Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Bananas

As many of you know, I am in a "loll" right now. Done with school, impatiently waiting to take my boards and start working. I got a test date for September 21, but that just wasn't early enough. So I started narotically checking the website and was able to reschedule: September 15 (Wednesday) is the big day!

This is a very very good thing. For, I am going...........


Stir crazy!!!

I'm going LOCA. Tom Cruise style.

I'm kind of used to being busy. Have clinicals, class, labs, more clinicals, clinical prep-work, silly meetings, more silly labs, 5 hour-lectures, papers to write, studying to do.

Right responsibility is to study for NCLEX, search for jobs online, and studying NCLEX some more.

Let me just tell you -- I know when a new job is posted at every hopsital in town. And I am well aware of the mottos and policies of every nursing home in Tucson.

Today, I tried cleaning the house - and it was really easy. Then I realized..."Hm...I just cleaned the house like 3 days ago"

I'm getting a little loony.

Yesterday Ryan got home - and I was uber talkative. Like, Aerobics-Instructor-On-Crack talkative!

Then I realized......."Ryan, you are the first human being I have spoken to all day!"

So, in other words -I'm happy the weekend is approaching us. We have some fun stuff planned!

I'm Happy I will be taking my NCLEX next week!

I'm happy that I will be leaving my hermit-home and entering the working world again.

Before I start getting weird......

In the mean time...... every shirt we own will be ironed, the floors are spotless, the fridge is disinfected and clean to perfection, our closets have been reorganized, the weeds are picked, and Ryan's getting some pretty awesome meals cooked!! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The time has come, my friends.

The time has come. You know when you've been really good? You've been exercising, eating good portions, getting your 6 servings of vegetables.........and then the opportunity to go out for ice cream comes about. You do it. You deserve it. No guilt here!

Well, I'm not giving you cyber-servings of mint-choco-ice-cream, folks. I'm giving you a rant.

I know. So not as cool and exciting as ice cream.

I try to ration my "rants". All because I don't want the world of blogging to think, "Wow, this girl is one raging b*tch!". I just like to see the world from a different angle sometimes. What's that angle? Fricking sarcastic and cynical, and sometimes irritated.

So....brace yourselves - here it goes! *Disclaimer, this is just for fun! *

What is my rant-o-choice this time?

Yep. That's right. Grocery carts.

You're all probably thinking, Why do grocery carts make this girl angry. Wow. She really is a "raging B*tch".

No. I'm talking about the laziness attached to our shoppers. I don't know if this is a national issue.

It is an issue at my local grocery store, and it drives me I N S A N E!!!

You know how there are these little "grocery cart collection areas"? Those areas where, "When you are done shopping, walk 20 feet, and place your cart here"

Oh. Hell. No. Not at my grocery store.

People take their grocery carts, and prop them up on curbs, push them into cars, or just get real lazy and leave them in the middle of the aisle.


Here is my synopsis of these citzens: (this is only a prediction, remember)
You just spent probably 20-30 minutes WALKING around the grocery store picking up items such as the following:

  • Doritos

  • Spam

  • Dr. Pepper

  • Pepsi

  • Moutain Dew

  • Natural Light

  • Keystone Light

  • Hungy Man Dinners (a nice assortment)

  • Instant Potatoes

  • Microwavable mini sausages

  • Many packets of cheese dogs

  • Ho-ho's - strawberry flavored

  • Oreos

  • Ho-ho's - vanilla flavored (okay, I don't know what Ho-Ho's are actually. I've seen them. I'm just making assumptions here.....)

  • Bugles

  • Fritos

  • Ice Cream

  • Drumsticks (not chicken, the ice cream kind)

  • Microwavable Hot Wings

  • Pizza Rolls

  • Microwave Pizza (does that exist? I don't know. Just guessing)
After you have purchased a fantastically FULL grocery cart of processed food......You go to the self checkout. And you TAKE YOUR FREAKING TIME. You are the slowest checker-outer in the history of the world.

Then, You push your cart out to the car. You load your Ford Taurus fulllllll of your processed foods....

And then you say to yourself, "I gotta get home and throw dinner in the microwave!!!! I don't have TIME to walk my cart 10 feet to put it in the designated area"

So you actually put more effort into propping it up on the curb. Because you are so lazy that you can't walk 10 feet.

Meanwhile, a 95 year old woman with a cane picks up your lazy cart and puts it away for you.

But you don't notice. Because you're driving away while texting.

Now that I got that off my chest....I feel much better!

Happy Wednesday!!!

I take my NCLEX on September 21!!!!!!! Yay!!! That means I'll most likely be an RN on September 23!? (officially)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Update

Alright, so for the past 5-6 months I have been doing the "monthly update" at the beginning of the month. I stole the format from my sister Lisa. She has gone and started her own format. Instead of being completely un-creative...and stealing her idea (again)......

