Thursday, March 24, 2011


What makes me happy right now?
  • It's my weekend right now. I had a few days off in the middle of the week that gave me time to clean house, do some serious spring organizing, work out, and play in the kitchen.
What makes me grumpy about that?
  • That means I work Friday & Saturday night.
What makes me super-duper-extremely happy and excited?
  • Starting Monday morning I work the 7am-7:30 pm shift. (The only downfall is because days is so crazy, I rarely see anyone get out of there before 8:15 pm.)
  • I get to join the WORLD again!
What makes me a little uneasy?
  • Because I have to work another person's schedule for this month...I do not have a single work-free weekend until April 25. Gross.
  • I wish hospitals could shut down on weekends & holidays. The patients can fend for themselves....(I'm joking...)
What makes me motivated?
  • I've been stepping up my workout routine lately, and Ryan has even been joining me! He usually is strictly a weight-lifting kind of guy, but has decided to do more cardio.
What makes me jealous?
  • He's only done a few "Abby workouts" -- and has had to start taking protein/weight gainer shakes because he's lost so much weight. His pants don't fit anymore. How is this fair?
  • I swear if my husband gets to a point where he weighs less than me I will throw the scale out the window in a fit of rage.
What makes me relieved?
  • We have been battling trying to get a primary care physician since DECEMBER 7, and yesterday I finally got in. Yes. It took that long. (it's been a seriously irritating, long, frustrating ordeal...)
What makes me skeptical?
  • Our doctor is weird. When reviewing my family history, I had "heart issues" on both my maternal & paternal sides.......and he replied stating (in a serious voice), "Is there relation between your parents?" I asked, "What do you mean by relation....." His response, "Are they cousins?"
  • REALLY?!?! Cousins! Wow!
What am I excited for today?
  • To watch the U of A vs Duke March Madness game. We are going out to watch the game. It's our date night :-)
What am I a little not excited for?
  • I feel that Duke will probably crush the U of A. Therefore, my husband will yell at the tv. As will other spectators at the bar....
  • You know how pets don't like the sound of a vacuum cleaner? And they get all uneasy and jumpy when they hear that noise? That's how I get when people yell at tv's over sporting events.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! So wanna know how my Tuesday "started out" (I guess...however, after this morning event, I went to bed and slept for 4 hours and then restarted my day now!)

So there I was driving home from work this morning....I had my windows down to get some fresh air, was admiring the fog over the mountains and the beautiful morning.

....and the NEXT thing I know....

I look up and my car is veering off the road into a cactus!

WAKE UP!!!!!! I swerved back onto the road quite quickly and snapped to it! I apparently had a "narcolepsy-like" moment there, where I just completely shut out and started veering off the road. Luckily, it was on a back road close to my house. --Not a major street where I most likely would've ended up in an accident!

Scarrrrry! I need to switch to day shift like...yesterday ;)

Ten on Tuesday:
1. What condiments are always, always in your fridge?

Mustard. Mustard is mandatory for it put it on nearly everything....
Ketchup is also important.
Balsalmic vinegar...if that's a condiment? I love it on salads, vegetables, and even my sandwiches/wraps

2. How do you like your steak cooked? Your burgers?
In a restaraunt I would order my steak medium rare. At home - when I trust the cut of meat and freshness...I like it seared and almost rare. I know...some of you are grossed out.

I like my done - b/c I usually eat turkey burgers. If it's beef...medium.

3. What’s your favorite use for fresh tomatoes?
Plain! Or sliced, and meaty, on top of a salad! Mmm

4. What’s your go-to dinner when you haven’t planned anything in advance and you don’t feel like going out?

Chicken or steak sliced up and grilled and placed on a bed of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc - delicoius salad!

5. What’s your favorite snack food lately?
Strawberries. I would say I've been eating a lot of apples lately....but I always eat a lot of apples ;)

6. What’s your favorite weekend breakfast to make at home?
I don't do "weekend breakfasts" I don't like wasting calories on breakfast food. (I'm not crazy about the taste...) So I just like oatmeal.

But I do make my husband breakfast burritos on the weekend.

7. What’s your favorite thing to grill? How do you do it?
Shrimp. - Brush some olive oil, lime, cayenne, garlic, S & P - place on skewers...yum.

8. What’s your favorite wine for under $10? If you’re not a wine person, what brand of beer is your favorite?
Paseo. It's a new one I've started trying. It has a bicycle on the front. It's got a good bold flavor for cheap wine!

9. Give us your most delicious cocktail recipe.
-1 1/2 oz white rum
-1/2 lime squeezed
-crushed mint leaves

Delicious mojito!

10. How do you like your eggs?
Not at all.

Okay, if I'm going to eat an has to be hard boiled. Random, I know. It's odd, too, because deviled eggs make me gag.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Car Key Chronicals: Part II

Per the request of some family members...I realized that I forgot to do the continuation post of my "car key story". I may have put this off, because I was still irritated by what happened! So if you missed the 1st one...

