Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

So there I was, curled up on a couch with a heating pad to my stomach, calamine lotion caked on my legs, elbows, and arms.....feeling extraordinarily grumpy. I was taking 3 different pills for my stomach daily, and popping benedryl every night so I don't itch my skin bloody.

Several family members have been mentioning, "do you think you have a gluten intolerance?" (it seems to run in our family). I blew them off. "I've been eating gluten my whole life, why would it all of a sudden cause a flare-up", was my response.

All it took was a little research, and my husband to finally say, "Abby, just give it a try for me."

So here I am, week 2 of no gluten!

I've had ongoing stomach & skin issues. I can't even count how many "date-nights" or evenings out I've ruined due to stomach aches. It's just not fun or worth it!

When I went to a doctor a few weeks ago, she just told me I'm eating a poor diet. Which I really have to argue with. I eat almost all nataral, I exceed the dietary recommendations on fruits & vegetables. I showed her my rashes, and her response was, "Oh...that's just bad shaving...." (Wow.....good answer, Doc. Because shaving my legs has their crazy effect of causing razor burn to my amrs)

So far? I'm still adjusting. Luckily, I'm not a big "wheat lover". I don't eat very much bread in the 1st place. But what do I miss?.....

Raisin bran & a cold beer.

Yes, I know. These things are available in "GF-style". But it probably won't taste the same? Luckily, I'm a very open-minded gal.

Breakfast is the trickiest meal of the day. I dislike eggs. However, I have discovered that I love hard-boiled eggs. So a new weekly routine is to boil a bunch to have on hand!

I've also started adding more protein to my diet...which is another step in the right direction! 

The only Gluten Free restaraunt in town happens to be a gourmet pizzeria called "Picazzo's". And it is literally RIGHT across the street from our neighborhood. We haven't been there yet, but when I'm craving a slice of pizza, that will be my restaraunt of choice!

My sister also has this allergy, and has been living with the lifestyle change for a few years now! -- so she it my "go-to-gal" for so many question sand mysteries. Last week I found myself texting her in great confusion on my 1st grocery trip ;). So thank you, Lisa, for your wisdom and patience!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I will be working for half of it -- but all day Saturday mine, and I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Yes, I am well aware it is Wednesday today. But yesterday when I got home at 8:30 pm, I just didn't feel like running around taking pictures of random things & blogging!

1. A picture of your favorite piece of furniture in your home.
The couch is especially a favorite of mine when it's cold out for the whole month in Tucson that it gets cold - and we can run our gas fireplace.

2. Your favorite thing on your wall.

Hi, I'm lazy! I don't feel like going around taking alll new pictures -- since my camera is super slow on uploading. So I'm using pictures from when I took pics of our house back in December. I tried zooming in, but that was ineffective as well. But this Last Supper picture is my favorite. It's gorgeous. We bought it in Mexico a few years ago.

3. Your bed as it looks right now.
I am one of these, like my sister said he her blog, who HAS to make the bed every day. I wonder if it has to do with the house we grew up in? And our Mom who had us do "hospital corners" with our sheets every day?
If I'm going to bed in the evening, and a bed isn't made for some reason? I will make it, and then crawl into it. Which leads me to an interesting tid-bit I just read in "Martha Stewart Living" magazine. That it has been PROVEN that crawling into a made-bed can improve sleep quality due to the routine & neatness of it!

4. Your pantry.
This one was tricky to photograph, do to the awkward angles.

Still have an entire shelf of "gluten-y" food that I'm trying to pawn off on Ryan. *sigh*. I do miss Raisin Bran & oatmeal. And beer.....But rashless/non-itchy skin & a happy stomach is worth the dietary change!

5. Your favorite piece of jewelry.

My wedding ring. It's the only "nice" piece of jewelry I allow myself to own and wear frequently, for I have a poor record or losing jewelry. So my necklace & earings Ryan got me last year for our anniversary I only wear on special occasions!

