises. The only promise I've made is that I will be faithful to the Lord, be faithful to my husband, and be faithful to my family. Other than that? - I can't "promise" much else in this world, unfortunately. You never know what circumstances will do! Sounds strange, but think about it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Recap!

This won't contain a lot of pictures, for I'm not the best with my own camera. But, Lisa is posting some great photos! But I will say the past weekend was INCREDIBLE! So here is a little bulleted list of the amazingness.

  • First off, I am quite burnt out. With clinicals, critical care class (which is more challenging than my previous courses in nursing school - to say the very least), and preparing for the party. I can't remember the last time I had a "break". It has been go, go, go - and it probably won't "stop" for awhile! But all the prep and hard work was WELL worth it!
  • Wednesday, Lisa got in. We went for an amazing 6.5 mile hike. Since (I think) all of you read her blog, you can see pictures on her recap! :D (Thanks, Lisa!)

    Lisa & I hiking Madera Canyon
  • We then took her to our FAVORITE sushi restaraunt; Ra. It was a beautiful evening filled with tons of laughter, great conversation, and fantastic weather!
    • As a side note - that night was yet another happy reminder of how EVERYtime Lisa & I get together, we manage to find things to have many many long, belly laughs about memories. :)
  • Friday morning Mom and Dad came over to the house. I whipped together a quick breakfast - that we enjoyed out on our patio. And then the cooking began!
    • Ryan & my Dad managed to visit outside for about 3 hours, while us 3 ladies worked away in the kitchen doing "prep work" for the party!
  • We then headed to town and Ryan had his Pre-Commencement Ceremony.
    • This was with the Electrical and Computer Engineering School, and each graduate got to give a talk.
    • Tears nearly came out when Ryan got up and in addition to thanking his excellent instructors, mentors, and study-groups, he began with "I would like to thank my wife, Abigail, for her ongoing support and love." :-D
    • We had dinner with Ryan's dad, Grandma, my parents, and Lisa at one of our favorites in Tucson: a Microbrewery called Gentle Ben's. It was a fantastic evening! Absolutely perfect!
    Mom, Lisa, & I
    Dad, Ryan, and I - A nice picture with my 2 favorite guys in the whole wide world! :)
  • Saturday we were up early to get ready for the Graduation Ceremony!
    • Upon arriving to the ceremony, Ryan realized her forgot his graduation cap.
    • This was a stressful moment, to say the very least.
    • I encouraged him to not give up....and we found a stand selling caps and gown for other forgetful graduates ;)
  • The ceremony was great, filled with excellent speakers! It made me a little teary eyed (with joy) to think that Ryan is FINALLY DONE!!!!!!
  • We then headed home, for lots of prepping & cooking for the party.
  • Unfortunately, I was a little nervous about everything turning out perfect - so I probably wasn't the most pleasant "soul" to be around. Which I regret with every ounce of my heart now. I never see my family - and the precious time they had with me - I was "tense". :-(.
  • But, life goes on! For the party I made:
    • Shredded chicken tacos
    • Shredded beef tacos
    • Guacamole (which was a near mal-function due to non-ripe avocadoes - Mom & sister saved the day with a trip to the store to buy new avacadoes! :D)
    • Mango-Habenero Salsa (and lots of it!)
    • My famous black-bean recipe
    • a big veggie tray
    • And a cake - which was ordered....I don't do baking much ;)
  • The party was a success!
  • It was so great to see so many of the people that have been a part of our lives since we've moved to Tucson! And it meant the WORLD to have my parents and sister there!!! :-). I just wish I could've spent more time with them :(
  • Our last guests left at 2 am. Since I was up at 5:30 and went non-stop every day the prevoius week....
  • Sunday I C-R-A-S-H-E-D.
  • We cleaned up everything by 8 am, and the rest of the day; I thought I was ill. Probably just tired. But, wow. Body was not happy with me! So I recuperated before another week of absolute craziness!!
This was the 1st time we have cooked for more than, oh, 5 people. This time it was more like 30. So, I was a little uptight and nervous about the outcomes! But everthing worked out well - and I look forward to hopefully doing MUCH MORE entertaining in the future!! :)

