Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Wedding...revisited

So I left off with Tuesday's anticipation of the big events for the weekend! Wednesday morning Ryan and I went for a run, had a great workout in the the backyard of my parents house.....and this was probably the last normal moment we had alone and together for the rest of the weekend! I am so glad we did this. We got some quality time together to talk, laugh, and encourage each a little taste of our normal routine before the excitement all came. I made him breakfast, and he was back to the lakes. I packed up my bags to head to Wahpeton with Mom to get my nails done.

Wednesday was a great day to get some good bonding time with my Mom. It's funny how when I was a young teenager--I had such attitude towards my parents and would strive so hard to be the complete opposite of them. Now I can proudly say that I strive so hard to become a woman like my Mother. I arrived at the glorious lakes (which is probably my favorite place in the world)...and headed to my bridesmaid Sarah's cabin to catch up on much lost time! It was great to pick up exactly where we had left off!

Thursday morning I woke up to an absolutely picturesque day at the lakes. The lake was like glass, sun was shining, and weather was perfect. Ryan came over to the cabin that morning and we took the boat out onto the lake for about an hour. It was absolutely perfect.

My sister's both arrived at the cabin that morning, and we headed to town for the "Bridal Luncheon" where we met Ryan's Mom (Jan), sister (Erin), and his Grandma Alberts. It was so fun to have a morning together to get acquainted and talk about the upcoming weekend.

It was then preparation time for my bachelorette party. This was absolutely perfect. An evening with the woman who inspire me and who I love the most: my sisters, sister-in-laws, mom, aunts, cousins, and future mother and sister-in laws! It was great. We had margaritas, sangria, chicken tacos, and an incredible cake my extremely talented sister-in-law, Erin made! (Pictures on Lisa's blog )

That night the real excitement and reality that the wedding was coming SOON hit. I think I slept maybe 2 hours that night? My night was spent tossing and turning about. I woke in the morning, and took a nice long run in the rain. Some may see this as crazy. I see this as glorious. I love rain, and miss it dearly--and something about running in the rain is cleansing and refreshing to me!

It was now Friday. The day of the Rehearsal. This is the day where Abby became the nightmare of a stressed out bride. I think this was the only day I felt like this. I was worried. I am a worrier by nature. My only thoughts: "What if no one read the itinerary I sent out? What if everyone is late for the rehearsal..then no one will know what to do during the wedding. Our wedding will be a disaster! What if it's raining again tomorrow?--Pictures will be ruined. Ryan had his bachelor party tonight--what if he doesn't make it back to the lakes in time??? What if no one picked up their tuxedo's yesterday? What if I get sick today?? What if ... what if ...

....what if I took a chill pill?

More to come later ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Big Day...from our side.

So as stated early, and as all of you have probably read...My sister Lisa wrote a beautiful recap of our Wedding weekend in a 5-blog-collaboration. After some discussion and thinking, I have decided to write a little blog about the wedding day from our side.

We started to watch the wedding video-compilation last night. Only got through the ceremony and our first dance. It was so surreal to re-live. It brought me back down memory 3 weeks ago. Which feels like yesterday and feels like 3 years ago--all at the same time.

This may take a few blogs worth. I tend to get overly wordy, so it's best I break this up into pieces.

I am going to begin with Tuesday. Ryan was at the lakes with his family at the cabin they rented for the week. I had been in Wyndmere with my mom and dad enjoying the much-needed time spent. (I miss my parents, a lot) It was so exciting to see Ryan for the first time that week. He showed up at my house that morning. I had just returned from an 8 mile, head-clearing, heart-pumping, relaxing run...where I thought only about Ryan and our life together. When we saw each other for the first time, we were almost speechless. We both had one thought on our mind. "Wow, it's really here! Finally."

We had a full day planned of meeting with the priest and going over ceremony details, meeting with the photographers to go over...everything, and meeting with the DJ to make sure he wasn't going to be a "tool" and ruin our reception. We then met a high school friend on mine for dinner at Granite City. And finished the evening at my Mom and Dad's house. It was Ryan's birthday that day. My Mom, being the thoughtful mom she is, had gotten Ryan an ice cream cake. So we got to celebrate a little. He also got binoculars from my parents--which we have been dying to have on our hiking expeditions!

