Tuesday, July 22, 2014

70.3 training - The Good and the Ugly

I'm getting "down and dirty" with this half ironman training. I have to say so far it's very manageable and fun! I have to thank my work schedule of 4 10's, so that on my 3 days off -- I am able to get longer workouts in. #spoiled

I'm several weeks into this training, and here are a few observations. The Good and the Ugly:

The Good
  • One doesn't really get sick of a sport. You're balancing between running, biking, and swimming. So every day, I kind of get excited about which one I get to do!
  • Fun bonding time with training partners! Between Saturday-Sunday, we biked 73 miles. (Which is about 5 hours on the bike total). Talk about some serious catching up/bonding!

    (here we are on our 34 mi bike/2 mi run Brick Saturday morning!)
  • Learning new sports. I'm really embracing my love of the water. This masters swim team is going to be hard for me to quit when I'm done training! Mondays & Fridays we do speed work and Wednesday's are about long distance! It's teaching me so much.
  • Lots of beautiful sunrises are enjoyed in this training.
  • These workouts are building some serious legs!
  • My joints are happy! I used to take 1 day of low impact/week. Now I only run 3-4 days/week. So I get 3-4 days of low impact swimming/biking. And, of course, a rest day.
The Ugly
  • My feet are scary. This Monday as I walked into the door to work, and looked down - I actually shrieked. And realized I shouldn't wear open-toed shoes for a while. Calluses, black toenail, missing toe nail.....eek!!!
  • My derrière is bruised. 3 hours on a bike seat = ouch. I don't like wearing those padded shorts either, but Sunday I put aside my insecurities and put them on. (I think they make me look like I'm wearing a diaper. I'd rather have a sore butt, than look like I'm incontinent. I know this is vain)
  • I'm so hungry that it's silly. Some mornings after my workout, I can't stop eating. I found the true meaning of br-unch. (meaning breakfast, snack, snack, lunch).
  • You can have pretty hair. You can be a triathlete. But you cannot be both. Chlorine. Helmet hair. Sun. *Crunch*
  • It is really hard to fit in weight training. But I try to fit it in twice weekly! It's not easy...
I have to say the good outweighs the ugly! I'm having so much fun with my training!
Here is last weeks training schedule: (last week was a good training week. I had a random Wednesday off, so got a bonus day in there!)
Monday: 5am: Masters Swim practice (1 hour of sprint drills). 6pm: chest & back wt training (30 min)
Tuesday: Run 7.5 miles
Wednesday: Swim/Bike brick -- Swim 1.5 miles, Bike 25 miles
Thursday: Run 8 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Bike/run brick (34 miles bike/2 miles run)
Sunday: Bike 39.5 miles, arms wt training (30 minutes)