Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Year 26

Well, I'm another year older! I have to admit that I feel much older than 26. Not physically, but my spirit does. I recently read a blog post about "Problems of a 20-something" - and I don't think I could relate to a single one on the list. Much of it was in relation to being broke, hung over, weird roommates, having a difficult time adjusting to the "real world's" early mornings. I haven't really faced any of those problems.

  • I like mornings. I enjoy being up before the sun - there is something exciting about it in feeling like I'm getting "bonus hours"
  • I don't like staying out past 10 ... because I'll be waking up before the sunrise.
  • I don't ask my parents for money.
  • Budgeting is fun! It's like a challenge every month to see how "below" the cap we can get on various categories.
  • I don't like going to bars, because the music is too loud, and then I can't hear what anyone is saying - so end up just smiling and nodding my head the entire evening - and then people think I'm incompetent.
To be honest, I dreaded going to work on my birthday, and having to be asked the dreaded questions of "So how many years is it today?" . In fact, I shocked many co-workers. I'll be honest, I have lied about my age. Except not like most women (who lie to make themselves younger). I have lied and made myself older, so people take me seriously. As soon as they hear twenty - many automatically put me in the same category as a Miley-Cyrus-loving-bar-hopping-kid.

I was literally the receiving end of comments like this on my birthday: "Oh God, my son could be your father!" or "Oh're a child!" Being called a child is not the most uplifting words to hear in your professional career. But, I've been the receiving end of it in the past, and I've learned to just rise above it and prove them wrong!

On the flip side of my dread....I had the most uplifting, joy-filled day. I had a hard time getting anything accomplished that day due to all the visits from various friends who were delivering hugs, kind words, flowers, bottles of wine, gifts, phone calls, was kind of humbling. I am so incredibly blessed to have so many loving & supportive people in my life!

I will say it was quite a simple evenings, which was exactly what I wanted. I came home, had a glass of wine, some