Our first hours of that day were stressful. It felt like we just walked into a wedding in a different state on the other side of the country..... Wait a second ;) We did! It felt like this was the first true "involved-wedding-planning" we got to do. We were working on memorizing wedding vows, going over the last minute details, and trying to spend some good quality time together before the craziness hit. However, the reality was that the craziness had already arrived!

After some nice and natural/expected "Pre-Nuptual Arguments"....we finally stopped everything. We were hit with the realization that this week only happens once. There is no need to stress out and get worked up. I tend to be high strung, Ryan tends to be intense too. And we calmed each other down...and finally found peace and serenity!

Looking back. I wish I could go back to those days leading up to the wedding and relive them again. The excitement, anticipation, wonder, and uncontrollable-butterflies I felt were like nothing I've ever felt in my life.

Last night we were recapping that week, and both agreed that our cheeks have never hurt so bad. Not because of endless pictures taken, however. But the smiles from seeing the people we love the most, smiles from the moments so memorable, and smiles from the excitement and anticipation of a promised life together as as family--Ryan and Abigail Nastase.

More to come in a future blog........

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honeymoon...Part 2

Okay, so my previous post told of the amazing beautiful sites we saw. The relaxation we enjoyed. And the elegant romance we experienced.

Now, this may come across negative--but please trust me, this is not negativity. I thrive off of this stuff......Watching people. A couple's only resort in a different country is like a MUSEUM for a people watcher who loves to analyze....

So let's start with our first morning out on the pool/beach....

Now, for background information--Abby is sheltered girl when it comes to culture. I was born in North Dakota, raised in North Dakota...and my heart continues to live within the good, Catholic family Values.

We arrive to the pool, We are getting set up at our chairs..and I look left and there "it" is. I don't know what to do when I see "it". Do I scream? Vomit? Cry? Run away? Let "it" know?

You are probably wondering what this "it" is...Well "it" was a picture of something I hope to never become. "It" was the largest, most "Magda-Tanned", droopy, saggy, pendoulous breasts I have ever seen in my life!!!!! A woman in her late-40's decided the string bikini just wasn't enough for her Melanoma-Worthy tanning experience. The knockers has to get a little (lot) sun too! All my manners go out the door, and my immediate reaction is "Ryan! Oh my god..we can't sit here. Oh my god. Look!!!!!"

Ryan wasn't as freaked out or riled us as myself. He just calmly said, "Yep, that's nasty. Welcome to a Couple's Only resort in Mexico, Babe."

It only gets worse, when I right and see another "it"!!! Suddenly, it was like an epiphany came over me. When I looks around the entire pool deck. Boobs were everywhere!!! Nothing phased these woman! And the scariest part is that nothing phased their husbands!! I cannot imagine just ripping off my top, on a romantic honeymoon trip, for the whole world to see my breasts... In ADDITION to that thought...I can't imagine beint in my late-40's, with sagging pendolous breasts, showing myself to the entire resort!

Anyways. There were people in swimming suits too. I would say about 25% of the woman at the resort were topless though. How odd. I am probably incredibly sheltered. But this was the thoughts going through my mind often during the course of our trip.

I also was lucky to analyze couples. I could write an entire book on this. I saw more Sugar Daddy's then I knew even existed. When I say "Sugar Daddy"...I should really say "Suga' Grandpas" Men with completely white hair, smoking old pipes, wrinkles and melanoma lesions on the skin....arms around their 20-something wife with exquisite boob-jobs and donned in a different ornate bikini every day.

I once again had to put myself in their shoes, of course. I thought to myself. "What would my parents say if Ryan was 75. And I brought him home with news we were married." "What if I had to get up every morning, go for my work out and get home in time to make his Metamucil shake, give him his cup 'o' Werther's Originals, pass him his morning blood-pressure medications, and get him in his chair to watch Fox News and the History channel." What an odd life.

