Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tucson Half Marathon

I'm doing a double-post day...because I don't know when I'll be back on my blog to recap the memories! ;)

On December 6, Ryan and I did the Tucson Half Marathon. It was Ryan's 1st half marathon ever. I was on a mission to PR. We both had a successful day.

I 1st have to say how impressed I am with Ryan. He is not big on long distance running. And during the training, he had a flare-up of knee pain which had him out of running for 3 weeks before the race. To be honest, he didn't really train for this race.

He wasn't going to do the race, but Sunday morning at 4am, when I was getting ready to leave -- he decided to give it his best! And that he did. He finished in 1:43:10, just a few minutes behind me! That is not bad for a 1st half marathon, especially not training!!

(and was a good sport about his wife beating him....)

We stuck together for the 1st 5 miles, met up again around 8-9miles, and then I took off with adrenaline. I definitely ran the fastest I've ever gone. I finished in 1:40:25, which was a 7:39 pace! I got 6/69 in my age group, 29/572 for women, and 100/977 overall!

Even during the last 3 miles, which were quite hilly, I was still able to keep a 7:50/mile pace. So now my hopes/expectations for my full marathon in February has "shifted". But I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself.

I have figured out that if I can run a 3:35 marathon (8:12/mile avg pace), I can qualify for Boston. Which is a dream that I have fantasized about for years.

So my currently marathon training has a new flavor...which you will unfortunately have to hear about in the next post (yawn) ;).

We look sweaty, but we were actually quite chilled in this picture. It was about 40 degrees. Which I know my midwest friends will laugh at me for calling this "chilly". It was perfect running conditions! 

El Tour de Tucson Race Recap

We only have about 6 months left in Tucson, so I am really trying to "soak it up" before we say goodbye. With that, I decided to participate in one of the biggest events in Tucson this year: The "El Tour"

On November 22, I did the El Tour de Tucson with my friend Amanda. We were actually sponsored by her uncle's bike shipping coming - ShipBike . We got our full race entry paid for AND jerseys! And I will say -- it is a really cool company. For cyclists/triathletes who travel around the country, they have a specially engineered box that will ship the bike to your race destination.

Since we were "Team Shipbike", our motto during the race went along with the company. "Let's get our goods from start to finish undamaged and in 1 piece" ;).

This is one of the biggest cycling races in the country -- as Tucson has amazing climate, and it's one of the biggest cycling destinations in the US. The race was beautiful - mountain views the entire time. Weather was in the 50-70 degrees. Couldn't have asked for a better day!

We did the 75, and had a blast the entire time! Thousands of Tucsonans come out to support the riders, so it's just a blast! Great energy.

Here are a few pictures :) I don't have any photos mid-race, since they are all blacked out by "" ;)

Here we are pre-race!

And post-race. I'm impressed that I'm still hugging on and respecting my bike at this point. After 75 miles, I kind of wanted to kick it ;) 

The most challenging part of this race was the pain in my bottom! We finished in great time, though! So I am proud. There was a 1/2 mile spot where you had to pick up and carry your bike through a wash (dried up river, for those not familiar with the desert).

I'm kind of bummed I didn't do it the other 6 years we lived here. But maybe some day we can travel back to visit, and I can participate again!