Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In the next few weeks we're heading on a mini-vacation. Because of that - I decided it was time to treat myself to a little retail therapy.

I used to love shopping. I could've done it for an entire day.

Yesterday, it was overwhelming & almost stressful. For the following reasons:

  1. I am so out-of-touch with the "fashion world". I don't even know what is "hip" or "in" these days. My time is most spent with a 24 year old male (my husband). When I'm not with him, my time is spent with predominantly geriatric clients on a cardiac floor.
  2. I wear "Galaxy Blue" scrubs to work every day.
  3. My method of "spicing" up my outfit is to wear fun styles of socks with my scrubs. (My favorite is my orange argyle plaid socks)
  4. Malls are irritating. Period. That's a blog in itself.
  5. My favorite outfit to wear is running shorts and a race-back tank paired with a nice pair of Mizunos.
  6. While some people refer to media such as magazines to keep "up on the times" with fashion. Martha Stuart Living does not provide me with a knowledge on "What Not to Wear". did give great instructions on how to "create a potted forest" or "How to cut up a watermelon so it doesn't wobble"
Every time I go shopping, I find myself saying "I can't wait for this phase to grow out. These clothes are so lame."

And yesterday it dawned on me....

Maybe it's not the clothes that are lame. Maybe it's ME that's lame.

So I left the Mall yesterday feeling rather irritated. Returned home. And decided house-shopping (which we've been doing frequently lately) is far more fulfilling than clothes shopping. You don't have to worry about the granite counter tops making your ass look big. It's a simple like or dislike.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things are "clicking"

We are on the house hunt....again.

We have been in this "limbo" for about 1.5 years now searching for the right home. We get aggressive for a while..... Then we get frustrated & take a few months off.

We even started building a house a year ago.

But the builders screwed that one up.

(PS...that house is still on the market! In fact...every house in that development is on the market. Yep. I sure am glad we went with our guts and got out of that money trap!)

May I also say that I feel like I know every home for sale in the Oro Valley area? Which there's a lot. Like...hundreds.

I also feel like I can know within the first 5 seconds of standing in a home whether it's a foreclosure or not. The indicator? Weird paint colors.

Seriously! It seems all the foreclosures we look at have "multi-colored walls". It's like people turn their home into a rainbow when they get that letter from the bank......

In 2 weeks, we have looked at 26 homes. The 2nd home we saw is the one that has stuck with us the most. I'm leaving it at that. I will say that this time around (with house hunting) -- things just seem to be clicking. We have found the most incredible and approachable realtor who I absolutely love. We also know exactly what we're looking for, and when the right time to walk away is.

Other than searching for the home of our is crazy! On top of work, I feel like I keep taking on additional projects - which turn my 36 hour weeks into 56 hour weeks.

Sooner or later, I will need to learn to say "no". But, I figure -- I'm quite young, not getting my masters degree (yet), and should take advantage of all the learning/experiences I possibly can while I can.