Refer to here!!! (Brace yourself...this post may be wordy...)

So I left of leaving for work Friday night. Ryan was calling various car-repair-shops around town, our insurance company (We have road-side assistance through USAA) to arrage towing....

I had to be home from work by 8:30 am Saturday moning. Which sometimes is a challenge....but I did it!

I got home, crawled into bed (I had to work that night again), tow truck arrived, and Ryan drove his car to the repair shop to make sure they were "up to speck".

Well...come noon - I can hear him walking around the house, so I assumed "Yay! All is fixed, all is good!"

So I get up to find out what's going on.

...........................Turns out my "spare key" I had copied @ Walmart didn't have the "Security Chip" in it. So it won't start my vehicle! The big fix is going to the Pontiac dealership and paying them to make a new one.

Well.....Ryan attempted doing this while I was sleeping. But.... His name's not on my Title! So they turned him away.

Simple fix. I go with. We get the key made.

Well......The title of my vehicle is in my maiden name, but not my married name. I have like NOTHING (no documents whatsoever ) in my maiden name anymore.

I know! We'll bring our marriage license in! So...I go to the file in our file-cabinet which contains all important documents simliar to this (marriage license, birth certificate, etc)

It's no where to be found.

I start to panick.

We start to do that "marriage bickering".
 "Where do you put the license?!?!"
"Me?! It was YOU! Where did YOU put the license?"
 "Me?!?! You're the one who packed up all the boxes when we moved! You're the one who doesn't take our filing system seriously!"

After a 2 minute outburst, we decided "Forget about this....let's just go anyways and see if they let us"

Sure drivers license and "explanation of name change" was good enough for them.

New key was made. :)

But....I'm not off the hook yet. Our marriage license and birth certificates are still lost. And it's clearly my fault. Since I'm the disorganized one between the 2 of us. (I'm not reallly disorganized...just scatterbrained. And this is a true statement)

So it's about 6:00pm  Saturday night, and I'm cooking dinner before I head into work. And I hear Ryan rummaging in the other room. And suddenly I hear him say...

"Damn............................................I'm REALLLLY sorry...."

Sure enough! The WHOLE FOLDER was in his briefcase?!?!


Okay, so I sang the victory song for awhile. Lived in my glory. And we could laugh about it at last!

Now let's travel to Sunday evening. We went out, celebrated my birthday, came home, I was doing laundry.

....and at the bottom of the washing machine I hear a "clanking"

Uhm. was my original car key.

I DO NOT understand how this is physically/humanly/possibly possible. It's impossible. I had that key in my pocket when we went running 2 days prior. So I have no answer or explanation for this!!

It's just plain freaky.

And then to top things off a bit? I dropped Ryan off at the airport the next day (Monday), came home, and 3 hours later discovered I forgot to turn his lights off..... and his batteries were dead. So I had to learn how to jump a car!

Yep. I officially hate vehicles. Or they hate me. I'm not sure who wins.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Remember how I said I had Wednesday-Sunday off? It was going to be a wonderful weekend?

Yep. It was!

Since I worked Tuesday night, I did have to sleep until about noon Wednesday-- and when I woke up....I put on my garden-gear and got STRAIGHT to planting for flowers, picking weeds, etc.

Here are a few "moments" from the weekend (pictures will be coming....tomorrow? Tuesday? Wednesday?)

  • Getting time to go to spin-class with Ryan- this is the only "exercise class" I can tolerate that doesn't irritate me. I don't get bored. And people don't get in the way. I also like my boxing class - because it involves a punching bag.
  • Searing the most tender, perfect, amazing venison loins on the grill. They were marinated over-night in Red Wine. Served with fresh green-beans. Mmm
  • Doing more gardening - planting Primroses & petunias.
  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at an Irish pub near our house with some good friends. I love me some green beer!
  • Doing a 10 mile hike, and being rewarded 4 miles in with giant pools of water! My crazy husband even cliff dived! I just waded in the cold water....
    • On a side note...I think we got mini-heat stroke. 6 hours hiking/running in 86-degree heat, and hot AZ sun. Yikes!
  • Spending Friday & Saturday morning sitting in our backyard sipping coffee....ahhhh
  • Saturday morning Ryan studied -- while I cleaned out and went to the gym. While @ the gym...I witnessed a 70-something woman do an entire dance routine.....on the stair master. It kind of made my day. She could've been a You-Tube Sensation
  • Saturday afternoon was spent smoking ribs & sipping mojitos. I also made a Cranberry Vinagrette salad & baked beans
  • Saturday evening Ryan's family came over for dinner. It was the 1st time we've ever made our ribs for other this made for some nerves! But....they turned out just perfect.
So yes, it was a good weekend! Cooking. Gardening. Hiking. Working out. I'd say it was exactly what I needed.

AND....This is my last week of night shift!