Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pinning Ceremony

So as I left you in the last post, we made it to the pinning ceremony in one piece! (Thank you, Dad)

The whole tradition of the pinning ceremony for nurses started back in the days of Florence Nightengale. Back then a student nurse received a different pin for every "level" of nursing school. The pin would allow doctors and other nurses to look at the students and know what they are capable of doing with what pin they have.

They don't do that anymore. But all nursing schools have a "Pinning Ceremony". The student chooses a person who was influencial and supportive in their endeavors through their nursing education, and that person gets the honor of placing their BSN pin on them.

I chose my Mom! Nurse Marlys.

Now this pinning ceremony is talked up from the 1st day of nursing school. So it's something I've been living for.

But I'm going to be honest with you. It was what it was cracked up to be.

Now it was a very special and meaningful ceremony. But I was a little disappointed...


Of the 6 Sponsoring Hospitals, all showed up........except mine. Yep. Some of the hospitals greeted their students with hugs and congratulations. Some hospitals even gave their students beautiful bouquets of yellow roses.

I got nothing. Myself, and the 2 other students from my hospital had to be introduced by a different hospital.

(It's akin to.....ordering the finest filet mignon, and being informed by the waiter that "they're all out", so they slap a 3 day old soggy bologna sandwich in front of your face.... )

I know most of you are reading this thinking, "What's the big deal? You still graduated, you sap!"

But onto the pinning! The ceremony was great. (I was once taught that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at let's move on) What matters is that I have my diploma, I got a good eduation, and I'm in the career field of my dreams!

After the ceremony Mom, Dad, Ryan, & I tried a new restaraunt -- which was a brewery (my favorite - I love brewery's) -- and had a very fun, wonderful evening! The food was excellent and the conversation and stories even better!

I am so blessed to have my very supportive and wonderful Mom & Dad, and my amazing husband there for me! By the time we were 10 minutes into dinner, I had completely forgotten the disappointments from the afternoon! :)

Oh, and a side note about the ceremony -- (which I found out later that night). Ryan wanted to run out and get me flowers prior to the ceremony, and spent nearly 20 minutes driving from store to store in the area in a frenzy. Some cashiers at the stores didn't even speak English - which was very frustrating for him I'm sure. Unfortunately, there weren't many stores in the area and he wasn't able to find any. But that story kind of melted my heart. :)

Here are some photos! :)

...waiting for my name to be called

Getting pinned by my Mom!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dad to the Rescue!

So I was going to do a nice little recap post on the "Pinning Weekend" and talk about all the great things that happened.

But it was such a wonderful weekend....that I decided this needs to be broken up into multiple posts, so I don't blog a novel. So here's Post #1:

But let me just start by proclaiming a fact.

My life is never calm.

Nothing ever just "goes smoothly".

I feel like I never can explain an event (that I was in control of) by saying "It went real nice. Everything was just smooth". Without having some chaotic story attached to it.

My sister Lisa and I share this quality. We could write a book about our strange/bizarre/chaotic happenings in life. If you already know me - this isn't a surprise. If you only know me through my blog - you have probably figured this out by now.

So here it goes.

Pinning Day: Friday morning.

What a wonderful morning it was. I got up with Ryan at 5:30 to send him off to work with a packed lunch and breakfast, and then headed to the gym to do some quick weight training. (I had a form-fitting scary dress to fit into that day...)

I was home by 6:30am, brewed a pot of coffee, and my Mom & Dad were up! We had the most wonderful morning. We ate my Rhubarb-Blueberry muffins, fresh watermelon, and burnt through a few pots of coffee -- and just caught up on missed time!

As we enjoyed our morning visiting and telling stories - something spurred me to go outside at 11:00 am. Ryan called in a frenzy - and I needed to run outside to do something.

Thank GOD.

For it was then that I re-discovered, "Oh, shit. I have a flat tire and I have to be on the road in 2 hours".

Ryan said, "I'm sure you can just fill it up. I gotta get back in the lab. Bye, see you at the pinning! Love ya!"


I then discovered it wasn't just a "random flat tire". There was a giant, evil, tire-puncturing NAIL placed in my rear tire.

Damn. We only have one car available to take us to the pinning (which was 40 minutes away). And I live in suburb/community plopped literally in the middle of nowhere - with no one in the 20 mile radius that would help.

Shit. (excuse my vulgar language, but this was frustrating)

I frantically re-dial Ryan's phone. But Ryan works in a job that sometimes require him to be in these "Top Secret Labs". Where no phones can enter. If an emergency were to happen? I'm screwed.


And here is were the heaven's opened up - for my Dad, my hero, was sitting in my living room.

My Dad is a North Dakota native.

We were in Tucson, AZ in August. It was 108 degrees out.


He made no complaint (I've never heard my Dad complain about work. Ever.)

He got down on the ground in the beating sun, jacked up the car, put on the spare shitty tire, and off to the nearest gas station we went!

We put the "Quick-Tire-Repair Foam" in it.

By the time this was done...he was cover in "Tire residue" and sweat.

Once again, My dad is my hero. I don't know how to change a tire if my life depended on it.

Which is interesting, considering I have experienced 4 flat tires in the past 3 years. If it weren't for my Dad, I would have missed my pinning ceremony.

As my Dad & I were driving from the gas station to my house, his calm-personality soothed my worries. I looked at him and said, "I don't get to see you often, Dad. I have to put you to work and stress you out!"

Needless to say, we made it to the pinning in one piece. Ryan arrived short-after and had no clue of the happenings that we experienced. Boy, was he stunned.

Stay tuned for more recap on the weekend. (The rest was must less eventful - and calm! I promise!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This week's 10 on Tuesday is a little different - it's photos of your living space!

Here it goes!

1. Your house.

2. Your shower

3. The inside of your refridgerator

4. Your pet.

I don't do pets. In fact, I'm sorry but I don't like animals. If you're going to go ahead and get offended - please, don't. It's better this way. If I had a pet, I'd leave it out on the 110 degree heat, unfed, and it would probably die. I'm just being honest.....

I like people better.

5. Your favorite pair of shoes.

6. The most comfortable seat in your house.

I'm just going to be honest. The bed is the most comfortable. If I'm sick - the only place that will serve me well is this bed.

7. Your favorite cup or coffee mug.

8. Your laundry room.

My laundry room is in the garage. Kinda...interesting. And will not let this happen when we purchase a house. Please ignore the mess on top of the laundry machine. This is what happens when you don't have a formal laundry room. (I know...excuses...)

10. Your spouse/significant other/roomate.

This computer only has photos of the 2 of us, and I'm too lazy to edit and photoshop my face out of there.