Friday, January 9, 2015

Looking Foward

 I'm not going to do a post on my resolutions or goals for 2015, because
a) I never keep my resolutions (it's sad, but true)
b) I can't even come up with goals, because I don't know what I want. (again, probably kind of pathetic)

But there are a few things, I can tell you what I want to get out of this year! I always love a new year, and the promises it holds. So far, 1 week down: it's been good to me!

  1. I am completing a miniature "resolution/goal every week". Because I do better with baby steps. I write down a bunch of these and put them in a jar, and every week I take a new one out! "Abby the Realist" assumes this will last until March. But we shall see! ;)
  2. Be more connected to the loved ones in my life. Sometimes I have a tendency to distance myself. I am going to be better about keeping in touch with my family and friends I don't see often - and not via social media!
  3. I am looking forward to completing one of the "Top 10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America". In August, Ryan and I will be hiking the Kalalua Trail in Kauai! It's taking a great deal of planning and training, which makes it all the more exciting.
  4. Taking a girls trip with my Mom, sisters, and sister-in-laws! We are going to try to do this every 2 years. I so value my time with these women!!
  5. Finding peace in my career. The healthcare world if ever-changing, and my hospital is about to go through some big changes. My goal is to try my very hardest to be adaptable and positive. Although it's really hard when people all around you are throwing tomatoes in every direction. ;) I love my hospital, and love what I do - so am trying to focus on what makes me happy.
  6. Becoming a better cook. I'd like to try to "tackle" an intimidating recipe every month. I think I'm going to shoot for one this weekend, in fact! (......stay tuned).
  7. Having my husband live under the same roof as me all year long! That's a 1st for a few years.
What are you looking forward to in 2015?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best of 2014

I have really been slacking on "blogging consistency" lately. Let's just say December got away from me!
  1. I got slammed with a 15 days course of bronchitis, while trying to get ready for Christmas.
  2. We had a week trip home with my family, which seriously filled my heart with more joy than I could ever explain.
  3. Then I got the stomach flu and spent 2 days writhing in fevers and nausea. (on our last days of the trip home)
  4. We had a 14 hour day of travel back home, where we picked up our new puppy.
  5. I went straight back to work, while trying to figure out how to take care of a puppy.
  6. And then it was midnight of January 1, 2015!!

I have so much to talk about, but before 2014 gets away from me and just becomes a date I keep writing......let me do a recap of my favorite moments of 2014! (in chronological order)

  • My few weekend trips to Alamogordo, NM to visit Ryan while he lived there for 6 months. Alamogordo is nothing to "write home" (or blog) about. But we made the best of our weekends. I loved packing my car before work in the mornings, making the drive after work with butterflies in my tummy, and meeting him with a kiss in the parking lot of his hotel. Our weekends were simple because of his study schedule, but they are held close in my heart.
(Ryan took me to see White Sands Missile Range. These was quite a site!)

  • Our ski trip to Breckenridge, CO with his flight school buddies. We rented a gorgeous home, split between 12 of us, and I almost killed myself snowboarding attempted to snowboard. It was such a fun, crazy, last minute, spontaneous trip. We had a blast!
(at the top of a 3 MILE run where I tried to learn how to snowboard....bad decision)

(Day 2: cross country skiing :D)

  • Our "backpacking trip" to Ruidoso, NM. Where we got snowed up. So we ended up renting a cabin in the woods and watching movies all night instead. Another memory I hold closely.

I didn't pack anything "pretty" - so we stopped at a boutique, and I purchased a pair of jeans and a top. I just "happened" to have a pair of heels in the car... )

  • My birthday celebration. I co-celebrated with my friend, Heather. We had brunch with our group of ladies, and spent the afternoon poolside at the Hilton El Conquistodor. Heather and I both like to be the center of attention. So when we made our entrance to the brunch, our friends asked everyone in the restaurant to do a standing-ovation-slow-clap upon our entrance. #princesses
We found the groom-to-be who was getting married that day.

I started out my morning hiking with a few girlfriends! Perfect start to the day.

  • My year of races. 26.2 in Phoenix, 10 mile trail in Tucson, 13.1 in Oro Valley, 6.2 Obstacle Run, 3.1 Meet Me Downtown, Ragnar Napa, and Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountain, Soma 70.3 in Phoenix. Not bad!

  • My Mom and Dad's visit to Tucson for Easter weekend. We had beautiful weather, and spending 1:1 time with them always is such a great time! Ryan even was able to sneak away from flight school in NM for 48 hours to see them, too!

  • Our 1st backpacking trip along the Black River in eastern AZ. Crossing the river 28 times and "living off the land for 3 days was quite the challenge! I would do it again in a heartbeat! (If only we had more free weekends......

  • A few spur of the moment camping trips that we snuck away to do! Especially our canoeing trip down the Salt River where we encountered the wild horses!

  • Our trip to Minnesota this summer. We got quality time with my parents and Ryan's Mom, swam and played with our nieces & nephews, met my sister's boyfriend, and had many peaceful evenings out on the lake.

  • All the hours of training with my Desert Tri Girls. We have a great bond, and I look forward to many more miles with these amazing, strong women!

  • Our trip to San Francisco to Napa. Amazing memories made! I fell in love with Northern California.....

  • Completing my first (maybe final) 70.3. I beat myself up right away. But now, I can just look back and say, "Wow, I did that!"

  • Our final trip home for Christmas. I had so much fun baking and chatting with my mom, ice fishing with Ryan and my Dad, playing and giggling with our nephews, and getting to talk to my Grandma.

  •  And finally, getting to bring this guy home after our Christmas trip.  
Meet "Miles", a little addition to our family. He sure does take up a lot of time, but he's pretty darn cute!

My apologies for the lengthy post, but 2014 was pretty dang awesome! It's funny, as I quantify the year. I forget about the bad days. It's as if they never even happened! Good reminder as I move forward!

My apologies for the very lengthy post. Just so much to recap!

What were your favorite moments of 2014?