Friday, July 3, 2015

The Ten Office Commandments

Most of my career, I have not had an office. During my time as a floor nurse, I ran around from room to room, and did my charting standing up in hallways.

As a case manager, I walked around the entire hospital with a giant binder going from room to room. We had a "case management office" - but I avoided it at all costs. I would see all my patients, and find a computer in a quiet corner to do all my documentation.


This is my job where I've ever had a designated desk, in a designated office, that I am required to spend a large amount of time at during my day.

I have learned about myself, that I would like to work in a fish bowl of silence.

I have developed a great deal of pet peeves. These pet peeves are of behaviors that I witness, that one would think are common sense. However, as Ryan always tells me, "Common sense is not that common."

My environment is unique. And I have 2 words to describe it:

per·son·al·i·ty dis·or·der
noun: personality disorder; plural noun: personality disorders
  1. a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society.
Okay, moving on. I have come up with a list of so-called "Office Commandments", that should be common sense. Common courtesy. And if I ruled the world, they would be posted in every office. (Below are all things I experience on a daily basis, by the way)....
1. Thou shall not hold phone conversations on speaker.

2. Thou shall definitely not get into an argument with a person (ie spouse, child, patient, physician) in a crowded cubical space. One shall politely excuse self from the room, and hold this argument in a private area. Especially if raising of voice and yelling is to take place.

3.  Thou shall not talk about their bowel habits in loud phone conversation. See commandment #2.
4.  Thou shall not make commentary on other office-mates professional phone conversations with patients. (and I mean commentary on every conversation. Every. Single. Conversation.)
5.  Thou shall not make commentary of every lunch office mate makes, staring over shoulder, asking what the food contents are, how it was made, where the ingredients were purchased, and then proceeding to "ask for a bite".
6.  Thou shall not eat canned tuna in a small cubicle environment.
7.  Thou shall not re-heat any form of fish in microwave. Especially if microwave is next to cubicle-mates desk.
8.  Thou shall not speak of their food allergies every hour of the day. (It is sometimes so obnoxious, I am tempted to make a barricade of flour and bread around my desk to ward off the crazy. If you know what I mean.)
9.  Thou shall not look at office-mate's computer screen, and commentate on their e-mails.
10.  Thou shall not blabber incessantly throughout entire 8-10 hour day. Again, see commandment # 2 regarding finding private place to talk to self out loud.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Currently: July edition!

Reading: "The Luckiest Girl Alive" - it is a similar thriller type like Gone Girl. It's a really sad, maddening, interesting book! Good, easy summer read!

Thinking: About where I want to be in 5 years. Geographically and career-wise. Ryan and I are sort of stumped on this one.

The other night we were out shopping, and talking about this conundrum. And I took Ryan into the toy aisle, and we looked for a "Magic 8 Ball" to get some answers. Unfortunately, Magic 8 Ball's are not common toys these days ;)

Frustrated: I can't say I have any major frustrations right now. Life is pretty good ;)

Feeling: Energized. I feel like things are going really well with my new job right now. I'm really enjoying my training (running/biking training, that is). It's fun to be excited to wake up every morning!

Anticipating: This long weekend. I don't care what we do. I've just happy to have 3 days to ourselves!

Eating: Major dietary change I've made lately? Protein for breakfast. I am a cereal and greek yogurt kind of girl. And have forced myself to start eating eggs, protein shakes, etc for breakfast. Tough for me, as cereal is so easy!

Sad: That we won't be doing anything special for the 4th of July.

For one, I'm super sad to be away from my family during this time. We were going to try to go to San Diego or do a camping trip....but Ryan has had the wake up call that having a full time job + part time pilot + grad school -- weekends need to be "study, study, study". I'm trying really hard to be a good, supportive sport on this one. But I must admit it kind of sucks!)

Working: On so many different projects right now. I love projects. And in order to make myself the "well-liked new girl"....I offered myself up to do A LOT of "stuff" over the past few months. It is now catching up to me! But that's okay, because I love what I'm doing.

