Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ten on Thursday!

I'm doing 10 on Tuesday a little late!

1. How many blogs do you read every day and what are they? (I’m talking the ones you NEVER miss)

I don't read blogs daily anymore, as lately I've made the decision on nights when I get home from work to eat dinner & spend time with Ryan. But -- My consistent blogs I never miss is Lisa's!

2. How many “best friends” do you have? Do you have different “besties” for different areas of your life?
My best friend is my husband for sure. But I've never been one to have an exclusive "best friend". I'm more of a "lover of all"/"the more the merrier" type of person. I have people I'm close to at work, while I was in nursing scohol, and friends I keep in close touch with from when I lived in ND. My life is just on-the-move this past year and changing fast!

I also would have to say my Mom or Sister are my best girlfriends -- since they're people I trust so much and they are extremely near & dear to my heart!

3. What’s your daily make up routine?
I brush a little blush on my face, slap on some eye shadow, maybe put on a touch of mascera & eye liner (depending on my's crazy-super-allergy season here right now), put Carmex on my lips and call it a day!

Glamorous, huh? It's works for me though!
4. What is your ideal girl’s night?
Definitely a girl's night in. Wine, fun appetizers, chocolate covered strawberries, and lots of laughs!

5. Do you keep up with your nails/toenails or are they au natural?
I make sure my nails aren't too long for work - and place a coat of clear. And I paint my toenails prior to date-nights.

I also cannot wear nail polish on my fingernails. Last time I tried, it lasted a wopping 40 minutes? Even on my wedding day, I pleaded with the nail-lady we keep everything "clear" and simple!

6. What’s your best roommate story (assuming you had a roommate at some point in your life)?
One time at band camp...I had a room-mate who did not sleep. She literally sat on the edge of her bed all night long and just kind of stared at the wall. When I discovered this, I too, had a difficult time sleeping. It was extraordinarily creepy. My following years at band-camp...I made sure to make room-arrangements with friends from the previous years to avoid this creepiness.

My freshman room mate was a 19-year-old chronic alcoholic. Sometimes, I'd come into our room on Tuesday mornings between class - and she would be sitting on the floor with her friend taking shots of vodka. They would invite me to join, and I would explain that I had to go to anatomy lab.

After that, I moved into my sorority house -- where I had nice, normal, non-alcoholic roommates. More pleasant living environment!
7. What’s your “go to” outfit that you wear more than anything else?
Bright blue scrubs.

Or......right now I'm wearing these khaki shorts and a cute, striped, loose-fitted shirt. Or capris, cami, & 3/4 length cardigans.
8. Do you have a beauty secret?
Exercise, spending a little time in the sun, staying hydrated, & 7+ hrs of sleep.

Also, my new routine is to put wet washclothes in the freezer and then place over my eyes when I fall asleep.

9. Did you read Seventeen magazine growing up?
I sure did!
10. How did you learn to put on makeup?
I taught myself. Hence why I'm not a big make-up-person. I think it makes me look like a clown.

When I taught myself how to put on make up...I also decided to teach myself how to pluck my own eyebrow @ age 13. Not a good idea. They never really grew back to normalcy....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Alive, Kind of!

Greetings, all! It has been awhile since I've graced you with my prescence.

For the past 2 weeks...I have been working a lot. My schedule has just been...."screwy" with lots of overtime. It's been a long time since I've just had a day off. Waking up a 4:30 to work out, going to work to run my ass off until about 8-8:30 causing so much house-work to pile up!!

But tomorrow I have the day OFF!! And then Friday we are leaving this society to escape into the woods for a camping trip.

Words cannot explain my joy for this.

I want to be in a place for a few days where call lights and IV pumps aren't beeping 12 hrs/day at me, where my patients aren't peeing in their water glasses "accidently" (yes, this happened to me yesterday....), where I don't have to fix emotional melt-downs, don't have to worry about people's blood pressure & heart rhythm, and no one will be detoxing on me.

Ahhhhh I am so ready for a real break!

I did get a little break last weekend, and we took a SURPRISE trip to Minnesota to spend Easter with the family. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this was. I have been missing family so much lately! We flew out at early early Friday morning, and returned at 2 am Sunday night (yes, flights were delayed. Denver airport sucks). And we were back at it Monday morning bright & early at 5am!

So if I seem cynical or negative? I'm probably just a little tired!

I can't wait to go camping, and have something exciting to talk about!

Also, our garden is like a jungle. In a good way. It's flourishing like mad! It brings me great joy :)