I explained these scenarios and observations in excessive detail to Ryan throughout our honeymoon. There were times where Ryan laughed, times where he frowned, and times where he just said, "Babe, maybe you should read for a while." It takes a man with a lot of patience and understanding to marry someone myself.

I highly recommend you all to take a journey as we did. You will get beautiful scenery, fun adventures, exquisite dining and romance, and above all--Excellent people-watching opportunities!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Honeymoon

So my lovely sister, Lisa has posted 5 excellent blogs recapping the events of the amazing wedding weekend. Now, normally I would link this. However, I do not know how to link another blog (I am completely computer-unsavy). However, the only peoploe that read this blog, read Lisa's blog as well.

I am going to skip the recap of our wedding, in that case....and skip to our honeymoon!

We left for Cancun, Mexico on last Wednesday. We got home from the wedding the Monday after, I was sick with a horrible flu that turned into Bronchitus for a 1.5 weeks, and I had finals week for school. A real whirlwind, and finding real time to enjoy our married life was tough. So Wednesday morning I took my final test, and had Ryan pick me up from school and we headed straight to the airport!

We arrived at 9:30 pm to our "Couples-Only-All Inclusive" resort the "Playa Mujeres"
It was absolutely amazing. The Mexican taxi companies completely screwed us over and we paid $80 to get to our hotel. At that moment, I was really wishing I had taken Spanish in college. After all that stress, we arrived at the hotel and were greated by the Bell-Boy with Champagne. We were taken to our room, and were floored by how amazing our room was. Photos of a general idea of our paradise are above. (For some reason..I can't remember how to place pictures where I want them!)

Most of the vacation was spent enjoying ourselves at the resort. There was more than plenty to do! Absolutely everything was All-Inclusive (except for really fine bottles of wine). The restaurants were like 5-star ones, that had one waiter assigned to your table. They pulled out chairs, placed napkins in your lap, and refilled our water or wine with each drink/sip taken! The pools and beachside had waiters constantly serving you. Our room had it's own private pool.

They had sailboats, kayaks, snorkeling gear that were available for us to take out. Ryan got a 15 minute sailing lesson, and we were able to take it out. It was amazing being out in the middle of the ocean just the 2 of us!!!!

We kayaked across to a pier, and kicked 5 other couples butts with our athletic-teamwork skills. (We are definitely taking a camping trip this fall that involves kayaking!)

Friday evening we went into town for a "Sunset Cruise". They served you a delicious 3 course Surf-and-Turf meal, and once again it was open bar and all inclusive. The stars were absolutely incredible. I love being on the sea I have decided!

Saturday morning, we had a taxi leave at 7:30 a.m., where we met a tour bus that took us south of Cancun to Tulum.

Tulum is a Mayan Civilization. We were at a natural park called "Xel Ha". The picture doesn't even do the justice. They have one of the BEST snorkeling areas in Mexico. We snorkeled for a good 1.5 hours and saw many beautiful tropical fish, and even a few sting rays (scary!!!). We got some great shots with our underwater camera. The area that we snorkeled in was a Trading Port 3000 years ago! After snorkeling we hopped on tubes and tubed/swam down a river that was encapsulated by rain-forest. We then walked across a tight-rope, which was way more difficult than I imagined!! (The picture is not of either of us obviously...I found a picture of it on the website to give you an idea)

After returning to our hotel, we showered up and went out to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant.

Our last day was spent lounging on the beach, swimming, and soaking up our last moments of paradise. We woke in the morning and took a nice long run on the beach, and then had our "Honeymoon Champange Breakfast" delivered to our room. We got to choose exactly what we wanted--so I was lovin' the natural yogurts and fresh fresh fruit!!

In the evening we had our "Honeymooner evening dinner" at the French restaurant. I had Steak Tartar...which is raw meat--and tasted amazing. We both had Sea Bass. The meal was incredible. We then headed to the plaza for an evening of dancing to a live band. It was fun to use our ballroom/Latin dance skills--and we are looking forward to taking lessons when we graduate!!

We are now home from paradise, and my day was spent cleaning house and getting resettled home for the first time since before the wedding. Feels amazing.

We are definitely enjoying married life, and every day together we feel extremely blessed!