I'm going to switch up the categories! Well, some of them. So here we go.....

Current Book:
-The HURST NCLEX Review Book, ATI NCLEX review books, basically anything that is going to prepare my frightened & scared self for the state boards test...... (which I will be taking probably next week!)
-"Sh*t My Dad Says". I will be doing a little book review on this on a later date!

Current Food items: (because I have some odd eating habits...this deserve a category)
-Whole wheat english-muffin with Smart-Balance butter, Splenda, & cinnamon sprinkled on. It's my pre-run fuel!
-Watermelon (it's been on sale like crazy. I feel like I've been eating so much of this that it will start growing out of my ears)
-smoked oyesters

Current Frustration:
-Being flexible. I've been stretched and pushed around for 20 months in my nursing program, and finally graduated on August 20. Now, I'm continuing to "be flexible" on patiently impatiently awaiting authorization to take my test so I can start working.
-The shitty job market.
-The fact that I will probably be working nights.

Current Excitement
-Many excitements in life right now! But probably on the top of my list right now is the fact that yesterday we signed the contract to build our house, but the lot is on contingency. So we will know by 5:00 pm tonight if we got it!!

Favorite Date Night of the Month
-There is an area in Tucson called "Fourth Ave". To be honest, it is quite heavily populated with hippies and street-dwellers. However, it is also populated with hidden treasures, awesome restraraunts, and great entertainers.
-If you ever come to Tucson, I highly recommend you check it out.
-My favorite date night was a Thursday evening, we headed to Fourth Avenue. We went to a bar called "Sky Bar" - which has telescopes out that view different planets and stars. They happened to have an awesome live jazz performance going on that night. Very fun.

Picture of the month:

Saturday night during our camping trip, Ryan decided at sunset to drop a line in the lake and do some fishing. So I joined him to talk his poor ears off keep him company . :) I captured this with my phone. How peaceful and perfect is that??!! :)

Best Movie of the Month:
-Probably "Date Night". I thought it was really cute. I love Steve Carrell (sp?). And Tina Fey is kind of definitely my role model.

Goal for September:
1) To pass NCLEX.
2) To land a job on the Telemetry floor of my hospital.
3) To some how negotiate a means of not having to work nights (pretty sure I won't attain this goal)
4) Have a good, solid month of marathon training (it starts picking up more now!)

Coming up for the month:
-Besides all the job and house stuff.......
-U of A football games begin. So we are looking forward to attending those games and doing some tail-gaiting! To be honest, I get more excited about the tail-gaiting than the actual games.
-Seeing Tosh.O on September of my new favorite comedians. If you get offended easily, do me a favor and don't check him out.
-Cooler temperatures! Woo hoo!!!!

Hope everyone is off to a great start to their week! Yay for September....this is one of my favorite months!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Camping - Lake Patagonia

In most aspects of my life, I'm quite the little scheduler/planner. In fact, sometimes I feel like my brain is a constantly buzzing calendar. But many of our trips, get-aways are quite last minute.

So we had one of those this weekend. We started talking Monday evening that it would be nice to do a camping trip this weekend ...... but found that the only open campsites in the area are "first come first serve"

I'm not much of a "risk taker" -- and I wasn't too keen on the idea of packing up for 4 days, getting to a campground, and finding out there was no room for us!

But, Thursday afternoon I made some calls around and decided it was "do-able". So I stocked up on some groceries and we packed our bags.

Friday morning we were on the road to Lake Patagonia by 8:15 am! Our sweet little Honda Civic Hybrid was stuffed to the brim!

Lake Patagonia is near the Mexican border. It's about 10 degrees cooler than Tucson, due to it's elevation. It is absolutely gorgeous. Rolling grassy hills, mountains, horse ranches, and gorgeous wine vineyards. The park is tucked in the mountain on a natural lake.

Now, to clear things up...I'm sure many of you read this and think "*gasp* You camped near the Mexican border? Didn't the drug cartels come and get you?" No. They didn't. This state park is very safe and monitored. I never once felt unsafe or threatened by our environment. Plus, what would the drug cartels want from us? Our tent? Our sauerkraut? Perhaps some of the meat from our "hobo meal"?

So we met Ryan's Dad and family who got down the night before. It worked out perfect, they had a site right next to us - so we were able to take over a nice area and call it ours. :) I couldn't think of a better way to end the summer than spend it camping with family!

I unfortunately remember to pack almost everything random, unneccessary thing ..... except our camera!!! So I have no pictures from the weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous there - and there were many great moments to catch on camera!

It was very hot. But, luckily the lake was "swimming" lake - so the afternoons were spent in the water. The other great part, is we live in the desert! So the nights cooled down perfect!

We got home today around noon to re-group. For tomorrow.............

Drum roll please....

.....We sign the contract for building the house!!

Happy Labor Day everyone! :)