6. Your favorite book.

7. Your most comfortable shirt

Can you tell I like these shirts? They're at target in the work-out apparel. They are AWESOME. Dry-fit material, but still loose. And the colors? How cool is that. Ryan says I look like a high-lighter in them. But they work good for when I run early in the morning --

8. Your messiest room
I HATE this room. Messiest, randomist, most stressful room in our house. "The office". It has potential - its got great natural lighting, double-doors leading in. But Ryan is working on the finishing touches of our desk this weekend while I'm at work! So my job today is to get this room cleared out!

Once the desk is complete, we will make this our office/Abby's music room!

9. Your house shoes.
These started out as my work-shoes, but I kind of wore them out from running around a hospital. So I washed them reallly good & they're house shoes now! THese are the most comfortable shoes ever!!

10. Yourself

This is such an....accurate picture of me and just how strange & quirky I am. Yes, I am dressed in pink, camping, makeup on, sawing a tree trunk with the proudest grin ever. This moment made me feel extraordinarily badass.  (I also knocked down that up-rooted tree behind me with a round-house case you were wondering)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Let me just start out by saying that last night may have been the worst night of sleep I've ever gotten. What was Abby doing at 3am? Sitting in the living room, crying, and googling eye issues. My allergies are in crazy-mode right now. And I woke up to find myself itching my eyes, unfortunately.

When I looked in the mirror, I found that the sclera (whites of my eyes) were sticking out further than the iris (colored part). Also, there was a giant growth/bump on my eyeball!

...I freaked out a little. I worried I had cough some crazy infectious disease...being all my patients this weekend were fighting weird parasites, infections, MRSA, etc. (...and I work on a cardiac floor? Weird, huh) Anyways..

Turns it, my eyes are just really fricking irritated & pist off at Palo Verde trees & Dust. So now my eyeballs have bumps on them. Going to the Optometrist on Wedensday.

So I"m going to focus on "happy". Growth.

Yesterday marks 3 years of growth. 3 years ago, I moved to Arizona. In that time I have grown a lot. Learned a ton. And changed, experienced, and found out a lot about myself.

But I can't show pictures of real hard evidence of that. So instead...I'm going to excite you with pictures of the "growth" in my garden lately!!

Snapdragons & Celosia (the hairy-bright-looking guys). You can actually eat snapdragons. So my plan is one of these days to make a froofy, fancy, gourmet meal - and garnish/decorate it with snapdragons.

Yellow squash (these pictures were taken with my crackberry...)

The yellow squash plant. Aren't those flowers pretty?

1 of the 3 tomato (heirloom) plants

The vegetable section: tomatoes, red bell peppers, basil, squash, & mint

The pentunia garden. I also have a few pots arraged with these plants

And then there's a bed of marigolds & daisies...but I didn't get a picture of them!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wine & Love

Yep...I'm creative! I'm stealing this idea from several bloggers! But it's cute!! And I have many things to drink wine over, and many things to love --So here it goes!

What makes me pour a glass of wine right now:
  • My 50 hour work weeks lately. And constantly striving to please all. It drains me. Sometimes I don't feel like a very "fun" person to be around anymore!
  • The fact that I feel like I'm pulled in way too many directions. If I make a mistake? It could be life-or-death. Some nights I drive home from work, and dont even remember my drive because I'm in such a daze of being totally "shell-shocked".
  • The other day a person hinted that I look pregnant
  • Why don't they just tell me, "Wow! Are you gaining weight?"

What do I love right now?
  • My husband and how flexible & great he is! I've recently gone gluten free due to a (about) 3 year issue with stomach problems, and now rashes all over my legs/arms. (I've been trying to pass it off..and make up excuses. But finally faced some reality and tried to make some changes) He's been so understanding & open to it...which helps extraordinarily!
  • Although it's the bane of my existence...I do love my job & the people I work with.
  • My garden. Every time I work in it, it is bigger, greener, and has more bulbs and new little vegetables popping up!
  • My bed. Which is seriously calling my name, since I've been up at 4:30 every day since last Tuesday! I have big plans of taking a melatonin & sleeping until 6 tomorrow!
Have a great week everyone!!