I am a very proud wife. And happy to have my husband back! Too bad I am completely and utterly consumed in Critical Care right now...but in 5 weeks I will return to normalcy ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

It's Tuesday AGAIN! I will be recapping soon the weekend of fantastic festivities of family! In the meantime, my brain is FRIED, I am beyond exhausted, I had a LONG day of clincals; and I feel like being mindless ;)

So....Ten on Tuesday!! :)

1. If your name was a verb, what would “to Chelsea” mean? (Insert your own name though…)

"To Abby": to fall, trip, or spill something; to react in an overly-exaggerated manner. In a sentence: "You really Abbyed this morning when you fell on your face!"

*Time out story: I have to walk about a mile to my hospital for clinicals in the morning. I was sick and exhuasted this morning on my way in; and was crossing the street in a frenzy at 6 a.m., and tripped on a curb and feel flat on my face right near downtown Tucson. Yep. I definited "Abbied" ;) At that point, I wanted to walk back to my car, drive home, and crawl into bed!

2. What myth have you always wanted to prove or bust?
That you cannot lick your elbow. I know it's possible.I know this because my husband Ryan did it. If you don't believe me? Meet him, and he will show you. It's very strange. I wish I could do that.......
3. If you had the ability to get a message out to the entire world, what would you say?
Take care of yourself!!!! From the beginning! Don't let it get so bad it's to late! Wear your seatbelts in the care! Wear a helmet on your motorcycle and bicycle! And reach out to loved ones and people in need; and LISTEN! It hurts my heart to see bad things happen to people that could've been prevented. :(

4. I know you’ve answered a similar question before, but it’s been awhile. Please name your current top 10 blogs.
To be honest; I don't think I read 10 blogs. Actually, my time spent in "Blog Land" should really be spent with my nose in my critical care text book. But here's the blogs I do frequent!:

5. Do you have a junk drawer?
Kind of. It's funny though; because silly arguments occur over the "junk drawer". It's in our kitchen and it has coupons, envelops,stamps, pens, and usb cords. One time, I found a lighter in it and was like "What is THIS doing in here? this belongs somewhere else". And Ryan was like "Uhm. Isn't that the everything drawer?" .... I guess my "everything drawer is still selective....

6. Bottled water or tap?
Tap. I need a little "flavor" and "oomph" to my water ;). Plus, minerals are good. I do filter my water with the Brita! But if I'm traveling, I resort to bottled.

7. As a kid, did you have a favorite Biblical story?
Yes. I always loved the story about the birth of Jesus; of course - what kid doens't love the mystery of the Christmas story. But the other one that always stuck with me was the story of the Leprosy. For some reason - whoever told that story to me made it very vivid how awful of a disease it was; and I thought it was so neat that something so "handicapping" and "secluding" was healed.
8. What is your favorite black and white movie?
Casablanca. And I know it's not a movie....but I looooooooove "I Love Lucy". Was obsessed as a kid!

9. Aside from your engagement/wedding rings, what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own? Does it have a story behind it?
I have a necklace called my "Prayer Necklace" that I got as a Confirmation gift. It's like a little locket with a cross on it - and you can write a "prayer" on a pice of paper and put it in the "box" and wear it around your neck. I swear that necklace has magic powers; because it's been on me during someone my most trying moments in life! In fact, I now only wear it for certain occasions. (superstitious? ....maybe...)

10. What sports/activites do you hope your kids will be involved in? (Answer for both a boy and a girl)
I just think kids need to have "something" they are involved in. I really hope they would love piano, and track, and public speaking. Maybe girls will be nurses; boys will be little engineers. (Hmmm....) But, in all honesty; I just think each child needs to have something thye enjoy; be it painting, writing, basketball, building circuits, learning about money/banking, playing the cello or guitar! Let them be creative! :)