Grateful: For my weekends. I've never had a job that I got weekends off. People told me, "Oh it's not that great." or "You're going to miss having days off during the week". Let me tell you, I don't. I love having stability in my schedule and having my weekends off!

Listening: To a lot of Dave Matthews Band lately. Something about summer makes me do that

Wishing: This monsoon season gives us tons of rain! It's so freaking hot and humid right now, we desert rats deserve some rain!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mount Lemmon Camping: A much needed escape

My blogging has been a little MIA lately. The way I've been setting up my life lately, it leaves very little time for blogging.

**I refuse to make statements like "I'm too busy to ______". That's not the truth. I just have been choosing to fill every hour of the day with other things ;) #stopsayingyourtoobusy #biggestpetpeeve

Ryan and I have not seen much of each other, either. I sound like a broken record, repeating this statement over and over again. But it's the truth. For the past month, we have been planning a camping trip with 2 other couples up to Mount Lemmon, and it couldn't have come at a better time!

To me, there is nothing more therapeutic than driving 1 hour up the mountain to cool weather, disconnecting from world, and spending 100% of your time in the great outdoors!

When we pulled out of our driveway Friday morning, the temperature was 105 degrees (at 11:00 am). When we reached our campsite, it was 74 degrees F.


Here's our weekend through photos:

 Once we arrived, we got right to setting up our camp! We choose not to do a campground this time, as we have found some lovely clearings in the forest with incredible views! It's so peaceful to not be at a campground around loud, drunk, cackling people (if you camp, you know what I'm talking about!)
I had took a very happy selfie :) It was so nice to be in cool temps and surrounded by pines...

We were "leading" the trip, and had 2 other couples coming. So we wanted to make sure we had a good spot with the best views! I think we succeeded ;)

Once the camp was set up, we opened a beer, and went for a leisurely hike.


"A boy and his dog"
Just as our other friends were getting in, a monsoon (aka AZ storm) started to roll in. Here I am modeling my very fashionable poncho.
Luckily it only rained for about 1 hour, and our tent stayed dry!

We spent the evening cooking and hanging out around the campfire. It was perfect!
Cooking is one of my favorite parts of camping. I didn't get any photos, since it was already dark. But we made teriyaki chicken breasts & foil packets of potatoes & carrots cooked over the fire! Mmm...
Saturday morning, I was the 1st one awake. Of course.
Well, Miles and I both were ready to awaken. This was his 1st camping trip, and he did amazing! Luckily, he isn't a "barker". He was happy as can be the whole time.
We snuck out of the tent, and went for a little hike with the sunrise!

Pictures don't come close to doing justice!

Our little "campground" was silent :)
Once everyone was awake, I fired up the grill and made breakfast burritos & coffee. (**Starbucks vias make some amazing camping coffee by the way...)
And then we headed out for a group hike!
I think this could be considered our 1st "family picture"
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing ladder ball, catching up, and enjoying some drinks while the boys gathered & chopped wood.
All they had was a small hatchet & a saw. It was quite entertaining to watch the "testosterone fest" as they hacked and grunted while cutting up pine :D

This was a great picture to sum up the evening. Tons of laughter!

Miles liked the beer, too.

(don't worry, he didn't really drink it. He just likes licking the empty bottles)
Another storm rolled in in the evening, so we all retreated to our tents. Which is kind of awesome to "have to" retreat to your tent, and bundle in your sleeping bag!
Sunday morning after packing up, 4 of us headed out for one last hike. We hiked Marshall Gulch trail, which is an amazing 5 mile loop!
Below is not an optical illusion! The trees are all seriously bent this way towards the sun! Amazing, isn't it?!

After our hike, we worked up appetites, and headed to "The Cookie Cabin in a town called Summerhaven. They make home-made pizzas and made-to-order cookies. We enjoyed "The Rachel" - which is a cookie made of butterscotch, coconut, and oatmeal. It's served fresh out of the oven. And is to die for!
Here's a picture of their cooked I found on their website. If you are ever in Tucson, and you make your way up Mount Lemmon...these cookies are a MUST after your hike!
We came home feeling happy and satisfied. Pictured below is a good description of how we felt last night...
I love camping :)